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  1. kaffis

    Tournament Regulations are up

    This, for sure. People who drop early are missing the best matchups of the day. Sure, they won't be on the top tables, but they'll get the most evenly paired matches near the end of the tournament, because Swiss is a sorting algorithm, at heart. Your second paragraph is also really insightful, and shows how good players promoting good, positive communities will be less likely to encourage their early opponents to drop because they had negative play experiences and aren't having fun. I'd rather those people get rewarded by better SoS than the people who stomp newbies ungraciously into the ground and make them decide to just go home.
  2. Initiative 1 guys, the league you talk about at the end sounds awesome! I'm looking forward to hearing how it works out in the next few episodes.
  3. kaffis

    Pick up games at GenCon??

    I mean, if I'm able to snag an upgrade kit, I imagine I'll be on the prowl for some 2.0 games at some point in the weekend.
  4. kaffis


    I beg your pardon, my mistake. It was made out of ignorance (faulty third-hand information or memory), not malice, and I'm aware of the difference and reasons to differentiate.
  5. kaffis

    Tournament Regulations are up

    (Emphasis mine) I think this is obvious, but the core issue is simple: tournament rounds are 2 hours, and FFG is trying to keep its more casual events accessible. Demanding that 8 players play for 7 hours (including administrative time but probably not a lunch/dinner break) so you can have a sole victor at a monthly tournament is sort of absurd if your goal is to make those types of events inviting enough that almost everybody who plays feels like they can fit it into their lives monthly. Edit to add: Citing Armada tournament rules here kind of makes me laugh, because clearly that has yielded a thriving and vibrant local play community in stores. It's what I would call the epitome of a grognardy game, with long game times (compared to things like Netrunner, X-Wing, Destiny, or other companies' tournament CCGs), game-able margins of victory, and long events. I've certainly never heard of casual Armada play (or, ****, competitive league play) in any of the stores nearby. I feel like that's what FFG is trying to promote with Legion, and the tournament rules reflect that.
  6. kaffis


    There are obviously some European players -- I see painting posts from them in Facebook groups, and there's the UK Worlds winner. So if pin it on one of two things: some problem with FFG's store relationships for OP and localization, or the Euro players I've seen are playing at home or just painting and haven't gotten their store involved in hosting events and building communities to make then want to/able to apply to run a regional. Hopefully, both options can be fixed with time and attention. I totally get it, though.
  7. kaffis

    Tournament Regulations are up

    You're right, I meant to say quarterly kits, not Store Champs.
  8. kaffis

    Tournament Regulations are up

    SoS may be somewhat random (especially for your first round opponent), but it does speak to how difficult it was for you to achieve that score. You may not be able to affect it, but it will reward those who drew the more difficult schedules and still excelled. 32 player with 3 rounds will have 4 3-0s. This isn't a huge travesty if they do prize support for top 4, which isn't uncommon for FFG. It may just mean that we don't see 1st/2nd place prize support for things like Store Champs.
  9. kaffis


