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  1. Gorgemaw considers his front edge to be touching the front edge of all enemies at Range 1 and in LOS. So he's A-OK with meleeing while not engaged. So he gets to attack one or more units with the double attack, and then get the double spin in there, too. He likes being the center of attention, so long as nobody hugs him.
  2. That's very cool, and I'm tempted to follow others' suit in complementing the way it looks on Aliana in particular, to steal that for use representing Ambush Predator on the table. (Oh, oh! And I could carry her second base also to swap out when it's expended!) Imitation being the sincerest form of flattery, and all. Not that I'm looking to be ready to base my trays any time soon, but you know.
  3. kaffis

    Crab People

    The problem in my experience is that basically most of these solutions are throwing half your army at one 50 point unit. Ditto for 2x 2x1 Threshers at 60 points. It's not that they're unkillable, it's that they require the attention of so much of your army that whatever's left gets steamrolled by 3/4s of their army in the meantime, which then moves on to help out the Threshers. Eagerly awaiting a pre-Worlds FAQ/errata, hopefully soon so people don't get lists invalidated without prep time to adjust.
  4. kaffis

    Viper Legion dial is revealed!

    The 2 shift is legit. It's also early enough that if your opponent's cavalry misses their short-range charge the turn before (or gets blocked and wipes something out), and needs their long-range charge to hit, you can back off and skill before they can pull it off. Considering that skill can be a Fire Rune, a Corruption Rune, or a Psychosis Siren, seems like there's some utility in that 6-shift. Also, they have the same 8-init 1 shift that Deepwood Archers do, and I get a lot of mileage out of the pseudo-attack on 8 after movement with Fire Rune Deepwoods. Couple that with some really outrageous ability for this ranged unit to cover ground and reform, and they feel like a unit that is very unlikely to be out of position in the late game. So no, I would definitely not call this a lame dial.
  5. kaffis

    Ventala Preview Article

    Flank Fire says, straight up, "You can draw LOS ... using your side arcs." So, yes. If it was not meant to allow LOS for non-attacks, it would say "When performing a [ranged attack], you may draw LOS..." Putting the "and" in there and separating out LOS first makes this absolutely clear in my eyes.
  6. kaffis

    Ventala Preview Article

    "The enemy suffers two damage per surge rolled"? "The enemy suffers damage equal to twice the number of surges rolled" would be even clearer.
  7. kaffis

    Larger than 200 point games

    My plan to run 300 point games is to do ten turns on a 8'x4' table, increasing terrain by 1 for 2-terrain deployments, or by 2 for 3-terrain deployments. For deployments that have all dangerous or all defensive terrain, you keep that. For mixed type, you add one of each or coin flip if it's normally a 1/1.
  8. I'd agree with you, Church, if Beastmaster T didn't match Aliana's wording. If it were Aliana's "after deployment" -> Outland Scouts "after Deploy Units" -> Thuk'tar's "after Deploy Units", I'd agree that they just probably worked out a clearer template. But going A -> B -> A suggests to me that A and B are meant to be different.
  9. kaffis

    Keth'ra and Baron - "Allies"

    Viktus106 and Budgernaut read the ability the way I do. It can be spent to prevent wounds to character upgrades within the unit that carries the boon, or if your opponent doesn't target one of those characters, you have the option to decline to use it to protect run of the mill infantry if you want to save it for the character upgrades. If you want to hold onto that last body in a rank to protect your reroll or something, though, feel free to spend it on a normal dude, too.
  10. kaffis

    Potential for new hero sculpts ?

    Recycling characters as new units but with storyline continuity potential (and the design space where you can prevent a new character from being used with an old character by making them different versions of the same unique unit) is something Warmachine/Hordes does a lot of, and even Malifaux dipped into a little bit. It's not outrageous, and can be effective. It's not even as bad as Xelto suggests -- yes, it's just as expensive as a creating a new unit... but that's just the thing; it IS a new unit, and can be treated exactly the same from everything but a fluff-writing perspective. I wouldn't want to see an alternate sculpt with the same abilities as a way to push out an errata for the existing unit, though. That would feel like a wasted release slot and design/manufacturing overhead expenditure, by using up limited support resources without actually adding playable options to an army.
  11. I can confirm Syndrael from the GenCon demo.
  12. Nope, nope, nope. Put that Chaos Lord back, we don't have the license for that anymore. Can't have that, lawsuits, you know. Just put him back where you found him, okay?
  13. kaffis

    Defended pass

    I'm just cringing at the notion of an Uthuk player parking their whole army at one end of the table, then sending a 9-tray unit of Flesh Rippers to contest the other token. Sure, it's a boatload of points you're sending on a suicide run, but the 72 wounds will probably take most of the game to just chew through, preventing 4-5 rounds of 75 point scores before giving up sixty points or whatever. I realize that at that point, you throw the objective to something that isn't engaged and try to run it away from the fight, but... With the mobility of rippers and sheer footprint of the unit that still seems like an uphill battle.
  14. It should be noted that I initially rolled the blue hit/acc shown, a red hit/morale, a red morale, and a white... single hit? Double surge? Something worth one hit. Knowing I had to get 5 hits on 4 dice, I opted to re-roll the morale red and fish for either a hit/surge, mortal, or a double-hit on the white die... After I re-rolled into the results you see here, as we were packing up, it occurred to me I should have re-rolled the other red, as well, because odds were good that it would roll back into at least a hit, but it might roll into hit/surge or double-hit, as well. I mentioned this out loud, lamented that it would have been the smart move, and did the "well, we'll see if it would have panned out" re-roll on one of the reds before I packed the dice up... and rolled into the double-hit. Sure, it's fallacious to assert that the roll would have been the same if I'd done it with the other two, what with butterflies flapping their wings in Tokyo and whatnot, but we all had a good laugh and I did, at least, demonstrate to my satisfaction that after 5 hours of tournamenting, I made a tired, suboptimal decision. The good news is, while tabling Jukey with that last point of damage would have been an 40-some point swing and brought me up to a 77 MoV that round, the extra tournament point wouldn't have changed the standings, so I didn't have to kick myself too hard.
  15. kaffis

    Kethra's new terrain

    But you could totally take this and 3 Strongholds. Especially if you're @FranquesEnbiens and already had 4...