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  1. Okay... Well we have seen the three main ordos receive a treatment (and a exceptional treatment), how about - coverage of the Adeptus Mechanicus, taking into account the recent changes of the TT WH40k regarding the Ad Mech army. Bestiary (no brainer there). Possibly expansion of roles/backgrounds/elite advances (e.g. how to emulate a death cultist or a sister repentia). This may be controversial choice, a DH2e equivalent to Ascension. Elsewhere, would like to see a book for OW covering the Commissar, Primaris Psyker and Stormtrooper support roles, seeing they are the only support characters not to get any love for OW.
  2. @Varsovian True, in some extent DH2e is different to cWoD/nWoD settings (actually like V20/V20 DA myself), in that it is linked with the Askellon Sector as a ready made background setting (a region which is but a speck in the vast Imperium). I liked New York by Night and similarly for V: Dark Ages Constantinople by Night, layered and with a list of vampire NPCs with enough skullduggery to lure the troupe into and the factions to serve as foils. However, and you are right in a way, the approach would not quite work in the WH40K setting. A book like Enemy Beyond covers aspects of the Ordo Malleus and their attempts to root out heresy in the past and present among the masses of humanity, as well as combatting the adversary from the warp. Specific worlds within the region are covered as well as conspiraties/threats, along with notable factions/NPC highlighted which could pose threats or assistance, where appropriate. However, the sidebar on p.321 of the core rules states that if somewhat limited/constrained by the setting feel free to change as appropriate. From time to time I staged flashback sessions to the old Calixis Sector from DH1e with minor tweaking, and during DH1e a min-campaign I recall was setting amidst the Hive Gangs of Necromunda spire, where the GM had a faceless inquisitor recruit the hive gang we were in to act as guides down in the underhive to track down a radical cell. Fun, but it didn't end well...
  3. You know, I was actually waiting for someone to raise the question "Are chaos space marines in Enemy Beyond?" On the one hand I wouldn't want acolytes to come acroos one because just one could wipe the floor with the warband. Yet after looking at the 'canned' scenarios for Only War the way the csm was handled in No Surrender (and a Warpsmith at that!) Was well done. Relocate it to the Thule Subsector, or a star fort close to the Great Beyond, and ignore elements of the Spinward Front and there you have it a warpsmith beginning to construct daemon engines which needs to be averted... I actually have an old pc from BC, a Forsaken of the Blood Gorgons renegade chapter who is just setting out to become a warlord in the Great Beyond. A survivor of his former warband which wasall but destroyed by a greater warband's trechery, he came to the Askellon Sector to regroup and acquire the means to strike back, I made him a recurring nemesis... Necrons I am not to sure of unleashing upon the sector, maybe have the warband go on acult/relic hunt deep in the bowels of a hive only to come across a dormant tomb and inadvertantly startle the guardian (e.g. scarabs) but not armed warriors. A few more tyranid bioforms wouldn't go amiss, and maybe its time genestealer cults got a treatment. Otherwise I dont think it impossible the Slaugth or stryxis would not be present in the Askellon sector taking advantage of the misery and conflict. On the heresy side of things, not sure if the Temple Tendency would have a stake here but cetainly the Logicians and the pheanonites (to those who dont know, this radical faction originated from amidst the xanthites but went further by testing and supllying their dark woorks to the enemy - to be disowned even by the xanthites).
  4. Techorcist has not crossed over from DH1e, though some of the mechanics have cross pollinated from the wh40k rpg line. Rune swords first originated from Tome of Blood for BC, for example. The bodyguard talent certainly reminds me of the bodyguard template in navis prima book for RT, though that may be coincidental. Possession does not have a slew of talents like it did in the RH for Dh1e, more like as the CP rises traits intensify, as well as the likelihood of unleashing the daemon. At CP 100 though the daemon is likely to rip through the host and materialise. Dont get me wrong, I liked Daemon Hunter for DH1e because of concepts (though as I stated previously Grey Knights felt like maybe they should have been in a DW book), just that Enemy Beyond is better put together in my opinion.
