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  1. After playing through the last legs of The Enemy Within I have to say that the system breaks down, probably around level 3. Too many dice and too many talents to keep track of. If they keep the system more or less as is I hope they could have a characther builder/card tracker/dice roller app for iPad/Android/Windows. It would probably need to have som in-app buys for card packs etc but it would be a significant time-saver and if it could add/subtract the symbols like the Star Wars dice app it would be great.
  2. I hope that they after a couple of more big sets publish a meta expansion that combines elements from several sets at once.
  3. The Norwegian EBM-artist Apoptygma Berzerk's should be a obligatory song on any Dark Heresy Soundtrack.
  4. Alexandro Jodorowsky's SF-series (drawn by Moebius, Zoran Janjetov, Carlos Ximenes et. al) especially The Incal series and The Metabarons have been a direct influence on Warhammer 40K. These series are classic and a must read. I second the suggestion for Richard Morgan, especially the Takeshi Kovacs series (Altered Carbon, Broken Angels, Woken Furies). Takeshi Kovacs is an UN Envoy which is part investigator plenipotentiary, part ruthless supersoldier. Altered Carbon gives a good picture of the fear and grudging respect an Inquisitor-level investigator commands among the elite.
  5. I can't seem to find the XP cost for advancing navigator powers. At first I thought you could either advance or gain a new power with the Navigator Power Talent, but it says that you get a new power not advancement. Thanks in advance for any help.
  6. As far as I can see, apart from the Origin Path, there's no Peer or Good Reputation talents for any of the classes. One should think that the RT and Seneschal at least should have access to both; but there is none, or have I overlooked something?
  7. One of the things that irritates me is that the box set would have been a golden opportunity to include a large fould-out Map of the Empire. That the box lacked such a map disappoints me. :/ It also irks me that there is no real advanced social career. Other than that and the fear that we will see random booster packs for 4th, I like it so far.
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