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  1. Removed. The issuewas not what I thought it was... Its working correctly
  2. The Galaxy Map from the core book as a Wall Chart, ideally made of something tough enough that I wouldn't worry about grabbing it off the wall, throwing on the gaming table and having my players huddle over it / prod it to discus plans.
  3. He'll yes! By contrast I would have little interest in an Explorer or Hired Gun sourcebook. I'll be buying them all for my table, but colonist, technician and smuggler are the three that really excite me.
  4. Ogg, Fantastic, (as always). Three questions / requests 1) Could you offer a fourth way for the override to work. At the moment we have unaltered, description overwritten and entire entry overwritten. Could you add a fourth option of disabled. I currently am using a heavily customised builder for my Blake's 7 game, which only offers 6 races - a customised version of droid and human, and 4 entirely new races. I would like to disable all other races. At the moment I achieve this by deleting the species files, but a disable option would mean I would no longer need to do this with each update. Also I figure this will be useful for any GMs who want to run a game without particular races, careers or equipment (eg if they wanted to disable lightsabers). It would also allow them to be re-enabled later if campaign specifics changed (e.g. I disallowed Ewoks because previously they were confined to the moon of Endor, but now your taken 3 dozen of them to Nar Shaada I have no issues with them as PCs) I've tried dropping empty files with the appropriate file names in the override directory and this doesnt work. 2) The second question is around the way you've stopped droids taking Force Sensitive Exile. I've looked through the XML and cant spot the key in question. Where is it? And could this key potentially be used to prevent certain species from taking particular specialisations? (eg Newrace cannot become a Pilot or Fringer because they suffer extreme vertigo in zero-g) 3) More a concern than a question. I see that my new adversaries are being created as Adver65.xml, Adver66.xml etc. I am concerned that these are going to be overwritten when/if you create new content. Wouldn't it have been better to create them as Useradver01.xml etc. Also they have been assigned keys like ADV66 onwards. Again there is a concern about these being overwritten. As for the whole question around AoR beta materials. I would love to see them in the program, so long as there was the ability to disable them. The suggestion with regards a book code is a good one. Would it be possible to offer a settings check box asking which books we wish to use? Obviously at least one core book needs to be in play. Also some things will exist in many books (e.g. The Charm skill will probably exist in all core books, the Driver specialisation looks to exist in both AoR and Edge of the Unknown, etc.) Cheers, Declan
  5. Sorry, but canon has at least one Jawa who spoke un-accented basic (http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Akial )
  6. R00kie

    Christmas Advice

    I'm planning to get X-Wing as a Christmas gift for a couple of boys. I'm currently thinking of purchasing a Starter set, the YT-1300 expansion and the Tie Advanced. This should allow them to play Luke and Han vs Darth Vader. The big question is what do I need to purchase in order to make this a potentially balanced game? My initial though was to purchase a second core starter set - 3 Tie, 1 Advanced Tie vs X-Wing and YT-1300 looks balanced and the extra starter set this would give them this but also provide a couple of extra ships for their collection. In addition they'd have an extra set of rules, dice, markers etc. However I've never played the game. Without investing a small fortune what is a suitable set of starting components to allow an X-Wing, YT-1300, Advanced Tie fight? Also, are the Space tiles worth investing in. Do they offer anything a piece of black felt baize cloth wouldn't ?
