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  1. Yes. Moving inside the same path will trigger the overwatch as stated in the rulebook's overwatch section. Here's a direct quote from page 26: "A character on overwatch can interrupt an enemy character’s activation upon any of the following triggers: 1) The enemy character moves onto a circle on the same path as the overwatch character. (The enemy character can be moving from a circle on the same path or a different path.)" That also boosts Schocktruppen's Keep Firing ability quite a bit as he can make an overwatch attack every time someone's moving in his path.
  2. Not a bad suggestion. I'm open for some more ideas. Random factor is good as it makes game more interesting, but I agree that currently Tannhäuser relies too much on lucky rolls. For example last game I detonated a dynamite, which dealt only one wound (soaked by a command point) and threw two grenades, which didn't wound targets at all (both were single targeted, but still). Then one grenade was thrown at my MacNeil, which failed the shock roll completely and died instantly. It was a deathmatch game and after those incidents the game was pretty much over. So those rerolls is one thing to fix it. Personally I would love some kind of system that made the attribute values more important as rerolls are also affected by luck. I'll give this some thinking and would welcome other suggestions as well.
  3. Another question about medals: How exactly are those command point medals used? They don't mention using an action so I guess that is not required. However when they can be actually used? The description says "used anytime" so can they be used even during other characters activation (even if it's your enemy's turn)? If so can the medal be used after a roll for example to cancel a wound? Revised FAQ states, that there is no way to get reinforcements in a death match game, so at least you cannot use the medal at the start of the turn before any activation. Right?
  4. The revised rule states that increasing a stat by a command point "lasts until the current activation". Does this mean until the end of turn as the whole activation phase or just the remaining of that specific character activation? If the later does that mean that if you raise your stamina for a shock roll for example, you can't use the raised value nor raise it again if another enemy figure attacks you during the same turn? Also, can you ignore only one wound per whole turn per character by using a command point or can more wounds be ignored if another figure attacks the same character on the sane turn (if you have enough command points of course)?
  5. derros87 said: yes the only reason doors are on the map is to break up the paths they do not block doom and they do not block grenades Well they do block the granades, but don't block the explotion radius of the granade. About the doom... Well I've seen everyone saying doors don't block doom, but I'd still like to see an official answer to this. The description of the doom says that the path must be tracked legally, even as it can be targeted outside the path. I think this might mean that the path is tracked one square at the time, so the bullet can't actually change the path, but can enter a square which includes multiple paths and go on from there. My assumption might be a wrong one, but I don't see why that "tracked legally" is put there if that's not the case. The description clearly states that doom can't be used through the walls so no need to clarify that with another sentence. Doom is extremely powerful weapon, when used behind a door and in some situations the guy using it, is literally unbeatable.
  6. MS Gentur said: VPs be used to avoid that sudden death? No, they can't be used for that. They can be used for healing only, if the character survives the attack.
  7. MS Gentur said: where do I have to put the crates then? Only on the arrow circles? Yeah, the basic maps have only two grates on each.
  8. MS Gentur said: What are the green crosses on the map for? crates? Green markings boost one of your stats, while standing in the square. For example if your character stands in a square, where is green cross, your stamina is gets one bonus point. Similary standing in a square, with a green crosshair symbol, gives your character one bonus combat rating. When you leave such a square, you will also lose the bonus point. MS Gentur said: Does the battery of the union guy with the big machine gun always kill when natural 9 and 10 occur??? If your target will score a natural 10 in his/her shock roll, he/she avoids the death. If he/she does not, the target is always killed immediately. Same goes with those automatic flash guns, the defender has always option to ignore the death effect if he/she score natural 10 with his shock roll.
  9. Yeah doors do block the hand-to-hand attacks as well as all other attacks with normal weapons. That's the biggest problem as only granades can be used to kill/wound a guy standing behind the door and they can't be used always because of their great range. That's why I also thought that maybe the doom gun can't be used to shoot through the door either. We are always playing the story mode, but especially in the ground level map, the game usually involves a lot of fighting and wiping a team is more common than completing all the objectives. The distances in that map are not so great and that's why killing Karl is so important. He can easily control about 1/4 of the map from one room, preventing marines to get those objectives in that area. The underground map is much easier with marines, as already said. Doom gun is pretty useless there compared to the other map.
  10. Hmm, that's disapointing In last game Karl was standing in a room just behind a door and killed two of my troopers and one of my heroes, while I couldn't do anything. As the range was 7 and he could move 3-4 squares in every turn and just go back after shooting there were not really any place I was safe. Granades are good of course, but in that case they were useless. The door was in a small room and granade couln't be thrown next to it, as there were not a single square where the range would be at least 4. Only thing I could have done would be enter the room from different door and that meant spending 4-5 turns just for movement. The doom is indeed a very powerful weapon and I'm not sure how can I survive against it. Smokes don't help at all because Karl can always move away from it and keep firing even if I keep my own soldiers inside the smoke. Fights are somewhat tighter than in the beginning, but that doom-door block combo is something I haven't beated so far and it's very easy to use.
