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  1. LithStud said: MrsGamura said: Well if you use the any phase logic then Bob, Jack, etc shouldn't get a extra card draw for there setup items either. well i think that would be the best but i think answer is simple couse those are mostly random possension (meaning they get it at the start of the game). this way i think would be the most logical way to interpret rules P.S. Still i would go for abilitys not active until the game starts. Yes, but the base game rulebook specifically states that abilities which affect the drawing of random item cards work during set-up. It has nothing to do with interpreting whether "any phase" abilities.
  2. kroen said: No, there's no rule, but posting a custom creation in this forum is retarded. People who visit the fan creation forum would see your herald regardless. And people who don't would simply not even bother entering the link. You can trick people. And please don't make this forum the fan creation forum. We don't need two. As much as I agree that it is bad form to post in the main forum area to advertise a post of yours in a sub-forum and vice versa ( in fact I pulled someone else up on it just the other day, and probably would have with this post too if others hadn't already), I do believe that rule #4 should be brought up here: "Treat everyone (users or not) with respect, while still being able to disagree with their ideas." I do not think that calling someone "retarded" as you just have, kroen, is in any way respectful.
  3. More of an homage than a joke as such, but I always though Dexter Drake's name was derived from Mandrake the magician. Could be completely wrong, but that's my idea.
  4. Tibs said: Allow your friends to choose their first investigator. But only let them choose from these: Jenny Barnes Kate Winthrop Carolyn Fern Michael McGlen Bob Jenkins Darrel Simmons Amanda Sharpe Mandy Thompson (help guys! I had a list. Anyone think of anyone else?) Their abilities are simple to understand—some are automatic. They also start with few spells (a pain for newbies to learn and to appreciate). As far as the base game investigators go, I don't think there are any truly broken or misunderstandable investigators, as long as you remember that Harvey Walters ability only affects Sanity losses, not costs. Unless you have a problem with Sister Mary, as some people do.
  5. The rulebook also never explicitly states you can use Clue tokens on Speed, Sneak, Fight, Will, or Luck checks, it only explicitly states it can be used for Lore checks in the example given. It does, however, say: "A player may spend Clue tokens, one at a time, after any skill check (failed or not)." The rulebook also lists, under the heading Skill Checks, the four types of special skill checks that can be made. The section on spending clues makes no differentiation. While the rulebook could have done with a couple of revisions before print purely to iron out some things that leave room for question, for the most part the rulebook does get it's point across, just sometimes in a roundabout way.
  6. The Message said: Hastur, Cthulhu, Glaaki, Tsathoggua, Yig, Ithaqua, Y'Golonac, Dagon, Nyarlathotep, Yog-Sothoth... those are all specifically referred to as "He" at some point in the source material. Shub-Niggurath, Mother Hydra and I believe Yibb-Stll are all referred to as "She". Abhoth and Ubbo-Sathla are both genderless, I think, as they reproduce asexually. I'm almost positive that Azathoth is referred to as a He, but I can't recall a specific passage. Nyarlathotep is definitely a He, but several of his forms are female, which can lead to confusion. The Black Goat is portrayed as both a "He" and as Shub-Niggurath, which means an argument could be made that Shubbie is hermaphroditic, though it's possible that The Black Goat is an avatar of Shub-Niggurath like The Bloated Woman is an avatar of Nyarlathotep, making the gender largely superficial. Shudde M'ell I have no idea... I actually haven't read The Burrowers Beneath (Shame on me, I know) but from concept alone I could see it going either way. There are others, obviously, but that's all I feel like doing at the moment. A quick glance at where any given GOO is mentioned in the mythos should give you your answer as to what "it" is. Honestly, since the original works by Lovecraft himself presented each entity almost as a species unto itself (Which certain exceptions like Cthulhu) one could easily infer that most are genderless asexual entites, as gender serves no purpose for a being that never reproduces and is the sole member of its species. Others such as Shub-Niggurath and Yog-Sothoth are definitely capable of reproduction but have vague gender definitions. Huh... I'm way more interested in this than I thought I was when I began this post. Shudde-M'ell is definitely referred to as masculine in Brian Lumley's works, although other Great Old Ones are abstracted somewhat by him, such as Nyarlathotep is not so much an entity, but a power, a force, almost an elemental, the very stuff of which telepathy is made. The same with Azathoth, who is embodied as the power of nuclear radiation, and Shub-Niggurath, who is fertility. Other Great Old Ones are also given a more racial placement in the universe, with Cthulhu having a brother who is almost identical except for his benevolence and his golden eyes, and Yog-Sothoth also is briefly mentioned as having a benevolent brother. Having read his Titus Crow novels twice, I'm still not sure whether I like the take Brian Lumley has (which in turn was somewhat derived from Lin Carter's works, which elementalize the Cthulhu deities). I think some of them are great stories, but to each their own if they include the little details like that into their version of the Mythos. I find it quite interesting that so many people have had so many different ideas, some converging some diverging, based all upon the same subject matter. Me personally I still don't recognize Tulzscha as a GOO, as The Festival (the original story in which it appeared) in no way indicates it to be a god of any kind. Despite that it seems to be the focus of the throng's worship, it is still only described as a sickly, greenish column of flame erupting from a subterranean place. And while it is described as emitting "only the clamminess of death and corruption", it seems to me nothing more than a religious focus, not a true God.