  5. Hi Gauntzero... As Mijrai stated, performing an exorcism can be done by anyone, and it helps if the exorcist has acquired the right talents/or access to a psyker with Sanctic Daemonology. There are many forms an exorcism might take, acts of faith and purity or debased rites which drive out the daemon. Preparations to do so can be quite involved and even before initiating requires Forbidden Lore [Daemonology]. Actually carrying out the exorcism is an extended Daemonic Mastery test and quite risky for both the exorcist and the possessed individual. Also, there are modifiers to the base difficulty as you will uncover... The New talents listed: - Bodyguard Bulwark of Faith Daemonhunter Daemonic Disruption (Untouchable elite advance) Daemonologist (Psyker, Psy Rating 3) Dark Soul Hardened Soul Inspiring Soul Instrument of His Will Iron Faith Iron Resolve One-on-One (master of single combat) Rites of Banishment Sanctic Purity Shield Wall
  6. The reason I mentioned Skittari was that a while back GW had brought out a line of AD Mech minis with bizarre looking sentinel type vehicles. Would be interesting to see updates was my opinion. @Gauntzero:- As for Exorcism well its covered in the chapter discussing possession within Enemy Beyond, unfortunately am at work at the moment and don't have access to the book. Will look into it as well as the talents when am home.
  7. Oh, I forgot one thing... Hands up all those who played through DH1e who remembers Dark Pacts. They are back in Enemies Beyond, with both the boons and the Banes listed for each pact.
  8. Now, how about a forge world book within the Askelleon sector which would also cover the vehicles of the Imperium and perhaps updates on the Skittari?
  9. Second that Enentol, very good i'm having to read it several times. If you want radicalism - daemonhost creation, malefic daemonlogy psyker discipline, daemon weapons and warp tainted artefacts. Astropath elite advance has a talent tree as well as a psyker discipline, as well as there being a sanctic daemonology tree (reputedly used by the Grey Knights chapter, who are mentioned alongside the Exorcists chapter, but not detailed) Survivng possession and subsequent exorcisim differs from the Exorcised background, the reason given on p.71 of the book. You want daemons look at the bestiary at the end of the book, with guidelines for creating daemon princes.
  10. Hi Doc, At the moment I don't see the new world archetypes, nor the planets, listed in The Enemy Beyond. Reckon that would be in the pdf linked with the book which you would find online. One mo pls...
  11. Dammit, system crashed, hang on... Quarantine World Vapaus - a bustling trade/mining world which fell silent 60 years back, investigation revealed all inhabitants in a vegetative state. since which world has been quarantined. Kul (Quarantine variant) - A desert world with a terrible history... Nexum (Penal colony) - Rocky, brittle world close to a neglected yet stable warp route. Ossaur (shrine world) - The holy world of the Thule subsector. The Emperor's Song (Voidborn variant) - Astronomicon relay station/fortress of the Cyclopia subsector. Tuchulcha (Daemon World) - Wiped off the star charts centuries past, rediscovered by rogue traders and rumoured to house vast riches. Only the foolish dare to claim them from the warp touched world...
  12. Planets? Lets see... Daemon world - Infractus - a former research colony before it became touched by the warp. Now out of bounds, monitored from a orbital listening post under the aupsices of Inquisitor Sarl, despite which multiple survivors have come from this world. Penal Colony - Jubilus - before it was a prison world a dumping ground for worst specimens of humanity. Quarantine world
  13. Personally I think Enemy Beyond is a good sourcebook for the Ordo Malleus in the sector, and unlike Daemon Hunter for DH1e a good idea not to include rules for running Grey Knight characters. Always felt they should have been included in Death Watch proper
  14. Hi HBMC, been a while, so as per your request... Ranged Weapons: - Psycannon Incinerator Hellrifle Silverseine Launcher Abyssal Charge (grenade/explosive) Argent Globe (grenade/explosive) "Ironfaith" Incense Grenade Psyk-Out Grenade Melee Weapons: - (Force Hammers) Animus Hammer Force Hammer Nemesis Daemon Hammer Sanctus Hammer Tempus Hammer (Low-Tech) Rune Weapon (Sword) Stealth Claw Wailing Trident (Power Weapons) Ebenus Hammer Orodo Malleus Power Glaive Power Shield THunder Hammer Special Ammo: - Abyssal Bolts Nitidus Rounds Psybolts Psyflame Armour/weapon uggrades: - Pentagramatic Wards Sacred Incense Burner Truesilver (Filgree, Gilding and/or Warding) Unguents of Warding Warpleech Cannister Proctective Gear: - Heavy Power Armour Icon of the Just Obsidian Plate Wargear: - Banishing Rod Consecrated Scrolls Empyrean Brain Mine Psychocculum This of course does not include the 'Rites of Sancitity' or Daemonic Remnants (Balestone, Hounds Teeth Gauntlet, Realitus, Spectral Flame and Void Talon), or the Daemon Weapon rules. Et Voila!
