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  1. More Saber Form Cards [Custom]

    Shien Mastery Upgrade, Blue, Neutral 2 Cost After a blue character or weapon die rolls a shield, you may exhaust this card to resolve a ranged die as if it were your own. Then you may resolve a die showing shields.
  2. Daquan Troop comfigurations/combos

    As somebody who really digs 3-tray cats, it really surprises me how many people like or want to like reforming 4-tray Oathsworn with Hawthorne, but lament how burned it gets by terrain. Has nobody tried equipping column tactics and reforming to four deep with Hawthorne? Sure you don't get Rank Discipline, but you don't have to sweat getting denied access to areas by terrain placement, and you're losing threat just as fast as you would in four wide.
  3. Terrinoth Lore through Genesys!!

    If you haven't, go read the release article for the new Edge of Empire / Age of Rebellion / Force and Destiny sourcebook. ( https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/2/22/the-rebellion-is-born/ ) This sounds like it's going to be heaped with lots of great lore and background, and is exactly the sort of thing I hope we get out of the Genesys System Terrinoth setting book.
  4. Legion...

    Which actually might be a compelling argument for FFG to NOT just let RWM quietly die. They're new to miniature wargaming, and even if you consider X-Wing Minis and Imperial Assault, those are very different communities and games -- consider the design of XWM, for instance, and how few SKUs it needed to support pretty healthy list building even at the beginning; can you imagine if Rune Wars Minis had to survive for years with only two factions? Or think about the list-building options Rune Wars Minis offers each faction with 5 or 6 unit SKUs vs. the first two waves of X-Wing Minis with 5 or 6 SKUs per faction... Given that, and given how much FFG seems to be learning from the RWM launch to launch Legion more intelligently to meet the needs to build a community, it wouldn't surprise me if FFG is willing to keep maintaining RWM at a loss just so it can continue to make learning moves with RWM so it doesn't embarrass itself with LFL's license.
  5. An Article!

    I felt like the bulk of the article's battle report was narrative trash that was pretty ineffectual at really representing the game to RWM players, but I really liked the part at the beginning and end where they got comments from players newer to the game about what they liked and what they were expecting. I think elements like those are more likely to help convince new players to give it a try than soaring narratives loosely based on the actual gameplay of the battle.
  6. An Article!

    As far as I know, the expansion boxes for cavalry don't (haven't, historically?) include new sculpts that aren't in the core or army expansion box. Infantry get 4 poses, cavalry get 2, siege units get 2, with one only coming in the expansion boxes because the army/core box only offers one siege model per faction. Infantry and cavalry expansions are just the same models as came in the core.
  7. An Article!

    Surely two army boxes should get you four trays? Of course, they have two four-tray units in that army, so there's your four boxes. The advantages of using the company's stuff, I suppose.
  8. Legion...

    The initial release of Legion hasn't really bowled me over. The movement system, as I've seen it described in articles and (p)reviews, does look more streamlined than something like 40k, but it leaves me wondering how tactical it will really be if it can support that level of imprecision for the squad overall. The unit selection is, well, confusing. The AT-STs, speeder bikes, and T-47s pull on my fanboy "Yay this is Star Wars!" strings, and to a lesser extent the Rebel Troopers and Stormtroopers, but then you try to throw the AT-RT at me as a Rebel unit and it just doesn't stick and falls flat. Likewise, my cognitive gets dissonanced when you make Fleet Troopers and Snowtroopers just normal units that mix with the other stuff in any given battle, and I go "Huh?" Like, even if I paint up my Imperial army to be winterized so having some Snowtroopers makes sense, am I going to spend half my games playing against enemies with desert bases? How weird is that going to look? And what happens when they add Desert Troopers to the mix, and it fills a niche in my army that I've already based with snow, or, worse yet, what happens when Snowtroopers and Desert Troopers make a killer combo with a lot of mechanical synergy? Then, there's the issue where even though I'd love to make a diorama of a snippet of the Battle of Hoth or something, I don't even know what I expect speeder bikes to DO in a pitched battle. They're scout and patrol units, not frontline fighters... It's all of this kind of thing that makes me really hesitant to even take a bite at the apple to see if it tastes good. Because it's got all the warning signs of just not making sense to the point where I can't find myself having fun getting lost in the fun. Maybe if everybody's still raving about it in two years or something, I'll take a look and see if I can assemble an army that makes sense to me.
  9. Rivals cards legal outside draft play?

