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  1. There appears to be an elven wizard in the upper right-hand corner of the cover of "The Winds of Magic," as seen here: http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_news.asp?eidn=1247 This leads me to believe that we don't have long to wait for rules about elven wizards.
  2. If the birth of Slaanesh reasulted in the destruction of most of the Eldar gods in the 40k universe, then all of the Asur gods except Khaine should all be dead in the Fantasy universe as well. I think the fact that Asuryan, Isha, and all the rest of the Asur gods are still alive in the Fantasy universe more than ten thousand years after Slaanesh's birth pretty much proves that Fantasy and 40k are two distinct universes.
  3. There's also the Colleges of Magic. I'd call that high magic. (That IS what Teclis and Finreir used to build them, isn't it?)
  4. Elves adhere to the idea of the "priesthood of all believers," which in essence means that all elves are priests. On the other hand, some are probably more "priestly" than others, such as the Phoenix Guards who watch over the Shrine of Asuryan and the High Mages who guard the Tower of Hoeth. Come to think of it, the High Mages are probably the closest thing elves have to "lorekeepers."
  5. Honestly, my biggest gripe about the system is that there isn't enough information to play an Amber, Amethyst, Gold, Jade, or Light Wizard, or a high elf mage. I'm sure that will be rectified eventually, but it's still annoying. Sure, we didn't get a lot of information about wizards in v2 until Realms of Sorcery came out, but all the information we really needed to play those careers was in the core rulebook. The same cannot be said for v3.
  6. Ferozstein said: Ravenheart87 said: Foreword: a Druidess? Will they maybe make a return? Or the rest of the priests? "Druid" is just another name for a Jade Wizard, according to Realms of Sorcery v2. True, but in v3 Jade Wizards are called "Elementalists," not "Druids."
  7. There is a precedent for priests of Morr becoming Amethyst Wizards; in fact, a large number of Amethyst Wizards start off as priests of Morr, according to Realms of Sorcery v2. So transitioning from priest to wizard is not that unusual. On the other hand, the fluff says that wizards (or at least, human wizards) know too much about the gods, magic, and daemons to have the level of faith necessary to become spellcasting priests. Elves and Slann might be a different matter, since most High Elf Mages are also priests of Hoeth, and Slann Mage-priests are... well, mage-priests.
  8. Troll-felling strike can only be used against large enemies (e.g. the wargor) anyway.
  9. Played it, loved it, wished it would come out sooner... You've probably heard all that before. I especially like how they tweaked spellcasters (or wizards, at least; I did not have the opportunity to see a priest in action). The use of power tokens resembles "mana points," but this game doesn't have much risk of a caster running out of mana. (But, in true Warhammer fashion, a wizard DOES risk drawing in too much magic, which can be worse than completely running out...)
  10. France? Why not England? "Remember, remember, the fifth of November, the gunpowder treason and plot..."
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