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  1. This looks great! I'm excited to purchase a copy (or two) and play! However, I do not like the cardboard token flipping thing. I don't have any issues with the game mechanic. Just the physical act of tossing cardboard tokens to achieve a random outcome. It is just awkward and turned me completely off the last edition of Runebound. I would rather see this done with dice.
  2. I'm sorry, I should have said "player" instead of "opponent" in my example. Thank you for your response. Very helpful!
  3. If a card says something like, "Action: When this unit attacks target opponent takes 2 indirect damage." can the target of the indirect damage be a player other than the target of the attack that triggered the action in the first place? For example, the indirect damage might go to yourself or a third player in a multiplayer game. Any help appreciated. thanks!
  4. Seems easier to reply with "yes", but thanks for the reference in any case. I was hoping for a reference to the rules or FAQ for a clarification that my group had missed in our search. In the absense of that, ktom's opinion on the correct interpretation satisfies me.
  5. Here's the setup: Three-player melee Player A: Holds Crown Regent title Player B: Supports Player C Player B initiates a challenge against Player A. Player A redirects the challenge. Can Player B choose Player C as the target of the challenge? The rulebook seems to indicate that Player B cannot challenge Player C because under the Crown Regent rules it states, "That player must choose a legal target. If there are no other legal targets, the attack goes through against the original target." Meanwhile, the Supports section of the rules states, "If your title supports another title, you cannot initiate challenges against the player holding that title." The debate came up, in a recent game, that "choose a legal target" does not equal "initiate challenges" and so it was argued that Player C COULD become the target of the challenge from Player B even though Player B supports Player C. we did not end up playing it that way however and the challenge went through to the original target, Player A even though Player A had attempted to redirect the challenge. So, did we play it correctly?
  6. Are Hero Combat Cards and (regular) Combat Cards both considered Combat Cards when a card says that your opponent randomly discards 2 Combat Cards or just the regular Combat Cards?
  7. Ha a game last week playing the Dwarfs against an Orc opponent and had two quests working. I was able to use both of them. One of them twice. But Orcs are what you'd expect, a horde force... and Dwarfs are what you'd expect, hard to crack.
  8. It is my understanding that, yes, you can do that because there is no limit to how many actions you may take at any given time.
  9. I've played two games so far and quests were completed in both and on both sides without too much of a problem. I suspect that may have been a result of us not knowing the true power of these quests at the time and therefore letting them go when we should have been actively trying to defend against them.
  10. The symbol may also be used to differentiate between versions of the same card when an updated card is released with a new expansion to the game.
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