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  1. Hi there! I noticed over at' BoardGameGeek' that some of the more recent posts of the game include character cards that have weapon icons at the bottom of each Blood Angel image. My version has an Imperial Aquila. Have these character cards then been updated since I last bought my copy years ago? Thank you.
  2. Hi there! How about a Battle of Hoth Board Game? This would be an Instant buy for me, at least!
  3. Hi FFG! Come on guys, it is time to publish some more print on demand expansions! We are still waiting for: 1) Death Angel: Mission Pack 2 Expansion, 2) Death Angel: Space Marine Pack 2 Expansion, and 3) Death Angel: Other? Regards, blue crane
  4. Come on FFG,let's see some more expansions in the New Year:) Regards, blue crane
  5. Hi there! Will "Dalia Cardoso" be made available as an extra? Thanks!
  6. I was thinking about a few other ideas as well: 1) Battle for Beta Anphelion IV (Red Scorpions versus Tyranids) 2) Lone Wolves Graphic Novel (Space Wolves versus Tyranids) - a more ambitious project, I know, but may well be a lot of fun! Comments, anyone?
  7. Hi there! Over at the French site (Edge), I saw the following: "Conan Jeu de Cartes" along with a Simon Bisley cover!!! Who else would be interested in an English version of this?
  8. Hi there! When can we expect a new expansion for the game? Anyone at FFG care to comment?
  9. This is an excellent idea! It is very "Space Hulkish"!
  10. Yes, Grey Knights vs. Daemonettes / Bloodletters, and so on. I really do hope to see more expansions!
  11. Zombies in outer space - what's not to like?
  12. I will need a large Christmas stocking!
  13. Hi there! How about a new Space Hulk Board Game along the lines of the "Revised Red November" release? What about including a nice large board, new tokens, little miniatures (15mm / 20mm), and so on? Or, even something along the lines of "Advanced Space Crusade" but with FFG's amazing treatment? With the GW version out of print, why not release a scaled-down version of this? Or, a scaled-up version of "Death Angel"! Regards, bluecrane
  14. As this has to do with Space Hulk, it is one of the few games for which I am willing to part with extra money for expansions! My wish list would be: 1) Typhus / Red Plague / zombie-themed one 2) Tau 3) Slaanesh-themed one Any other wish lists out there? Regards, bluecrane
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