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  1. One last big Legacy goodbye Touranment would be awesome I am sure me and the Plymouth/Cornwall people would be there! Just want to say thank you to all the UFS players in the UK for being Awesome
  2. MrBump


    Hey Everyone, I Just wanted to ask everyone for some help my local shop owner has been kinda enough to lend me some cards for teams and as a thank you i want to help him out. i am in search of as many of these cards for him as i can get, Ninja Arts (commons from the first SnK set) B. Jenet.. ( the set one not the promo one) These are the main cards but also any B. Jenet or morrigans people might have would also be very awesome. Thanks Daniel (if you dont no who i am then please give them to JJ or Ross for me and if you dont no who they are then it is awesome to have some new UFS players)
  3. Hey Everyone, I dont no if anyone can help me but i am trying to track down the last few cards for the cornish teams decks for nationals. there is a Pint in it for anyone who can lend us the cards. 1x Controller of Souls 2x Wounderworld Warriors 2x Fury of the Ancients I Know there all expensive cards so i can understand people not wanting to on top of helping the compertion but there for 2 tri-symbol crazy deck so no real compertion and i would just love to have them complete because i just love them playing my Akuma and i no Nic love his Zi mei so so much If anyone can help my Email address is super_alien_goldfish_boy@hotmail.com or if anyone just want to talk about nationals (i have been out of the game so long the last deck i new that was good was JJ's tri symbol Athena deck) it would be awesome to catch up on what is good and what everyone is doing over the weekend. I cannot wait to see everyone in a week and i hope someone out there can help us Thanks Daniel
  4. Well i will gladly run it i have loads of Banned cards and stuff i could bring for people to borrow. Tuesday if you have any idea for the tournament email me (super_alien_goldfish_boy@hotmail.com) Lol i guess great mind think alike we are both play Akuma and both wanted a unbanned tournament Love you Steve
  5. Hey Steve, I was just wondering if I could run a random side event on the Saturday?? Mainly because my chances of making top 8 are slim mainly because I have been out the game for so long and I heard Mark is pretty good with Akuma lol. I also don’t have a Clue what Ragnar is let alone have one and Pretty much the only 5 point card I have is a Tira. So I was wondering if I could run the Mega Banned tournament of Doom? Basically nothing is banned and unreleased cards can be used to I just want to see how silly people can make decks I would allow print proxies of banned or unreleased cards so it’s a even playing field Anyways hopefully speak to you soon Daniel
  6. order Tycho is sure the most Broken deck
  7. Hey Everyone, Now i was playing Akuma and i still am thinking of it but there will be loads of Akumas and this deck is far more awesome so here it is the deck is really simple win the control war and win with a beach special 1x **Rikuo** 3x beach Special 4x Charismatic 2x Valuable Experience 4x Trapped in a Nightmare 2x Tira's Contract 2x Spiritual Center 4x Saikyo-ryu 4x Revenant's Calling 4x Perfect Sense of Balance 4x Oral Dead 4x No Memories 2x Ka Technique 3x Intolerant of Failure 4x Inhuman Perception 2x Hulking Brute 2x Free Will 4x Destiny 2x Dead for One Thousand Years 4x Cursed Blood 2x Martial Arts Champion 4x Seal of Cessation 1x Yang's Sneakers 1x The Evil-Doer Destroyer 2x Scoll of the Abyss 2x Lynette's Shop 1x A Giant of a Man 2x Patriot games 4x Tag along Sideboard 2x Strife's Patronage 3x Soul Wave* 2x Valued but Not Trusted 1x Martial Arts Champion
  8. Hey i was just woundering if any of your Wonderworld Warriors are for sale? i would of got them on ebay but because there a shop and new ebay rules mean they have to send it tracked its like $20 insted of $4 to ship them to the UK if there is anyway this is possible please let me know because i really want a cool prize for my next touranment Thanks Daniel P.S my email address is Danieleggle23@aol.com
  9. I am sorry Kev if you could find me one of any copy that would be awesome I am trying to get 9 of ever card with Tira on cos i am a sad little fan boy hehe
  10. Hey Kev, If possible could you see if you have any 3 *Tira* 3 Blazing Cadenza X Aisei Nedrossel X Fruit ******!!! Thanks for being a Legend as always Daniel Eggle
  11. I was wondering if you could help me, recently my friend and I noticed that Seal of Cessation has the word "Negate" as opposed to cancel on it, on every other card we have referenced the word "Cancel" was used. Intolerant to Failure clearly states that when one of your abilities is "cancelled" you may use this effect. Would this card be able to respond to Seal of Cessation, and if so would Seal of Cessation be able to recieve an errata to say cancel instead to clear up any confusion caused? Cheers
  12. runnerb3an said: Speedsta said: As for which character wil cause an upset, I'd have to say Zi Mei since generally she is upsetting. Lies! Zi Mei is no upset, she is well fun and creates an exciting game environment.... probably. Ok so let me borrow your Zi mei deck and lets see how you like being slapped upside the head game after game after game
  13. Firstly *Rolento* share the same symbol as Shadowwar that is a winning combo right there and will take someone to the top 8 A top 8 **Rikuo** deck list is simple - 4x Tag Along 4x beach special 52x Death control cards I think there will be loads of AKuma's and zi mais so hopefully there will be loads of room for either sandbaggers or random decks that came just outside the cut
  14. I will send 9 Beautiful Purple Flames to Worlds with the UK lots most likey Ross if i remember to get his address to send them to him lol for you but on your mission you have to try and get signed eye patches i have nearly 300 signed eye patches.
