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  1. If GW let them make an Eldar game, they'd sell a ton of copies just for the fluff.
  2. Has FFG stated any plans for Rogue Trader 2, Deathwatch 2, etc? Are all the v1 lines dead at this point?
  3. Was it ever stated who or what drove the splinter of Dagon towards Avalos?
  4. DH PA is 8 all around, DW Astartes armor is 10 Body, 8 everywhere IIRC, so don't think it's the same, unless they errata'd but that's not what I was referring to. I was just referring to the crazy SOB vs. SM equipment arguments that went on back in the day. What I posted up there was an actual argument tossed out once.
  5. Good to know you can still count on the SOB fans to get a swing in at any mention of Astartes-sized gear. Some things shouldn't change, they're too entertaining. Someone start an armor thread so we can hear about how since SOB armor is smaller then Astartes (according to art) but delivers equivalent protection (according to wargame) that in the RPG, it means SOB's actually have higher technology gear. That one was always fun.
  6. Lord Kruge

    A new sector?

    A new sector (where orcs are the main enemy) would be great, but I would also be happy with them using Only War to fill in details about Calixis, Koronus and Jericho. FFG should look to Forge World for inspiration, for example, they could have Warzone:Tranch as a supplement and detail the conflict and orders of battle similar to Siege of Vraks. That line of splats would never get old.
  7. Personally, I would much rather see full games giving incremental updates to the system instead of a reboot. One book to run them all is a lot less books then one book for each possible theme/topic/culture in 40k. Remember GW killed Dark Heresy once, the day after it sold out in two hours. FFG doesn't need RPG numbers to impress, they need numbers that don't look inconsequential to the miniatures execs as well as justifying a possible RPG-to-wargames tie-in. A full-blown IG game with all the vehicles in it, is just made for selling ridiculously expensive plastic vehicles to Roleplayers (who's gonna run a IG campaign without at least one Chimera?). Now if they can just keep Ron Edwards...err I mean Jay Little's narrativist hands off the goddamn thing, they'd have a winner. They should include in the Collector's Edition an Imperial Infantryman's Uplifting Primer.
  8. Saygah said: Something, anything, less offensive. The worst thing to me is when people do not even realize how this is offensive.What offends me is your ignorance on the topic. It doesn't matter what side you're on, or what the politicians back home say you're fighting for, when the bullets start flying and human beings are being ground into hamburger, you keep going and don't quit because the guy next to you needs you to do your job, just like you need him to do his. Back in the barracks, you may hate the ******, but on the front line, he's the best friend you're ever going to have.
  9. I agree with the OP's criticisms, particularly on the solo mode/squad mode changes. The OP called them "gamey", a good term for those kind of rules is "dissociated mechanics". In other words, shifting from solo mode to squad mode and your nightvision turning off like someone flipped a switch makes absolutely no sense within the game setting. Such a mechanic exists outside the role-playing within the setting. "Gamey", "unrealistic", "mmorpg rules", all these are usually impressions generated by dissociated mechanics. Google up the term and Justin Alexander and you'll get a good article. WHFRP has a lot of dissociated mechanics for narrative purposes, Deathwatch seems to have them for both narrative and mechanical purposes. Can't anyone just write a rpg anymore and keep your storygame/cardgame/boardgame/miniatures game out of my roleplaying?
  10. Those are awesome, do you have any English versions by any chance?
  11. Eh, not sure I buy the "China Cheap, Money Good" argument 100% anymore. Green Ronin prints in Canada. Mongoose prints in the USA of all places. Last time I checked, both were doing fairly well as RPG companies go, without the mythical pitchfork wielding shareholders lynching anyone. FFG prints enough books at this point, I'm sure they could get better prices then they could originally. The release schedules don't bother me really, I'd just be interested to see some studies on missed sales due to interest peaking before the slow boat from China gets here.
  12. Wow, I looked at the characters in Final Sanction and told myself these guys aren't Deathwatch Marines by any stretch of the imagination, I just figured they were cut down for the quick-start rules. It appears they are cut down a lot, normally. Well, that's a shame but makes my life easier. I was going to start players off as regular marines anyway and have the Deathwatch induction happen later, if at all. Looks I can take the supposed one out of a hundred veteran Deathwatch Marine rules and use them for my new marines fresh out of scout training. I expected a Deathwatch character to start around where an Ascension character starts. Lots of skills and talents yet lots more to get. Did they greatly reduce the number of powers, talents etc from DH/Ascension?
  13. Hail the Emperor, Blessed be His name! I got my order in.
  14. 200 Thrones! Guilliman's Balls! Well with 2000 copies I hope they don't sell out in an hour. I'm not going to be able to check every five minutes from work.
  15. Well, when we're talking about the Rogue Trader 1987 Space Marines/ Sororitas, and comparing them to 5th Edition SM/SoB is like comparing Apples to Oranges. Rogue-Trader Space Marines weren't symbiotic organisms, they were basically Sardaukar. Men, who due to their homeworld, culture, or psychological illness weren't civilized, they were natural predators, Conans compared to the normal civilized Imperial citizen. Use drugs and hypnosis to control those men, outfit them with the best armor and equipment and turn them loose. Rogue-Trader era Sisters were basically like they are today, Nuns given the best armor and weapons with the additional remit to enforce Doctrinal Purity. Both are very different in modern era. Modern SM's now have Primarch's, gene-seed, etc... and are placed in the command structure basically answerable only to the Emperor. The Sisters now exist in a different Imperium. Their remit is much narrower. As the Ecclesiarchy's soldiers, their responsibilities lie with Ecclesiarchal concerns, they are not the universal enforcers they were in 1987. That aspect was removed as early as 2nd Edition Codex Imperialis. So how can you reconcile the two? It's very difficult. Physically is the easiest. Yes, they will not have unnatural toughness and strength, but you could give them Best quality weapons and armor, load them up with bionics, cybernetics and high-tech gear and they can approach a Marine in combat effectiveness. Obviously, they would have to have greater numbers in order to go toe to toe with a chapter, but numbers shouldn't be a problem. The problem is the authority. In order to have them "policing the marines" you'd basically have to do some rewriting of history. One way you could do it, is reveal the conversation between the Emperor and Dominica. Have the SoB's operating under the direct Word of the Emperor. In order to fulfill his dream of elevating humanity to a level of psychic power where they are incorruptible to the Warp like the Emperor and the Sensei, the Sororitas need to institute a breeding program (which explains the Bene Gesserit thing they have going among the Noble families) and keep an eye on Space Marine gene-seed to analyze it for mutations, both useful and corrupting. This would be a secret between the SoB's, the SM's, and possibly the =I=, but provided the Chapter Masters, Librarians and Chaplains back in the day were convinced that Dominica actually followed the Emperor's Word, then I could see it carry forward to today. Having them do so under the authority of the Ecclesiarchy is just ludicrous on it's face without rolling everything SM back to 1987 story-wise. The thing I don't really get is the fan-hatred. The SoB and SMs are both servants of the Emperor, there should be some measure of respect. Far too often, I think the fan's gender politics and psychological issues end up causing all the Sturm Und Drang.
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