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  1. Yeah. If their intent were to be the Latari option to actually stand up to something like Death Knights or do big damage on a charge, Blue-Blue would be underwhelming. But it seems like Latari are just fated to not have anything that does chunky damage reliably, so they're meant to be another tool for consistent chip damage in MSU configurations.
  2. kaffis

    Happy December! Faction Themes

    Yeah. Faolan's fine, but I really thought my idea might be on target (pardon the pun) given that the other 3rd heroes had a strong sense of duality to them.
  3. kaffis

    Happy December! Faction Themes

    I want to see a porcupine formation training upgrade for Daqan. Infantry only. At the end of an activation in which the unit did not march or shift, they may exhaust this card to add an inspiration token to this upgrade. While this upgrade has inspiration on it, treat all edges of this unit as their front edge, and it has Precise X, where X is the number of inspiration tokens on this card. When this unit reveals a dial with a march or shift, ready this upgrade and the unit gains any inspiration tokens on this upgrade.
  4. kaffis

    Happy December! Faction Themes

    Yep. I'd make it the infantry upgrade of the terrain ambush/scout sniper specialist hero I want to see. He'd have Brutal 1 while in 1-green of terrain, himself, with a 3-blue ranged attack. As I conceive him, he's my take on an infantry-only Latari hero; he'd perhaps have an alternate deployment option (with a second model perched in a tree or something to fit the "2-models per hero box" standard) that deploys directly into or touching terrain that upgrades him to Brutal Stable (exchanging a blue for a red?) but can't march or shift, and swaps out for his normal model with a skill action, unlocking his movement. Either way, he gives at least one non-unique unit in the army Scout.
  5. kaffis

    Happy December! Faction Themes

    I'd like to see Latari able to be more threatening (maybe literally with brutal? It would be a thematic opportunity to mitigate their near-helplessness in the face of high defense units) near terrain. It's an interesting tension with their high mobility that has been lost in the mix as we've seen just one overgrowth-referencing card (by my count) come out since they had their core expansion units, and Uthuk's (likely accidental, I agree) dominance of terrain as a mobility and threat range enhancer has eclipsed any opportunity or incentive to use non-0 capacity terrain, much less stay close to it.
  6. kaffis

    Adepticon 2019

    I'm still not sure whether it's on my schedule next year, but if it is, I'd be happy to chip in and play.
  7. kaffis

    Where does Runewars go next?

    Yeah, that's exactly what I meant by the branching. I'd probably theme it more tightly to elves by calling it "long-lived veteran" or something, though. You could even make it unique or limit 1 per hundred points or something...
  8. kaffis

    Where does Runewars go next?

    Dual upgrade slots how? Two of the same type of upgrade? One upgrade slot that can be either this type of that type? I've long wanted a "branching" training upgrade for Latari that would permit a unit to take two training upgrades at a premium, since they rely so heavily on them for functionality that gets built into other units or functionality that is core to their faction theme... I'm thinking things like being able to take Column Tactics and Rank Discipline on the Leonx 1x3 formation, making that dramatically more playable... Even if you had to pay 10-12 points for the combination instead of the 8 point sticker price for the two upgrades by themselves. Or taking Lay of the Land and Hedge Shroud on Darnati.
  9. kaffis

    Where does Runewars go next?

    I agree, Darth Matthew, though I might argue the cost should be higher than a 50% premium to double the wounds. Not sure. But Dwarves as MSU elite infantry hits me right, and leaves room for Orcs to come as high model count units in interesting configurations, maybe with protected 1. What if they were infantry that came brutal 1 but deployed at 2x1, 2x2, 2x3, 3x3 at a premium cost? It would have the 2x1 Thresher effect, offering a lot of threat that can crowd multiple, smaller units into a melee fight.
  10. kaffis

    Where does Runewars go next?

    So Viktus106, you're suggesting an orc army, pointed appropriately, would have 21 trays and average 8 wounds per infantry tray to be the "high wound army"? That's outrageously beefy and total power creep over even the resilience of Spined Thresher- or Flesh Ripper-based armies...
  11. Eh, pick your response: 1) Is Rune Wars just set before Descent, then? Because here, he clearly hasn't yet made a choice when you go into setup. So at this line in Empire Strikes Back and Rune Wars, RotJ and Descent is a potential outcome of a what if? that turns into canon once we move on to the next story. 2) Well, there have to be some differences, or else they'll get hit with as lawsuit. He's not named Lork Cloudsprinter, either. ? 3) Okay, fine, he's Anakin, then.
  12. I mean, Baron Z is the warrior mage being tempted by the dark side, so yeah, he's absolutely Luke Skywalker.
  13. Welcome to literally every single Latari unit in existence. Oh, this would be great! Wait, no, there's this other thing that has to be stapled to the unit to make it work right. I'm looking for a hero with an army building buff that gives an extra training upgrade slot to all infantry and cavalry. Or maybe a Latari only musician that does the same thing, similar to the champions that can carry artifacts.
  14. kaffis

    Holiday sale

    Locally, Legion has a small group sustaining itself through league play. It's had consistent support from a couple of the FLGS employees, though. Rune Wars has been building a few nibbles of interest recently, though, and I'm working with the store to set up a demo day soon that I'm hoping can capitalize on those curious players, and then hopefully pivot into an escalation league in the new year. I didn't see a really big community at the Legion tables at GenCon, though, so I'd say that local metas aside, the aggregate player bases are probably similar?
  15. Sear-sayr-el And +1 on the Latin. It's also how Scandinavian languages handle it, afaict.