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    So we'll end up with Common/UC/Rare/UR decks instead of card (well probably more like T1-T4, but still)? Whether it is better or worse than your usual CCG will really depend on how balanced they are against each other. If they are sufficiently balanced, playing randomly assigned decks could be fun, though.
  2. I would probably have tried Legion if it was compatible with IA, but I am not interested enough to repurchase everything. At least, Games Workshop let you use Space Hulk miniatures in your 40K games (on the other hand, they just made my 3*10K points epic armies obsolete by releasing Adeptus Titanicus in 8mm instead of 6, but given how few of us Epic players are left, I don't feel too bad about it)...
  3. It is an old thread, but I didn't want to start a new one just for this: I have just played this mission, and I also did some DMing as I was about to stomp the players, after they let me open with a 4* Royal Guard attacks (with field general and lead by exemple) which allowed me to wound Diala on the first turn. After it was clear they would not be able to complete the mission, we decided that they could mitigate the loss by activating the weapon room and saving whoever they could, so they managed to barely pull it of with incapacited Diala and Fenn exiting the destroyer while Gideon and Biv Bodrick sacrificed themselves to sabotage the weapon control room. It worked quite well in maintaining some tension, and it was fun having the players decide who should stay behind.
  4. Sorry for necroing the thread, but what do you think would be the best way to do it? I'd also rather only keep track of XP at the end of mission to reduce bookkeeping and take focus away from dealing damage as often as possible (so basically, no kill or guardian assist, and not XP for damaging opponents). I only flew a few missions, so I am not sure these values would work well: 2XP for Tie Fighters and 4XP + the usual bounty for large, and non Tie Fighter ships (+ ace bonus)? and 1 XP for opponents damaged but not destroyed (2 for non Tie)? Does it seem reasonable to you?
  5. But with GW reluctant willingness to come back to BG again (well, its attempts have been rather half hearted so far), maybe FFG is waiting before committing to an expansion for this or Warhammer Quest.
  6. If the issue is that they should destroy cities/bastions/forges instead of capturing them, it can easily be remedied by giving them "biocredits" when they capture the planet, and removing the building. Same when the planet is taken from them (it would be as in XCOM : you'd sell allien "parts" on the black market to fund your war effort).
  7. Same there, I always thought the CCG tournament results brought nonsensical things to the RPG setting.
  8. Will the rights to L5R RPG, board games and miniature games also go to FFG, or does it only concern the card game? I would love to see some L5R board games.
  9. I don't agree : I find many TI3 parts feel "out of place", and I enjoy the more focused experience Starcraft, and its successof FS gave. I just wish FS had team rules too (but they are easy to adapt from Starcraft, so we will definitely give them a try soon).
  10. The problems with adding more faction variations for the existing ones, is that they are already "out of character": The Ultramarines play like Imperial Fists, really, with a strong fetish on fortifying everything, while the World Eaters work like Word Bearers, with their ability to get boons from all 4 chaos gods. I haven't played the orks yet, so I don't know whether they fit the theme of the Evil Sunz or not, and Iyanded seemed OK (but I don't know much about Eldar lore, so I can be misstaken), even though their wraithguard count is a bit low for such a craftworld.
  11. Actually, I found the game to work rather well with 3 : Getting your objectives being more important than denying the others, you have little incentive to expose yourself too much in doing so. I found it to work much better than Eclipse, Twilight Imperium, or even Nexus Ops. But it is true that hexagonal tiles and a stup like TI or Nexus Ops would have worked better with 3 players . Starcraft with Brood War scenarios might work better with 3, but there are not that many combat games I can think of that do.
  12. TI would not work very well: There is only war, no diplomacy, and no trade with foul xenos.
  13. That were my thoughts exactly. I sure hope it is, Starcraft being my prefered Dudes On A Map team game.
  14. You need to find out early whether you stand the best chance of stalling the heroes, or wounding them all. If you go for stalling, removing a hero is much stronger than wounding 2 heroes. 2 less actions/turn might make the mission impossible to complete for the heroes, and if they need to pass some test, removing the heroes who help the most in these tests can really help.
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