  15. Hello... Going to have go with Tzeentch, feeds off conspiracy and intrigue, killing an idea is so much more difficult once it takes root in a person or population.
  16. Yeah, Tyranids in the Askellon Sector... Two possibilities, first seeing as the Askellon Secotr is tainted with Warpstorm events maybe some of Hive Fleet Dagon spills into the Sector. Unlikely as it seems but you know unfortunate... Second, as in DH1.0, what we have is littered Tyranid spawn (Genestealers mostly, with the odd Carnifex here or Termagents there). Which I think is more likely. Could open the way for the Genestealer cults yet doubtful because that would require rules for Genestealer-hybrids which I ain't seen since an excellent fan-created supplement by Paul Manders (Santiago) that may still be on the Dark Reign 40K site. Saying that there is Kroot in the Askellon system, which is intersting...
  17. Okay From what fluff I have read...aeronautica is about the limit of IG, possibly if you are willing to extend it to low earth orbit aerospace type vehicles. Yet they would be few and far between. The void capable fighter-bombers fits in with Imperial Navy/Rogue Traders, or the system's Battlefleet which patrols the system/sector. Pdf if they are lucky might have freighters or lighters imho as void craft, but anything more and the Adeptus Munitorum might want to have a word with the governor and the staff. A pdf force with void capable fighter capable vehicles in sufficient number could be construed of the beginnings of an insurrection against the Imperium.
  18. Ah so you contribute to this one 2 H.M.B.C :-) Yup, been a while on the WH40k rpg front...what with sw announcements overshadowing everything else. Still good to see support for the line.
  19. True... Yet at least they have not cancelled the DH2.0 line.
  20. Off the top of my head... I would think PDF would have low orbit/aerospace capable craft (say similar to a Valkyri or argus lighter), yet would be limited on account they are the 40k equivalent of a national guard. The Astra Militarum/Imperial Guard (and Navy) would more than likely have such vehicles. Saying tht the new splat book Enemies Without could have some of those vehicles, maybe updated traits for a Guncutter.
  21. Someone pinch me, Enemies Without - splatbook for Ordo Xenos
  22. I expect... Plague Marines, Warpsmiths, an assassin archetype who dabbles in poisons or a twisted rat-catcher type who spreads vermin, or a twisted chiurgeon type who spreads the 'influence' of Nurgle. Also, possible siege weaponry. Figure the fourth book may be called "Tome of Attrition".
  23. Okay, see how this goes down.. D'juhah the Hunter, Chosen of the Blood Gorgons Having survived the initial betrayal at Hauts Bassiq he and his bond brother Tarukh languished under the ministrations of the Dark Eldar kabalites, until some twist of fate allowed them to escape. Seeking vengeance, they discover the Muhrites treachery in allying with the Death Guard, only too late. Tarukh is slain by Gorghast, henchman to the Muhrite Balthus, who flee. Now the only survivor of his squad, carrying the gene seed concealed in his Lightning Claw, D'juhah seeks retribution. His path brought him to the Screaming vortex, where he has traced rumours of the Muhrite and his lackey having pledged themselves to one of the warbands. For D'juhah the Hunter this is not only simply revenge but a debt of blood and honour to be settled, vowing on the gene seed and his fallen comrades of squad Yuggoth that he will send the Muhrites, and those who were so foolish to harbour them to the dark gods...
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