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    kris40k got a reaction from Darth Meanie in In the Captain's Chair - Preview Huge Ship Movement and Damage in Star Wars: X-Wing   
    Not only that, they discounted the actual appearance of the ship in Rogue One alongside other vessels, and decided that the Star Wars movie was wrong.
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    kris40k got a reaction from Punning Pundit in In the Captain's Chair - Preview Huge Ship Movement and Damage in Star Wars: X-Wing   
    As someone who runs a lot of RAC, I'll admit that the turbolaser battery is scary as **** on first glance. Upon further thought, its still scary, but not insurmountable, and possibly a liability based on list compositions. 
    On something like a Raider, it'll be pretty brutal since a deci can get bullseye'd pretty well and then eat a boosted primary and then the turbolaser, but against the smaller (Gozanti-class, C-ROC, GR-75) ships, they probably can't carry a lot of hardpoints so you should be able to survive a turn or two at long range on approach and try to get under the big guns at range 1-2, and then only deal with their 2 die primary. Also, use of Ion against ships that can only regen 1 Energy per turn, and the turbolaser takes 3 to fire means they can get shut down pretty quick with repeated fire and Ion tokens. I am thinking the ICT TIE Aggressor may make a showing in Epic games, buzzing around and shutting down huge ship capabilities.  How effective the spare gas containers are will be important as well for Energy combat.
    I am curious about Reinforce and Jamming, and if that's going to be a thing to strip Reinforce off of huge ships. 
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    kris40k reacted to ClassicalMoser in In the Captain's Chair - Preview Huge Ship Movement and Damage in Star Wars: X-Wing   
    They can't carry turbolaser anyway; it has a list-building requirement of 5 or more energy.
    Speaking of, do we have a repository anywhere of the ship cards we've seen?
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    kris40k reacted to feltipern1 in Happy Belated Anniversary 2.0!   
    I had intended to post on the day of, but as of a week ago, X-Wing 2.0 is one year old.  There's a lot to celebrate:
    A refreshing new look and feel for a game that all of us on the forums love in one way or another, whether it's rules lawyering, theorycrafting, arguing about canon, or generally celebrating a game that we have invested some time, money, and often heart into. The introduction of a wealth of new and exciting content for Prequel-era fans, but also for many of the old stalwarts who've been there since the beginning. An increased release rate for waves - As of last Friday, as well, Wave V of 2.0 was available in most places in North America. A healthier competitive scene than the game has had in a very long time A significant reduction in Combowinging, Metawinging, and generally NPE, overall Card packs! Revitalizing Epic play, and separating Huge ships from the format so that there's more diversity in list-building Fewer erratas - and no complete card rewrites that are jokingly called "erratas". We've also had some downs - The initial backlash (and continued echoes) about the poor quality of the official app, the Wave IV release fiasco, and the limited amount of new content for the old factions are the ones that come to mind - but overall, X-Wing 2.0 is a game that I love even more than X-Wing 1.0, and I wanted to toast its health and continued popularity.  Anyone else want to raise a glass of blue milk?
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    kris40k reacted to Demtor in Painted Descent is best Descent   
    Glad to hear I'm not alone in this. I was getting angry at my zombie faces (not sure if I sprayed them too close and washed out their detail or the models just sucked) before I finally just said, "Whatever, moving along." Who really cares when the game is going. (Besides, IMO these aren't exactly Games Workshop Golden Daemon winning models or anything.)
    That said I still probably spent more time on them than necessary but I am off to a good start with my first few groups of baddies. Especially proud of my brown spiders.  
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    kris40k reacted to Kaaihn in Painted Descent is best Descent   
    Crusade of the Forgotten. Have not painted in forever, definitely a bit rusty, but still better than nothing!