    Beat me to it, DekoPuma. /facepalm Still, 11 Regionals are probably more than some expected. And 3 in Texas and 2 in SoCal give me hope that there are good, thriving communities there that the rest of us just aren't seeing locally, which is a good sign for the game for any doom & gloomers. I'll be making my way out to Indy. I'd sure love to land the Rune tokens.
  10. It's not explicitly important to me, I'm just working on the assumption that FFG will keep their evenly split gender representation as they introduce additional characters, and giving Latari a male character (and Waiqar a female) would give each faction options for either for people for whom that representation in their army is important. I'm open to supporting diversity in gaming and representation in gaming in natural ways, and sometimes that does mean carefully considering the issue as an intentional part of design. I think the even split we have already in Rune Wars is well done -- the characters feel natural, powerful, and badass, without any sticking out and feeling like token representatives or stereotypes. On an even more progressive front, an Elf male rogue-archetype character is an obvious opportunity to portray a more androgynous/less masculine- presenting male character (compared pretty testosterone-laden power fantasy examples like Hawthorne, Ardus, and Ravos), which would, I'm sure, be welcome and appreciated by the ***** gaming community.
  11. I want to design the next Latari hero. Male infiltrating infantry sniper hero. Doesn't have a mounted option (just like Kari and Ardus), but is reasonably mobile on foot (he is a Latari after all). Since he'll be an expansion hero without a mounted option, we'll have one standard infantry model (suitable for using as an infantry upgrade) and a model where he's posed perched in a small dead tree that fills a siege tray. Can deploy in any piece of (occupyable) terrain after normal deployment. Gains protected [natural] when within 1-[stable] of overgrowth. Before deployment, place 2 free-standing overgrowth tokens following the same restrictions as terrain. Has a red ranged attack at 4, a red melee attack at 7, and a yellow ranged attack at 9. Yellow has an accuracy modifier (and maybe a surge?). Red has a hit modifier. Surges give either lethal 1 or allow him to disengage up to shift-X, where X is number of surges spent to a max of 2. He's brutal 1, probably rolls a red and a white. He probably needs rerolls somewhere. Maybe he could come with an upgrade (not sure whether unique or artifact) that can reroll [natural] dice. Or, better yet -- a unique upgrade that lets him take a skill action to give himself [natural] immobilize tokens. When using a ranged attack, he can spend an immobilize tokens himself to reroll two dice, once per combat. His infantry upgrade would grant protected [natural] to his unit and lethal [stable], and also give his unit an analogue to the Outland Scouts' unique upgrade that lets them pop up in terrain instead of deploying normally. Points and unmentioned dial elements negotiable. Mostly I want to see this as an archetype of Latari leader that chooses the terrain for a battle carefully, and specializes in ambush attacks, at the cost of some of its mobility (encouraging the use of overgrowth, and the abilities that encourage units to stick close to terrain that goes along with that). Like it? Want to tweak it? Take a shot! Have a hero you want to see? Add it to the mix!
  12. What point value would you assign to this? Because it's straight up better than Malcorne's Bequest, which plenty of people take despite it taking up an Artifact slot on a hero. Malcorne's unexhausting option is limited on the runes it can recast, and still requires recasting. Yet it still sees common use. Which tells me that the randomness isn't the issue, it's the lack of impact across the whole army for Daqan. In theory, you could take it to hate cast against other lists, but that doesn't seem to be appealing enough.
  13. I want a Rune Golem fix by making the Greyhaven Channeler more appealing. He's six points and can be taken in a 4-tray spearman unit. That's not awful. The problem is that Rune Golems are the only thing in the army that really cares about runes. So give Daqan a broadly useful upgrade that would also reward rune manipulation, and the Rune Golems benefit in tandem. I'm thinking bonus points if it rewards denying runes other things like, too. So maybe an upgrade that gives a benefit to its host unit if it has trays greater than natural runes. This rewards flipping he stable/natural rune to stable, and the unstable/natural rune to unstable with your Greyhaven, both of which benefit the Rune Golem immensely. Actively minimizing natural runes also promotes the Daqan theme of being the faction of civilization, permanence, law, and conflict. What would the effect be? I dunno, I'm stumped. If we didn't already have Shield Wall, I'd say +1 defense. Maybe a flat protected value of 2 or something. I'd probably want to put it in the equipment slot to make it broadly available.
  14. kaffis

    Regional calendar?

    Bogglingly, no. I've only seen information about 3 regionals, and they were all announced by the hosts and the only reason I know about them is I listen to Initiative One, who both announced their store's regional and set up a shared doc to compile other announcements. I feel like with the state of local play the way it is, FFG is being really misguided if they expect people to find their way to the hosts themselves. Heck, many probably don't even know where to go for local play in their own town, let alone what stores run events hours away.
  15. They were hyping the "Hyperspace Report" the day before events started at Star Wars Worlds last week as having big reveals for all your favorite FFG Star Wars games and then the actual thing was 100% X-Wing 2nd Edition announcement. Tons of (legitimately -- the last-minute announcement of the Hyperspace Report meant changing travel plans probably wasn't trivial) disappointed single-game fan press attendees for SW Destiny, Armada, Imperial Assault, etc. Back on topic, Berzerkers, Kethra, Flesh Rippers, Spined Threshers for the announced Uthuk. I'm split on whether to follow that up with Uthuk Ranged, Latari Specialist, Uthuk Specialist, or Latari Specialist, Uthuk Ranged, Uthuk Specialist. I'd probably make the choice based on how disruptive to Uthuk the Latari Specialist is anticipated to be. If it's highly effective against Uthuk core unit metas, I'd probably do it first to build suspense about what Uthuk will get to play around it. Otherwise, I'd keep hammering on filling out the Uthuk's units with their ranged option first. I like the idea of doing Kethra early to give people ideas for what a non-Ravos Uthuk list would look like. It feels like she probably plays off the Berzerkers, so I'd do them first to provide the full context.