  15. Hey Everyone, Its that time of the year again the UK nationals are very soon as most of my deck got banned i am after some cards to replace them i will trade pretty much anything or amount on my list of the cards i need because i need I need: 2 Sardine's Beach special 5 Billiard player 3 Charismatic 4 Fury of the ancients 1x Scroll of the Abyss I have: Soulcabilbre 3 1x Setsuka4 1x night terror1 1x Mitsurugi7 1x Sophitia4 Samurai Shodown 1x Yumeji3 1x Kyoshiro2 2x Basara1 5x Galford3 3x Rera2 5x Rera1 6x Haohmaru3 1x Ukyo4 3x Yoshitora3 3x Tam Tam2 KOF 06 3x Iori3 2x Mai7 5x Mai5 1x Kyo4 3x Lien3 2x Rock Howard2 7x Rock Howard1 Darkstalkers 5x Felicia2 1x Felicia4 1x Q-bee2 1x Morrigan3 1x Morrigan2 1x Huitzil1 1x Sasguatch2 1x Hsien-ko2 1x Hsien-ko1 2x Demitri2 2x lord raptor2 1x j. talbain 1x Victor3 1x Donovan3 1x bishamon3 1x Jedah1 2x Demitri2 Shadowwar 1x zhao daiyu1 1x Lu chen1 1x Yi Shan1 World champ cards 1x Scott Mence street fighter 1x Cammy4 1x Dhalsim4 1x gill1 1x Blanka5 1x Charlie4 2x Karin1 4x Karin2 1x Ken7 7x Sagat4 1x Q1 7x Bison5 10x Bison4 4x Yun2 1x Guy1 4x Chun li6 2x Guile4 1x gen1 2x Sean1 1x Sean2 2x Alex3 4x vega4 1x vega5 3x Rolento1 3 Luna's Encouragement 1 Amy's Assistance 4 Strife's Patronage 6 Giradot's Leadership 4 Greed's Influence 4 Aurelia's companinship 23 New Information 1 search for a real challenge 2 a years difference 2 deadly ground 2 without a trainer 4 personal style 1 grappling for glory 1 Demuth's sponsorship 6 superiority 1 Military Discipline 5 Dan's Taunt 2 Igyo Tenshin no jutsu 4 Soul Absorption 2 Treasure Hunt 2 Arm's Length 1 Reckless and impulsive 1 Shadow Strike 2 Caught up in the moment 3 Genocide 4 The price of foolishness 4 Final Confrontation 3 punish the weak 2 Bring the master to his knees 6 death cross Dancing 2 Clean Rematch 3 Mark of the wolf 2 Feral Shield Rush 26 Disdain 10 Offer a Duel 2 Penance 4 Through the Defenses 5 Instinctual Rivalry 1 fist of rage 1 crippling strike 1 ken's training 1 taking in students 3 ulterior motives 4 Pigeon Games 1 Combat Programming 2 Yellow Gi 1 Govenment Sponsorship 4 Romanian Valley 2 Egyptian Temple 1 Liquid Form 1 Yang's Sneakers 1 the Nine Commandments 2 Dark Chichiushi 1 US Air Base 5 Valeria's Shop 7 Hualin's shop 5 Lynette's shop 4 lost Cathedral ruin 3 School Uniform 1 Yumeji's Sword of no name 1 masamune 1 Doll from Grandma 1 Sworn vengeance 1 Leather jacket 1 Decorated for service 1 queen of Victroy 2 ancient battle ground 3 superhuman strength 4 good looks 2 ancient training ground 1 anklets 1 leather jacket attacks 1 Jaguar Thousand 2 Dan's Dragon Punch 1 Mujin Kyaku 2 Cammy's Flying Frankensteiner 2 Machine Gun Dog 1 True strike dash2 1 shoryu cannon 2 psycho cannon 1 wild fang 1 sakura's shoryuken 10 imeru shikite 5 yuchoka 2 nagase's unrelenting fire 8 okami ni noru 8 somersault skull diver 2 demon cradle 7 psycho break smasher 9 rera kishima tek 1 freezing execution 8 wicked chew 6 Neo deadly rage 4 tiger wave 3 double mittwoch 3 125 rapids of rage 1 ice coffin 1 Akumma's hadoken 1 Senkyutai I also have YGO,VS,Raw deal and magic just let me know and i will give you a good deal Thanks Daniel
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