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  1. Thank you for all your replies! It might help me decide about buying this game
  2. I'm interested in playing this game fully (with expansions like "Road to legend") but I wonder if this game's any good for only 2 playes (overlord + 1 player)?
  3. Amitloaf


    I read alot about the plot in the FFG news but I wonder if the theme is really an inherent part of the game or more "glued on". Well I know it's not "glued on" but does all the plots and everything really contribute to the gameplay and the general feel?
  4. Any info if and when there will be Dragon Shield products in the FFG online shop?
  5. Do you have any info about the game? Is it really standalone? Is it compatible with shadow of Omega? The game itself is very fun but it sure could use a good expansion after you've played it quite a few times.
  6. So which is better in your opinion? The 2nd edition or the 3rd? The big differences are probably the TI theme on the 2nd and the toonish theme on the 3rd, some revised alien powers on the 3rd. All ships from the same class have similar specs on the 3rd, some new cards on the 3rd and omission of the ship upgrades from the 2nd, and of course the minesweeper and asteroid fields on the 3rd. So which one is better?
  7. Apparently it's only for Brick & Mortar. So no online promo cards
  8. Yes it is very good that preorder will be available from the ffg website. I just hope it will be available soon enough..
  9. Well except from buying it straight from spiel-box, i haven't really seen it. Unless you download it, in that case, it's for free
  10. Well that certainly makes much more sense than saying that if Z1 blocks Z2 then any attempt to hit Z2 will hit Z1 instead like we've been playing until now. It sure is a funny thought though. Thanks for your replies!
  11. My 2 main factors for buying expansions (now i have both) were: 1) If people are having a problem playing lannister (red) you should get clash of kings as the ports add an option to gain back sea area if greyjoy does that dreaded first-turn smash over lannister ships. 2) If you just can't gather enough people for a 5-person game (the best option by far) you should get storm of swords as it gives you a new updated game for less players. Yes, there are other MAJOR additions that are awesome but the additions are great in both expansions.
  12. Actually at my place we decided to play big expansions together (arkham and dunwich) and sometimes add one small exapnsion with the temporary rules (temporary exhibit or temporary theater show) so the chances of getting the cards from those are bigger.
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