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  1. I would argue that you do not in fact gain clues when starting the game, your characters simply starts with them. In contrast, you do draw common/unique items at the start and therefore effects which influence or are triggered by drawing items do affect the startup as well.
  2. Definitely start with the base game alone. Injuries and Madness would be great, but if you don't have that expansion, just the base game will do fine.
  3. I've always interpreted "draw randomly" to mean "draw the top card of the deck, don't pick and choose (as the boarding house would allow)"
  4. Same thing, really. You need to be there during the Upkeep Phase - something you can usually only do after coming back out of the gate.
  5. These check types aren't murky at all, they're actually crystal clear once you get the hang of it. Combat checks are a subtype of fight checks. So all combat checks are also fight checks, but not all fight checks are combat checks. All "blue cars" are also "cars", but not everything that is "blue" is also a "car". From this it's clear that everything that gives you a bonus to fight also improves your combat rating. But you cannot use combat boni to improve your fight checks. The same goes for will (subtype horror) and sneak (subtype evade).
  6. I hope there'll be a third one, we're definitely going to play it if there is one.
  7. The main advantage is not running the risk of opening a gate on that unstable location in the encounter phase. Apart from that, it's more of a "pressed into service" kind of thing, not a "tempted with huge profits"
  8. So it's technically possible to get out of the jail cell by moving from the cell when you aren't delayed, but this doesn't actually happen unless you have a card that allows you to skip an encounter?
  9. I can see where you're going, but despite some appearances to the contrary, AH is still a board game - and not role-playing or storytelling. A lot of the rules in the game don't work when viewed realistically, but they have to be the way they are to make the game work. So from a games and rules perspective - no, you can't take anyone along for the ride in a patrol wagon. That said, there's not much harm in house-ruling that you can share the patrol wagon with other investigators in the same location. So if you want to play that way, feel free!
  10. The way it's worded it's pretty clear to me that it's meant to be a one time effect. Otherwise it'd have to say something like: "Wilson loses all his clue tokens and cannot gain any new ones"
  11. Short answer: no to all. Slightly longer answer: Only abilities that specifically allow you to use them on other investigators (see Mandy) can be used on others.
  12. I'd suggest getting Dunwich for the Madness and Injury cards, they make the game a bit easier and definitely a whole lot more fun. You've got somewhat more powerful investigators than in the base game in there as well, so if you just use these parts for starters and leave out the new board, mythos and location cards it should be quite a bit easier. The other two big expansions also feature new, more powerful investigators, but you should definitely start with Dunwich, for the Madness/Injury cards alone. The small expansions don't really have a lot of stuff that makes things easier. Some feature quite powerful weapons and other useful items, but they also dilute your item decks, so that's not much help overall.
  13. Yes, if you want to stick to official rules, heralds and the difficulty levels from BGotW are definitely the way to go with more than four players. We haven't run into this problem, because we usually play with 4-5 people, but it's what I'd do as well. I can't stand games with more than 1-2 expansions, it's just far too tedious and draining to think of everything.
  14. Indeed, both cases exist and you have to take care with the wording. If the "difficulty" is increased, you need an additional success (as with Yog-Sothoth and gates). If the "check modifier" is increased, you get one less die than normal.
  15. I think the league has probably taken a back seat due to the Innsmouth release. I'm sure it'll be back on track shortly.
  16. Don't forget that monsters also get to move before you do the action mentioned in the card text. If a fast or flying monster with the correct movement symbol appears on the gate, it will be gone before it would be removed. Also, if there's already a gate in the woods, you'll get a monster surge that places monsters on all the gates - they won't be removed either.
  17. Morgaln said: 3. If you would both Pass and Fail a personal story, which happens first? I can't quite see the problem. Either there is a clear sequence, then there's no problem. Or they genuinly happen at the same time - here the rulebook says the first player gets to decide the what happens first.
  18. Scelous said: Well, as I mentioned on BGG, I was an idiot and had forgotten you can seal the gates WITHOUT needing the Elder Sign UI. So, go me. Everything's good now! I know our group has made plenty of really stupid mistakes playing this game over the past years, but THAT'S what I call a challenging variant
  19. StarBurn said: I know that all expansion boards count as being efected when something states "all in arkham", but does that go for cthorians and color out of space too ? Yes, the phrase "in Arkham" is defined to include the expansion boards in the rulebook. It doesn't exclude monsters, so they can similarly affect all expansion boards.
  20. Your main question has already been answered: If a rumour asks you do discard something, this also grants you the right to do so in the correct place(s). Any other interpretation breaks all the rumours, as none of them explicitely allow you do discard things to pass them. I'd just like to add something else: Vaxsythrakul said: If you read the ongoing effect section though it says "wether by applying its bonuses to combat, exhausting it, or discarding it, roll a dice" So this leads me to believe that you can discard an item in the other world on demand, the only caveat with this rumor being that if you attempt to discard an item you have to make the roll avoiding 1 or a 2 or the item falls apart before it can be "discarded" kind of absurd line of reasoning if you ask me heh. It does make sense if you think about what kind of items there are. There are items that give you something for discarding it (Research Materials, Whiskey, Food, you name it). So while this rumour is in effect, if you roll a 1 or 2, you still discard the item, but you don't get an effect from doing so.
  21. Yes, that is correct. The only way not to get those points is by dying in the final combat against the GOO.
  22. The fun thing is: we've always wondered if it's possible to win by closing all the games and if anyone plays the game like that. We've always won by sealing and rarely by a final fight. I think the first time we really set out to win by closing instead and actually managed it (barely) was after maybe 100-150 games.
  23. Really envious of all your great solutions, we thought zip-lock bags were already the height of accomplishment Before I start reorganising Arkham, I definitely need to sort out all the Descent counters though - this thread rocks with good ideas!
  24. For us, the Madness/Injury cards were hands down the best improvement to the base game. It just speeds up the game so much that you get to have more fun in less real time. There's almost nothing worse than spending time to heal your wounds/sanity (especially if you've run out of money, stupid 1s) instead of doing things that are fun and help the game along. We'd probably still take the cards most of the time if they still made you lose half your stuff and just filled you up again. Don't force the players to take them, make them see the huge advantage they give in time alone!
  25. I think Zoey is really hampered by the fact she only has three sanity, which means she has to make pretty much every horror check, or all her great combat ability goes to waste. So if she fights the monsters she's good at fighting (those with immunities mostly have hard horror checks), she'll pretty much always have to stay at fight 1 to have a good chance to see the fight - good thing she has that cross at least. I agree she's great, but sanity three is a big liability. I also like the sailor, great idea to give those aquatic locations more use and very thematic. Love it. The character I'm really intrigued with is the spy. Different mechanics are always nice, especially on a "late/last" expansion of a game. What she definitely needs is a motorbike - if she has to spend her "focus" to raise her speed (which only goes up to mediocre anyway) she sucks in all other areas. As a hot chick on a motorbike, I think she'll be very fun to play.
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