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  1. Twilight... Darkness and light are both eternal but you need both to have one.
  2. Awesome boss beat then! I'm playing KH2 on hard to warm up for this game How many "new" bosses are there is Re:CoM then CoM?
  3. No not yet T_T i'm like broke due too i spent my $ on christmas shopping. Just felt like posting it srry =/
  4. ZOMG ZOMG ZOMG THIS IS 1337! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F1NpeHnpa1k
  5. Pffth welcome ( kinda ) and michaginers are not THE BEST. But good try anyway.
  6. Pretty cool scans! Is there a cloud one yet ?
  7. Roxas would be cool yeah, heck even siefer would be a cool addition ( won't happen though =/ )
  8. I agree with everyone else who has posted! You can't get serious about disney cards, but it's fun and online you can play with tons of nice people. If only they had a way to have a " game board" online.
  9. Welcome! Everyone is pretty nice here, and mostly enjoy this site!
  10. Wow that's actually pretty nice, better then those little sticker things u get for preordering!
  11. @strider. Hmm well from what i heard yes, you put the packs ( with hearts ) in a envelope with the form and mail it to them. @Junito. Hmm i'd wait for another person to respond, but don't cut out JUST the heart, otherwise it would look like a faux.
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