    And to tweak MegaSilver's response a bit, I'd change (wide) to (official) -- Legacies was pretty widely released in its 'Holiday' preview wave in January, but wasn't officially released 'till two weeks ago. Rivals, on the other hand, is now officially released but I'm not quite sure how wide it is yet.
  10. Rules question : Force illusion + shield

    Nah. It would be more broken if you could put infinite indirect damage from a single source on Force Illusion, but you cannot. You can only Force Illusion as much indirect damage as you could place on the character without overkilling it if you weren't using Force Illusion. So in that scenario, your guideline would not result in correct play.
  11. Arrows will fill the sky

    While I'm not sure she IS right for the list, Ambush Predator Aliana can be really good at some objectives. She's easy to get flank charges in for Demoralize, she's fast and mobile for hopping around collecting tokens, and can play keep-away pretty adroitly when it comes to Bounties (certainly better than anything else in the list). Would I toss Packleader's Spear on her with that intent? Probably not; I find Ambush Predator and Packleader's Spear to be best used as an either/or build rather than both. I'd probably throw Malcorne's Bequest on, instead, so you can seek advantageous options for Scions and Fire Runes on crucial turns. Or drop Packleader's Spear, the Rallying Starling, and Raven Tabards for a naked blocking Scion.
  12. Dayton Store Champs