  11. Few more questions that might explain why we have such great difficulties to beat Germans. The most difficult thing has been slaying Hermann and Karl, who have stayed inside rooms, blocking the doors while using their abilities that can be targeted to different paths (amulet and doom). I read the description of Doom for 6th time after getting my assed kick again and noticed the text "bullets do not go through walls and must move legally along paths). Does this means doom can't be shoot through doors, because one can't shoot through doors normally either (no shared paths). If this is indeed true, does the same apply with the Herman's powers? In other words Hermans powers and doom's bullets can be tracked by one square by one and every single track must be legal. A question about granades: Can grenades explode through doors? The path is again different, but if the granade can be thrown dircetly front of the door, will the explode radius reach the spot ehind the door (if a player can move there spending one movement point). The board includes doors and doorways without a door. In this message I mean doors, when squares in each squares don't share the same color.
  12. Thanks for all replies. One question remained unanswered (can Hermann pick up something after he's used his hermatic power), but posts have been helpful. We just played two games tonight and I actually won the other with the marines, so it seems they actually can win Dices were on my side this time and better tactics with especially smokes were used. Someone said those smokes aren't good at all, but I have to disagee. Without the smokes I wouldn't have a chance.
  13. thorgrim said: You can spend as much or as little of your movement as you wish, so essentially staying on the same space is the same as spending zero movement. The base game rulebook states that you "may" spend one movement point to move the Investigator from one board area to another, so you can choose not to spend your movement. That's right. Only exceptions are the other worlds, where you have to keep moving unless you're delayed. Also if you fight against a monster you have to end your movement there and can't continue even if you had movement points left.
  14. Good to know there's actually a chance to beat Reich with Marines:) We noticed that the catacombs are easier for marines than the ground level, basicly because there are those doorways that can be blocked quite easily with reich units, while Hermann and that doompistol guy can continue attacking. Those doorways can be very nasty as you can't even hit the unit, which is blocking the line without bullrushing him first. Reich player kept three of his units to occupy the doorway so it would meant bullrushing through 2-3 units to be able to attack at all. The most furstrating thing was that in the first two games Reich played their abilities all wrong and I didn't bother to check their abilities myself. Hermann had custom pack with all three occult symbols and they worked constantly without using to every Reich unit, no matter where they were... Luckily we spent some more time after those two games and those mistakes were corrected. Still the Reich won quite easily. One question about those symbols Hermann posses: Can every symbol be used only once or can you change the path of the symbol if you want to? The rulebook says that the symbol must be placed to the path(s) targeted, but don't say can they be placed elsewhere later. If the symbol is placed on a path, can you pick up an equipment to your empty slot, or is the slot used for the rest of the game? Oh, and can smoke granades cover multiple paths if they are thrown to crosspaths? Rulebook says path(s), when talking about those symbols, but with granades there are no that (s) added. We allowed to smoke multiple paths at once in our games...
  15. Still quite new to the game, but after three games I was so frustated to the balance issues I'd like to ask, if any other players have encounter similar problems. It seems Germans are better in every game area and are totally unbeatable. As I said we played three games with the story mode and tried both maps. Every game ended the same. Not a single german hero were killed and Marine heroes were slayed by a single attacks. Especially the ground level seemed just impossible for the marines. In our game the germans hided in the long corridor and blocked all the doorways, so marines couldn't attack them. Germans just attacked marines using that doomweapon that allow to attack different path, while Hermann kept the nearest/strongest marine under his control with his amulet (no matter how far my marines were, he could just move 3-4squares, use his power to cancel my marine attack and draft him close enough to get killed. Then he just backed where he was.) The close-combat trooper killed two marine heroes by a single attack, while marines did three attack and caused total 0 damage. It seems to me (and my gamegroup) german powers/weapons are way over powered. Mr Brown has a nice weapon combo, but he was usually controlled by Hermann and couldn't attack even once. Natural 10's are hard to score with 5 dices, even as germans usually have enough stamina to score natural 10 also. Those flash-automatic-guns seemed quite unusable because of that. Smoke grenades were great, but they didn't affect to Herman's powers, nor the doomgun as it could be fired outside the smoked path. Above all only one marine heroe can actually benefit from the smoke. In our last game marines could match even few turns the overpowering germans, but they still didn't do even one dmg to anyone, while their whole group were slayed from different rooms. How can you beat those germans? The main problems with marines are that they lack the ultimate weapons germans have (nothing can be used outside the path) and even as they have some quite powerful guns, they can't use them as they are slayed from the great distances. Three games played: German troopers slayed: 1 German heroes slayed: 0 (0 wounds after heal) American troopers slayed: 4 American heroes slayed: 4
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