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  1. Well written review. The only suggestion I would have, which a lot of reviews leave out, is the quality of the components. I may be in the minority, but for games with minis I really like to know about the quality of the minis. Are they soft plastic or stiff and brittle and how is the detail (I know the answers since I own it, just saying). Some people find it very important to know whether or not the minis need assembly. Also, the cards themselves as far as thickness, how easy are they to read, is all of the necessary information on them, etc.
  2. Here are a couple more Virginia ones in my area. https://www.facebook.com/events/547886255410756/ https://www.facebook.com/events/1892184741014410/
  3. One of my probe Droids was off base but it's no big deal. I ma going to put everything on new bases anyway, plus i think I will put the PDs on clear flying base posts like X-Wing miniatures ships are on, raising them up off the base.
  4. Thanks for the tip on the glue. I hadn't heard of that before. I ordered a tube along with 100 bases yesterday.
  5. I would love to see them when they're done. I have quite a few Hirst molds and have thought of doing the same thing for several games i have. In the end though I just decide it's too much work ;p Maybe one day!
  6. As a player I agree while heartedly I'm just trying to show the other side. Seems they went to a whole lot of trouble to word it the way they did when they could have just said "A Rest action recovers Strain OR Damage up to your endurance level" and been done with it. I imagine that will be one of those questions that will be in the FAQ as soon as FFG gets around to it.
  7. I would love to see more and varied terrain tiles. Back to Hoth??? Add in Snowtroopers, cold weather effects, maybe a snowspeeder or Tauntauns! The tiles could even be two sided with desert terrain on the back
  8. I guess I am the only dissenting vote here because, as written, the recovery of damage is dependent upon the recovery of strain. The entire rule is based on recovering strain. The second half of that even starts with "IF". Nowhere does it talk of recovering damage independent of recovering strain. Seems that if recovering damage was independent of recovering strain, it would say recover strain OR damage up to your endurance. Even the section on page 8 "Suffering and Recovering" says damage is recovered if you recover "in excess" of the number of strain tokens.
  9. Thanks! I'll take a look at those specific cards and see how they work together. Of course that's another thing I'm trying to do, read up on all the cards to see how things work. perhaps then I'll be able to answer most of my own questions
  10. Let's say I am playing corp and the runner goes after a server with ice on it. I rezz the ice and it's a barrier with a strength of 5. A.) Can the runner use multiple icebreakers to gain enough strength to interact with the ice, or does each icebreaker need to be able to match/beat the strength of the ice? B.) If so, do the icebreakers have to BOTH be able to break the barrier type? Can he use one that breaks barrier and one that breaks sentry, but use the combined strength? I am really new to ANR and trying to get it all right. Unfortunately, the guy teaching me to play doesn't have a rulebook so I'm not sure everything he is "teaching" me is right. Page 18 of the rulebook says "There is no limit to the number of installed cards a Runner can use to interact with the encountered ice, but he generally only needs one icebreaker. Remember that before an icebreaker can interact with a piece of ice, the icebreaker`s strength must be equal to or higher than the encountered ice's strength." The second part of that is what leads me to believe that you cannot combine two or more icebreakers in order to gain enough strength. Thanks!
  11. I was trying to find a droid in the SW universe that worked outright with a minor modification here or there, which it looks like I have plenty of workable ideas here. If not, I'm sure our GM would not mind a home creation.
  12. A lot of great ideas! Thanks for all the reference material. now to sort through it all and come up with something.
  13. I'm also wondering if a modified version of the interrogation droid from A New Hope would work as well. https://dyn0.media.forbiddenplanet.com/products/2379999.jpg.size-285_maxheight-285_square-true.jpg
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