    Hah. Yeah, I only interact with them in person or on Facebook for event listings, so it didn't even occur to me to check their website. We would've been glad to see you, hopefully next time!
  13. Well, Dayton held its Store Championship tournament today at Epic Loot in Centerville. I wasn't expecting a big turnout, as my two friends who play were otherwise occupied today, and the store employee who was championing it couldn't coax the folks he used to play out of the woodwork. So it was just the two of us who showed. Weather might also have been a factor, as we had some freezing rain last night in Ohio. Regardless, the two of us figured we could at least get a fun game in, and so we did. It was good to get to play again for both of us, and I think this proved to be a good motivator to try to get some regular store play started back up (take note, western Ohio folks). List-wise, he was running Daqan with two 4-trays of cavalry (one with Moment of Inspiration and the other naked, I think), Hawthorne with Might of Daqan, and then a Spearstar with a Front-Line Rune Golem, Kari embedded, Raven Tabards, and a Rallying Cornicen for 200 points (I'm going off memory, so I might have screwed something up). He opted not to reconfigure his cavalry, noting that 4-wide is really awkward and he was worried about big terrain getting in the way. I brought my Latari featuring Aliana with Ambush Predator; a 6-tray Deepwood Archer unit with Support Scion, Tempered Steel, Hunter's Guile, a Verdant Sorceress, and a Marching Starling; a 4-tray Deepwood Archer unit with a Greenwatch Herald, Tempered Steel, Hunter's Guile, and a Rallying Starling; 3 trays of Leonx with Column Tactics; and two units of singleton Aymhelin Scions, one of which had Vicious Roots, for 200 points. We drew Standoff and Supply Raid as our scenario, and my opponent won the coin toss and opted to cede first player to me. We each brought ruined walls and drew both, and we also drew the fortification that comes with Hawthorne that he brought, so we had 3 2-tray capacity terrain with relatively large footprints but offering fortified 1. I placed the fortification right-of-center near my deployment to give me a lot of space to play with Hunter's Guile and Scion-shifting, while limiting his approaches to me. He placed one of the ruins on the far edge of the deployment zones to stake out a broad lane of approach. I then shoved the other ruin over on the same side as the off-center fortification, but tucked it back between his deployment zone and the edge so it wouldn't be in my way and with the plan to dump a couple objective tokens behind it since I wasn't going to count on my archers or scions picking up much. I put two objective tokens over on that flank, he lined up 3 in that easy approach lane and one on the opposite flank by my deployment zone's corner, and I put my other two behind the off-center terrain. Coming to deployment, I had to deploy 3. I placed my Leonx looking like they wanted to pick up the token he stashed in my corner, and staked my two Scions out to stall whatever wanted to come down that wide lane. He deployed his Spears across from them, and I put my 6-tray behind the scions. He placed one cavalry on either flank, and I reacted with Aliana on the non-Leonx flank, attempting to set her up to pick up the other objective token he gave me on a turn 1 4-march/reform I wanted to use to swing around to outflank his cavalry, and I put my 4-tray Archers behind the central terrain facing towards that flank's Oathsworn, then he finished up with Hawthorne alongside the Spearstar. I dropped my Greenwatch overgrowth within my deployment zone, creating a nice triangular sweet spot to cover the slow retreat I knew I'd want my 6-tray unit to do back towards the 4-tray and Aliana side, hooking them back around the central fortification to face the late-game flanking maneuver from the cavalry on my left. I then used Aliana's setup ability to redeploy the Leonx to support my right flank along with her. Hawthorne and the Spearstar advanced, trees threw things at each of them, immobilizing Hawthorne with Vicious Roots (but unable to touch his armor). I managed to whiff picking up the objective token I wanted Aliana to get. His cavalry on the Aliana flank seemed hesitant to engage, perhaps wanting to save themselves a turn of getting shot at. The lonely flank Oathsworn ran out to grab an objective on a sweeping turn, and I ran my Leonx short, expecting to block the Oathsworn and hold them in place for Aliana. When they drew up short, instead, I saw an opportunity to sneak past their charging path early on turn 2, and just *barely* missed picking up an objective with a march-shift on initiative 3 that was going to get me flank-charged, so I opted to shift forward instead. My opponent used a quick march on his Spearmen to trigger his Rallying Cornicen in time to free up Hawthorne, who charged my Scion. I was taken by surprise, so I had to chuck a ranged attack order on that Scion (who took two wounds to Hawthorne), but the other took a shot at the Spearmen and rolled pretty poorly. Aliana just barely missed her turning charge on the Oathsworn, ending up alongside their rear. My 6-tray archers were taking chunks out of the Spearstar, settling into a routine of triggering Tempered Steel, shifting with the Scion, sometimes shifting with their natural shift, and getting refreshed by the other archer unit's Rallying Starling. They were doing a pretty reliable 6-9 damage a turn, but that Turn 1's really solid 9 damage was absorbed by the moving Spearmen's defensive modifier. Turn 2 I hit a mortal strike, an accuracy, and a hit, so I took a wound off Kari while I had the chance. The 4-tray archers were