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    kris40k got a reaction from Lightningclaw in Where are my Solo Players at?   
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    kris40k reacted to ted smythe in This Game NEEDS a 'Back' Button   
    'Nuff said.
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    kris40k reacted to Atom4geVampire in Unofficial Campaign Tracker for Descent!   
    Where can I find it?
    You can find the campaign tracker at http://d2etracker.com.
    What is it?
    The Unofficial Campaign Tracker for Descent, does exactly what you can expect from it's name. It allows you to track the campaigns you are playing in Descent: Journeys in the Dark - Second Edition.
    It also provides players with relevant information when needed. For example: when you've selected a quest to play, any known FAQ or Errata will be presented to the user, as well as a list of all monsters that can be used for that quest, and more! No more manually comparing the little icons on the quest page to every monster card.
    On top of that it shows statistics for every aspect of descent. You can view the balance of a certain quest, find out which heroes are the most popular, which items are bought most often, ..
    How do I use it?
    - coming soon -
    Frequently Asked Questions
    Will you add functionality to save after the first encounter, for those of us who can't play a quest in one evening?
    As much as I would like to, it is just too difficult to implement. Saving a quest is relatively easy, each quest has a very limited amount of data to save, and it's more or less the same data.
    Saving between encounters adds too many extra variables and so many of those are different for each quest. 
    What platforms is the tracker available on?
    At this point, it is just a website. There are no plans to develop this into an app at this point.
    The site has been optimized for use on mobile devices as much as possible.
    Is this an official Fantasy Flight Games website?
    No, this website is in no way affiliated with FFG. They did give me permission to create this website as long as it stays not commercial and unofficial, and allowed the use of their artwork as long as it is used functionally, and has the FFG copyright visible.
    Can I track multiple campaigns?
    Yes! Every user can create multiple groups of people that play together, and each of those groups can track multiple campaigns. 
    Can multiple users edit the same campaign?
    No! Each campaign is linked to one user. 
    Known issues
    The rewards for the mini-campaigns (Lair of the Wyrm, The Trollfens, Manor of Ravens) are incomplete. The extra xp for the overlord, more xp in case of same relic, .. doesn't work.   
    Fixed issues
    Hero overview page stats now correctly shows a speed that is lower than the max speed when it is forced by an item, also a small text was added to indicate this is still work in progress Missing special objective added for SoN - The Incident Missing special objective added for SoN - Respected Citizen Missing special objective added for SoN - Prison of Khinn Fixed incorrect follow-up quests to HoB - Prison of Khinn Playing a rumor that is in play is no longer required before moving to the interlude (as ruled in official faq/errata). Fixed a bug where Act 1 instead of Act 2 items were available for purchase when a rumor was played directly after the Interlude. The 'Lone Knight' travel encounter can now be completed without selecting an item. Universal cards that cost more than 1xp can now be purchased without having to purchase 1xp cards first. Fixed an issue where the Finale selection of Labyrinth of Ruin was linked to Fire and Brimstone instead of Tipping the Scales. Multiple theming and UX improvements. Added the hero images for Bonds of the Wild. Added a new banner. Fixed an issue where the 'Start New..' button wasn't working on mobile. Add a missing 'Open Group' to encounter 1 of the 'Hearts of the Wild' quest. Fixed a bug that prevented the removal of group members. Fixed a bug where a defeated Plot Deck Agent was not returned to the player after the quest it was defeated in was deleted. Fixed a bug where a rumor quest could not be selected again after it was deleted. (Message me if your campaign has this issue, I will fix it.) Fixed a bug that prevented blocked monsters to become available again after a quest they were blocked in was deleted. Fixed an issue which prevented selection of Serena's 'Silent Protector' as plot deck. Made a separate tab for Heirs of Blood in the quest statistics. Added Heroes, Monsters, Rumors and Cards for Bonds of the Wild (but hero images are still missing at the moment). Added changelog to the website Fixed a bug where an empty quest or rumor could be submitted. Fixed a bug that occurred when an expansion was selected as story, and the same expansion was the only other expansion selected. Fixed a bug that caused rumor cards featuring a quests not to be displayed in the 'Rumor Cards' box. Improvements were made to the homepage. Improvements were made to the mobile version of some pages (Homepage, Campaign overview, group overview, hero details,..). Fixed a bug that caused 'First Blood' to not be shown in the statistics. Fixed a bug that prevented submission of the edit skills/items form. Fixed a bug that allowed Corrupt Citizen cards to be return during the edit skills step. Improvements to error reporting of the login page. Added more hero and class statistics.
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    kris40k reacted to wurms in Chess Clocks in The Countdown X-Wing Worlds Side Event!   
    In that case, where the **** is the swap first player token format?
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    kris40k reacted to Tervlon in Quick builds   
    Quick build is an excellent quick and casual format. I have all of @J1mBob's quick build cards from Infinite Arenas printed out and in my boxes. I love that I can quickly build lists and not have to deal with cards. This is the perfect thing to do with folks who know how to play but rely on me to provide everything. We can easily pick a game length when we decide on how many quick build points to build to and everyone can play with ships they like. I also like that they use combos and upgrades we normally wouldn't select in a more competitive atmosphere. I also really like that I can bring my pre-printed quick build cards with me instead of dragging around binders full of cards (which are heavy and take up tons of room). I taught X-Wing to an entire family (there were 7 of us playing!) using quick build and it was very intuitive (thanks to Infinite Arena's cards).

