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  1. kaffis

    Who's Excited for August 2nd?

    Being announced at the In Flight report doesn't stop them from puttting it out in the display case afterwards. In fact, the display case usually has a bunch of gaps Thursday morning BECAUSE they have stuff they want to show off to the public in person after they announce it. I do hope we avoid neutral units, especially for iconic races that people want to play as their own faction. As has been mentioned, were in a good position to announce new factions, as new stuff can be "caught up" with a couple of dedicated release waves, still.
  2. kaffis

    Boxes shipping!

    Have any regionals been played since the Threshers box released? You are right, of course. Like I said, barring blatantly unhealthy-looking player distribution at GenCon, it's probably fine and more of a personal disappointment than anything else.
  3. kaffis

    Boxes shipping!

    Maybe? They were already incredibly efficient before they got a very nice boost with Scuttling Horror.
  4. kaffis

    Who's Excited for August 2nd?

    Hey, I'm super excited about them, but it just seems like such a natural fit... I'm sure eventually I'll remember their real made up name, but even then I might just keep using venison!
  5. kaffis

    Boxes shipping!

    It would have been nice to see if the widely assessed Uthuk issue was addressed by the new units at the largest tournament to date, though. Oh well, so long as it's not an off-putting turnout like half the field as Uthuk players playing Ravos with 2x1 Threshers, it could be fine.
  6. kaffis

    Who's Excited for August 2nd?

    I'll be shocked and very disappointed if we don't have prototype models for the new heroes, Serpent Legion, and Venison Skirmishers in the display case. An enormous coup would be to also have either an Orc or Dwarf expansion army, too...
  7. kaffis

    Boxes shipping!

    So close! I was dying to bring Darnati to GenCon...
  8. kaffis

    Starting the Latari elves

    I'm a big fan of the sharp definition you got out of the layers and straps on the leather. Good job!
  9. kaffis

    Multiplayer Deployments

    Okay, I really like the idea of giving the middle player terrain to protect immediate flank charges.
  10. You could also do Latari's upgrade cards to bring us all the option to have matching upgrade card formats moving forward. The problem with these is distribution. X-Wing took all kinds of (deserved) criticism for the way they'd package these cards with new expansions, and often ones that weren't all that desireable otherwise. The app for 2.0 is, in part, a response to that criticism -- I don't see FFG rushing out to make the same mistake and open themselves up to the same criticism in a new game, especially after using Rune Wars to fix the "buy all factions" complaints. On a completely unrelated aside, you'd reduce Ardus by 4 AND give him a pretty huge utility boost? Bingo. X-Wing 2.0 is testing the waters (admittedly with a really good idea). If it's well received, I can't see how they'd justify not following it up with Rune Wars and Armada versions. I don't think either game is fundamentally broken enough to need a new edition the way X-Wing does (we don't have enough early units to be outshone mechanically by new stuff and invalidated, and AFAICT from the mostly sidelines, Armada could be fixed by points adjustments still, too, and neither has the intrinsic problem X-Wing did where turret gameplay simply replaced, on the competitive scene, the arc-based core gameplay the game was ostensibly designed around), but there's no real reason to relaunch the game just to get rid of printed points costs on old product. Again, given the amount of criticism the epic-packaged upgrades generated, I don't see FFG being foolish enough to blindly repeat it. I totally agree about Insatiable Hunger. It's too cheap, and letting Ravos re-engage at a 2 march (with turns!) is way too good even at a significant point cost. I'd remove the option for 2 and bump it to 5-6 points, and many (but not all!) people would still take it, and Ravos would spend a turn or two less in combat and be a more normalized return on invested points. Harder, sure. But there's a cost at which anything would be balanced. It might be so absurdly high that people avoid it purely because it's too restrictive to have fun with, but I don't think even Insatiable Hunger Ravos is actually there.
  11. kaffis

    Vitality tokens and removing boons

    It's a good thing Latari already has some boon-removal, too, since Vitality is most impactful on the units they have the hardest time scratching in the first place (mostly due to their limited access to red dice and efficiently-costed threat 3, and no access to threat 4+). Hawthorne tanked up with Vitality = impossible bounty target, otherwise, for instance.
  12. kaffis

    Initiative One Episode 16: Ravos' Crab Shack

    I mean, it's not like Reanimates get run often enough for anybody (including us) to remember their upgrades, anyways...
  13. kaffis

    Initiative One Episode 16: Ravos' Crab Shack

    Not to mention, 96 damage to kill it seems like it could tarpit even something mean for a while, even without regeneration...
  14. kaffis

    Initiative One Episode 16: Ravos' Crab Shack

    So as I'm listening, I got to the point where you were wondering whether Reanimates have an equipment slot -- I looked up the exact same thing just the other day when I wondered why nobody puts Shield Wall on Reanimates!
  15. kaffis

    Well, I guess I changed my avatar

    I think I'm going to hold onto my Data Raven as long as I can... When I went to look just to participate in the discussion, none of the images wanted to load for me, so... well then.