shooting at the advancing Oathsworn. Turn 3, he went to charge me with his Spearmen and came up a quarter inch short, but I had expected him to make it, too, so that Scion swung at nothing Hawthorne slaughtered the other Scion, who had done his job and stalled him (and landed a stun token) long enough for my Leonx to flank him to do two more damage. Aliana snuck her 1-turning charge in before the Oathsworn could escape her, and ripped them a new one while they suffered a pretty poor roll for their returning attack. Turn 5, she was able to pick up the objective they'd collected. Meanwhile, the 4-tray archers turned their attention to Hawthorne, managing to put another wound on him as he couldn't quite finish off the Leonx in two turns of combat (thanks in large part to the stun token blunting his first attack). The 6-tray archers got to lay into the Spearstar while continuing to scoot to make it more complicated to pursue them after they chewed up the blocking Scion on turn 4. The Leonx continued their attack to pin the Spearstar, now down to 5 trays or so, and the flanking Oathsworn finally became relevant around turn 5 or 6 as they picked up an objective, hit the edge, and rallied to face the 6-tray of archers from two feet away. I took one last shot with the Archers at the mess of Spears, the spears fought back at the Leonx, killing them and chucking some of Kari's knives at the 4-tray to clear a full tray. I had intended to get clever with Aliana, shift-shifting her back towards my back edge in an L pattern to let her counter-charge the Oathsworn, but I screwed up my ordering and got the 4-tray in the way in the process. (Speaking of misplays, I missed an opportunity to finish off Kari with the Leonx's charge on the Spears when they rolled an accuracy). Instead, I shifted Aliana in to enter the fortification, and was able to hit the Spears with a charge on turn 7. Turn 7 and 8 came down to me losing a full rank of the 6-tray archers to the cavalry charge, Aliana holding out by a wound against the Spearstar while getting the accuracy to finish Kari off with her mortal strike, and taking the Spearstar down to one rank, as well. Tempered Steel in melee, along with supporting attacks from my former 4-tray, managed to finish off the cavalry on turn 8. Final score came down to 202 (Latari) vs. 148 (Daqan). I was unable to collect the objective his cavalry dropped on turn 8, but retained the two Aliana had picked up, and his Spearstar held onto the three gimmes he set himself up for. Had we had opponents for a second round of Swiss, I would have walked away with a 7-4 tournament point game, which I felt was pretty representative of the way the game went; it was a challenging game, but by the end the outcome wasn't in question the way you'd expect from a 6-5 finish. Had I not missed one of the two objectives with Aliana and the Leonx early on, that would have stretched it to an 8-3, which I would have felt pretty happy with in a multi-round setting. This was my first time out with singleton Scions (previous lists I've run have used two Support Scions and two 3-tray Leonx units, so I hadn't gotten around to getting and assembling an expansion box yet to replace a unit of Leonx), and I was also quite pleased with the Rallying Starling boosting the 6-tray archers' Tempered Steel. This further solidifies my anticipation of the Darnati, who would fulfill the 4-tray archers' role so much better. In retrospect, I was able to do enough positioning with the 6-tray via shifting that I had no need to march with them, so if I take this list in the future I'm going to drop the Marching Starling for either a 2-point initiative bid. I'm on the fence about Ambush Predator vs. another Vicious Roots. Roots certainly did their job, here, and performed brilliantly. But Aliana can be so good as an objective grabbing unit that building up some lethal while she does that work is a good value, too. (I didn't focus her in that capacity this game because I was faced with cavalry units on both flanks, but with deployments like Careful Approach or on the Anvil side of Hammer and Anvil, I'd have been happy against many lists to send her off on her own before rejoining the battle late-game.)
  14. 200pts Latari

    Oh, I agree. I'd use Tempered Steel over Rank Discipline to fill the points. I was just demonstrating that Rank Discipline on 2 of the smaller units would give exactly the same attack as two naked 4-tray units, with the benefit of getting to throw a third attack in, too, for the same points. 3x Tempered Steel small units is the better way to spend them, though.
  15. So I was musing over how to make one-die Jar Jar free soft mitigation while lessening the risk of him being used against you, and it occurred to me that Fast Hands might be a way to work this. So if you were to put Fast Hands on him, you could take the option to put Fast Hands' "after" trigger into the queue before Jar Jar's "after" trigger, and (unless Jar Jar rolls a blank on his die) there would be no die in the pool for Jar Jar's ability to reference -- what would the outcome of this situation be? Does everything re-roll since no dice match his non-existant shown symbol? Or does nothing reroll because there's no die to test against? But then I got to thinking -- if your opponent activates Jar Jar, it's your *opponent* triggering the "after" text on his card... Would Fast Hands then give each player an "after" trigger, and the ordering decision goes to whomever controls the battlefield? Or, to really get weird, does your opponent get to make the choice of whether or not to Fast Hands since your opponent is the one activating Jar Jar and Fast Hands says "When you activate..."? Help, I think I broke my brain.