  7. There is a very recent thread (as in it was started in the last last day or two) on page two about just such a topic. You should head over there and check out what has been suggested so far. For some reason linking to it doesn't want to work for me, so just look for the topic named "Arkham-less horror". Last I looked it was at the top of page 2.
  8. Dam said: thorgrim, are you referring to this Q&A from the KW answers thread? "7. Can items be traded at any time other than the movement phase? If so, and they can be traded in Upkeep, do all investigator items refresh simultaneously rather than as each investigator performs Upkeep, so as to prevent items used in Upkeep, such as the Healing Stone, from being used multiple times per turn? No. " Think that is the one, I have a file of useful rules clarifications and other such stuff on my other computer, if it wasn't busted right now I could tell you for sure, but yeah that answer covers it well enough.
  9. One thing I have thought about house ruling for a more difficult game, is that instead of ending up Lost in Time and Space, investigators who would usually go there are instead sent to a random Other World and are delayed. This idea was, however, purely for instances where a card would send you there, not from being unconscious or insane. The potential remains that if you want to up the difficulty even more, investigators unconscious or insane in another world are devoured instead.
  10. What Gamura means is, they used to use it to move to one location, trade, move to another location, trade, move to yet another location, trade, and so on. However, the patrol wagon replaces your normal movement with allowing you to move to any other location (except Kingsport head, as pointed out already), it does not allow you to move anywhere as many times as you want within a movement phase. Hounds of Tindalos can't even do that. And no, you cannot trade at any time. You can only trade during the movement phase. If you are going by the badly stated FAQ entry, Kevin has re-iterated that the term "any time" actually means "any time during the movement phase", except of course during combat as stated in the rules.
  11. No, never got around to using it, just grabbed it because it sounded cool when I saw it. Unfortunately I don't get to play AH anywhere near as much as I'd like these days, so when I do I'm playing to restore my sanity (somehow that works in my bizarro universe) and usually don't want to throw in unofficial stuff, and haven't even begun playtesting a heap of my own custom stuff. If no-one else can, as soon as I have a new motherboard in my other PC I will upload it to rapidshare, but that may still be a while. I can't even switch hard drives thanks to this computer being too old for SATA.
  12. Yeah, looks like the site is gone. If my other computer were working I could upload all the Inquiries stuff to rapidshare or a similar server, but I can't access any of it right now.
  13. thecorinthian said: Europe, Australia and North America are pretty well occupied, but at the moment we seem to be expecting Weyoun to conquer all of South America by himself, and John_Deckard would have to do the same for Africa. Does nobody realise how big Australia actually is except us Australians? While we may not have the population density of so many other places, Australia is approximately the same land area as mainland United States minus Texas. Three of us alone cannot dominate this continent. We need backup guys.
  14. Also, any orchestral horror or thriller soundtracks are generally good. I'd recommend those for Hellraiser 1 & 2, and Gothica. All three are quite creepy.
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