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  1. Thank you FFG for the SW LCG Core Sets you gave to the folks at the Worlds event this weekend. Got a chance to learn the basics of the game and participated in the ad Hoc Sunday tournament. I think this game will be a real winner for you. It is one of those rare games that is easy to learn but still has a lot of potential for more experienced LCG players. I also noticed on several occasions that abilities that particular characters, events, etc, were well suited to them and appropriate from the viewpoint of the Star Wars story. Well done! I will be buying a second set and the update packs when they come out. Dennis Walter
  2. In my opinion Cold War is one of the best, if not the best Silver Line game FFG makes. Not too difficult to learn and you'll like it more and more as you master the "strategery" involved. Lots of strategy, plot twists and opportunities to stab your rival agency in the back. Can be played to 50 points for a quick game, or to 100 for a longer session. Definately worth the small cost.
  3. Cold War: CIA vs. KGB is one of the best Silver Line games FFG makes. Lots of opportunity for "strategery," back-stabbing, double-dealing, etc. Easy to learn but has lots of delicious twists and turns. I highly recommend it.
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