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  1. Without having a clue about whether or why they cancel, I'm very optimistic that Resistance and FO will get new content. Guys, this is Disney. They spent literally billions to establish this IP. Look at their whole business model this past half decade. The **** freezes over before they let an established IP whither. They produced a new season for THE CLONE WARS, FFS.
  2. Hey everyone, I'm hosting a X-Wing beginner tournament with a grand total of 14 players. I need to have preset, understandable and moderately balanced lists for that, and an additional catch: all of it must come from my collection. I want to field two players per faction at least, which covers 10 players (I have everything except Scum and Seperatists), which leaves four additional players that can come out of any faction. Cards don't matter at all, I will print out all lists in YASB. So, if you want to take part in the challenge, please provide me with list ideas Here's the list of available ships: Rebels: 4x Z95 4x B-wing 4x A-Wing 2x Y-Wing 5x X-Wing 1x Ghost 1x Shuttle 1x Sheathipede 2x U-Wing 1x YT-13000 1x YT2400 1x Rebel TIE 1x ARC170 1x Auzituck 1x HWK290 Galactic Empire 1x Alpha Class Starwing 1x Lambda 1x Adbanced v1 2x Advanced x1 1x Aggressor 1x Punisher 2x Defender 4x Interceptor 8x TIE Fighter 4x Bomber 1x Reaper 1x Striker 1x Decimator Resistance 2x A-Wing 4x X-Wing 1x Bomber 1x Resistance Transport 1x YT-1300 Galactic Republic 3x Delta 2x ARC170 1x Naboo fighter 4x Torrent First Order 5x TIE/fn 2x Silencer 1x Upsilon 2x Special Forces
  3. I'm playing everything except Scum and Seperatists. Scum is more or less a holdover from 1.0. I hated that faction, and while I like them a lot more in 2.0, I'm not a fan thematically and have too many factions anyway. I don't fly Seperatists simply because five factions seems like it should be enough.
  4. I'm using a washer in each base and fill them up with silikon. Very cheap, easy to do, works perfectly fine and gives them a good, weighty feel.
  5. Almost like balancing and gameplay considerations went into this. It's weird, FFG treats this like a game instead of a lore compendium. Wonder why.
  6. Agree with you there, but I couldn't make the **** things work yet either.
  7. Stefan

    Inert Fat Han

    I flew against this yesterday. It's very strong, but it has a high floor. One mistake, and it can easily be over. But if that mistake isn't coming, it's a very negative play experience.
  8. I don't think IN5 on Plo is worth losing a configuration.
  9. I flew Deltas yesterday and holy boy, that repositioning ability is RAD.
  10. I had no problems so far. My worst experiences were with big ships in 1.0, especially Lambda, Ghost and Decimator.
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