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  1. Aha, I missed that line. Thanks for pointing it out. All is clear now. Your assistance is appreciated.
  2. Hello, A situation came up the other day and try as I might to discern from the rules or find a thread talking about it, I could not resolve the issue definitively. Here's the situation: A characters STR has been reduced to 0 through a card effect. This character is the only eligible defender in a challenge. The opponent is attacking with a 2 STR character. The defending player has a title that gives him a +3 bonus on this challenge type. Does the defender still win? I assumed so, since the requirements of having a participating character and having a total challenge STR of greater than 0 was met. Further: Assuming the same kind of details above, if the attacker wanted to use an effect that required him to win a challenge by 4 or more, would he need a total STR of 7 if the defender chooses to not have any characters participate? Thanks a lot, ambusam
  3. AMBusam

    Border Wars

    I don't think this instance is much like the difficulty that has been encountered with the costal objectives. But I think the contrast can inform here. Since you brought it up I looked over all the cards to compare grammar. War Against the Pirates reads: "...at least two forts and/or cities in coastal provinces (excluding your kingdom)." It pluralizes the statement with 'provinces', obviously meaning multiple. Sea Power uses the same form. We can assume the game maintains unity of form for intention. If the Border Wars card is intended to refer to multiple provinces, it would use the same grammar as the sea cards. Since it does not ("...a savage province..." rather than " ...savage provinces..."), the only logical conclusion is that it refers to a single savage province.
  4. AMBusam

    Border Wars

    The card reads: You accomplish this objective if you have at least two forts and/or cities in provinces adjacent to a savage province (excluding your kingdom). Does "a savage province" mean 'a single savage province' or 'any savage province'? In other words, do the forts/cities have to be next to the same savage province? Thanks, AMBusam
  5. I'm interested to hear how that game goes. I would tend to think that, with fewer players, the greater concentration of any players dark cards in others hands would balance out the lessened number of Memory cards. Let us know how it goes.
  6. Due to the coloring and the otherwise long setup time, I've seperated the nations out into their own bins inside the box. It makes things so much easier. As to problems during gameplay, I find the red units to be shaped differently enough to not be a problem, and it is something of a rarity for my free people to mix thier units. In short, I don't find it troublesome.
  7. I was playing as Dracula and was low on blood. My movement powers were already on the track, and my hand of cards was mostly worthless. However, I had expended all these resources to great effect earlier and was 2 points shy of victory and had a vampire about to mature in a few turns. The hunters began to scour eastern Europe for me. i was in the middle and my vampire was in the south. They began to veer south so I made for Castle Dracula. Upon my revelation, they all headed towards me and dogpiled. They got to me one round before my vampire matured, so i had to defend against 3 of them to win the game. 4 different roles tied with me coming out ahead on the initiative, and I managed to hold on for that turn. My vampire matured and we swept over Europe. It was the closest win I've had.
  8. Well, dropship passes are not all that easy to come by. I have found that chosing to switch locales is not something done without careful thought. As you say, it does take basically a whole day.
  9. Thanks for this info... this is really helpful. My wife and I are both big fans of the series, and so likely we'll be picking up at least 1 of each pack if we get rolling with the game.
  10. It's been almost a year since Martin updated his progress of 'Dance with Dragons'... anyone placing any bets on when we might actually see this volume?
  11. Thanks for the confirmation. If anyone finds a resource for that info for 'Ravens' by all means let me know. If I find one I'll post it here as well. Thanks again.
  12. Fantasy Flight has all kinds of offerings for two players. From my library I would recommend Arkham Horror, War of the Ring, Lord of the Rings: The Boardgame, and I'm of the opinion that Android plays just fine with 2. Most of the time I only have one other person to play with, and I've greatly enjoyed all of those titles.
  13. I've just received a copy of the core set and am looking to try out the game. Likely I will be going straight LCG should I chose to expand. If there are other new players in the area that are interested by all means let me know. Any existing groups that want to make themselves known would be welcome as well. Thanks.
  14. Hello, I've just recieved the core set (early Christmas present), and am anxious to give it a run. I'm wondering about other content, though. I see in the catalog that the chapter packs contain 40 cards, 20 distinct. Does this mean that there are 3 copies of 10 and 1 copy of another 10? Some other configuration? Is there a list somewhere of the quantities of each card each chapter pack contains? I've seen Tzumainns site for what the cards are, but I can't tell if quantity information is available there. Thanks in advance
  15. I keep the pieces in a plastic 'plano' bin (same idea as a tackle box... you can find them in hardware and craft sections, as well as sporting goods, of stores normally). I took the black plastic interior of the Arkham horror box and cut away all but the card holder section of it so that everything would fit nicely. Works pretty well for me.
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