  7. I agree - its fantastic. I would recommend buying it direct from the author at his website: http://thievesoftime.bigcartel.com/ The PDF is also available: http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product/106247/Play-Unsafe
  8. In my experience there is an awful lot of work involved in the first 2 or 3 sessions of a new campaign. I typically put in days of work during this first few session. The nature of the work will vary - game to game, but will include creating stacks of generic NPCs, finding and printing maps, coming up with some interesting complications I can throw at the players down the line based on their individual backgrounds, making lists of names (vital - you really need sheets of names by species so you can easily create NPCs on the fly. I always find it hard to come up with names for the Rodian news-seller, or the Trandoshan mercenary on the fly). Then you'll discover the work drops off fast. Listen to the players carefully during your sessions. They'll pretty much tell you where the game is going in their table talk. If they are planning to go to Degobah, then you'll need a Degobah map for next session, if they want to chase down a Bounty Hunter its time to think about Bounty Hunter stats. I generally find with an established campaign 30 mins afer the game (following day is fine) documenting the events which happened and planning what to print is fine, and another 30 minutes the day before the next session making sure I know how I'm going to start the session Don't plan too far ahead. Definitely don't plan out a plot on rails. You need to allow for player agency. ie. players will do whatever they want, often not what your plot requires, and you need to run with that. If you plan out a detailed plot it will probably end up in the bin quickly because players have gone off in a different direct. One interesting trick is to document the events which will occur independent of the PCs. e.g. "3 days in the Emperor will arrive, 5 days in the asteroid will hit the north ice cap, 2 weeks in the economy will collapse, 2 days after that the Governor will call a state of emergency". Then after each session you can spend 5 mins reviewing the list and asking questions like: is this still on track or have the players derailed it? Is it still going to occur but at a different time? What is now going to happen instead? What do I need to add to the timeline? Also generic prep is your friend. Generic Adversary stats will get used, as will generic ship, location or building maps. Dont design the 'Mayfair' Cantina, design the generic bar. Now when you use it you can add flavour text in your description, but if they chose not to visit the 'Mayfair' Cantina it will serve perfectly well 8 sessions later when they visit the 'The Dancing Twil'k' and you need a map. The same goes for Captain Rand, vs Generic Imperial Captain etc.
  9. Unless: a) someone lends them some money. In my group the agitator lent the commando money. or b) They get the slugthrower rifle But also note that the alliance gives the characters equipment for each mission. If a character is going on a mission as a rifleman, then thy'll be given a rifle. The starting money is for personal possessions.
  10. I just recieved my copy in the UK. Given the shipping date and the fact I went with the cheap option that is simply astounding. And they managed it for approximately half the price I would have paid with FFG. Thanks Miniature Market! Amazing service.
  11. That's annoying. I placed my pre-order Sept 15th and its still listed as Processing Pre-Order. I guess they dont action them on a first come first served basis. But its out. *Snoopy Dance of Joy*. I can wait a little longer now I know its on the way.
  12. Actually this highlights the fact that I'm miss understanding the problem. I would love to do an Evil vs Evil campaign with the right sort of players. Can you imagine how much fun you could have playing a group of intelligent sociopaths trying to take down the empire. A campaign with the likes of Han Gruber (Die Hard), Dexter Morgan (Dexter), Patrick Bateman (American Psycho), Hannibal Lecter (Silence of the Lambs), Jim Profit (Profit) and James Moriarty (Sherlock) coming to take down the Empire would be fantastic - assuming they didn't kill each other first. Each intelligent, charming, perceptive, calculating and perfectly evil. It could be fantastic.It would also probably have a much much lower death count. , So what is the problem? I'm not sure. I suspect part of the problem is the indiscriminate blood bath. Part of the problem is I cant suspend that degree of disbelief. Anyone who acted like my players would have been incarcerated or killed years ago. There is also a lack of buy in to the fiction. I think the biggest problem though is it feels like I'm some sort of sadists power fantasy - which I really dont want to be part of.
  13. The problem is I couldn't even use this yard stick for the characters. I could play with 'Intelligent Evil' - the Profit or Dexter Model. I could play with 'Self Promoting Evil with attachments" - the Godfather or Sopranos model. Unfortunately what I appear to have is the mayhem for kicks model. I cant help wondering if other games rewarding killing with XP might have conditioned their response to anyone who doesn't appear to be a 'quest giver'.
  14. Not anymore they are. The production of clones has stopped, and normal recruitment has started. Anyone who want to take a closer look at the Empire from the PoV of the normal people serving it (mostly Stormtroopers) then I can highly recommend the novel Allegiance by Timoyhy Zahn and the comic series Star Wars: Empire Thanks for the recommendation.If it's available for kindle I'll pick it up tonight.
  15. I've not got a problem with fighting and killing storm troopers. It's the merciless unprovoked killing of anyone associated with the empire that worries me. Han shot when he was threatened, or his life depended on it, or he was involved in military action. I can't think of a single time he shot a minor functionary for just being there. I think my issue is that some of the players at the moment aren't coming across as anti-heroes. They are quite clearly the villains if the piece. They've sunk lower than the Empire and I can tell you if I was a citizen if that Galaxy Far Far away I'd be supporting the Empire in Police action against them.
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