    The format is really not intended for the regular player who mins/maxes their lists. It falls apart and is less fun when people turn it into a meta competition - because, yes, some builds are much better than others. But for the kitchen table casuals or for introducing the game to people, it is a great way to go. I really think that quick build will shiine with epic play. The worst part of epic is setup, imo. Having pre-printed quick build cards will make setup and list build SO much easier. 

    Quick build is best build.
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    kris40k reacted to BurnyBurns in Painting Descent after ten years of mini painting pause   
    As for that... Tried to slightly improve some details on Jane Fairwood I wasn't quit happy with. 

    These things are tiny... If FFG ever brings a third edition, I'd love to just have slightly improved rules, but a slightly larger mini scale and better quality. 
    Also started the first elemental. 

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    kris40k got a reaction from PartridgeKing in A Tray with X Ships is a. . .   
    That is acceptable, as well.
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    kris40k got a reaction from Hiemfire in Do Snap Shot and Foresight Let Me Check Range Every Time An Enemy Ship Moves?   
    Yeah, X-Wing is moving away from allowing players to game this sort of information gathering; compared to Warmachine which said "F it, pre-measure at any time from now on", X-Wing added in failing declared actions and targeting rocks so that you can't really game taking a Lock or re-position anymore. 
    I would expect a TO to issue a warning to knock it off, and then penalize for repeated abuse of it.
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    kris40k reacted to Eddie in What to buy first?   
    Alternatively, buy everything you can before they stop reprinting. Game being "canceled" (if you call not creating new physical content canceled) does not mean you can't play it anymore.
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    kris40k reacted to sarumanthewhite in It IS FINALLY HERE!!!! 1st Runewars Fan Expansion!!!   
    OK Folks,
    I know that what's left of our community is decimated by the announcements back in January and the subsequent "Game is Complete" notice at Gen Con last week.   There's nothing I can do about that.  However, as I noted in an earlier topic, I refuse to let it go and wanted to share what me, Jukey, and Church have created to fill the void.  You will find below download links for compressed .pdf's of the card files for our first, fan-made expansion.
    I'm still getting the Latari and Uthuk cards into their graphic format, but for now, here's the Daqan, Waiqar, and Generic cards.  There are approximately 75 new cards for just these three portions of the expansion and we're targeting another 25 or so each for the Latari and Uthuk bringing the total expansion to 125 cards.  We realize that this is a lot to digest but we feel that it addresses several key points:
    Unique units - Each faction gets at least one unique unit for each of it's unit types.  Designed to make the many of the non-standard unit sizes playable, each of them will change the dynamic of your army building. Hero builds - Each hero gets one or more new ways to play that hero influencing your overall army building and tactical decisions.  'Nuff said... 😀 New Units - Each faction gets one or two new units to nominally address things they're missing or to perhaps buff up an underpowered unit.  Waiqar get trash cavalry and Daqan get a golem unit that is a little more balanced (and useful, we hope). Unit building options - I get frustrated by force-building games that limit choices due to cards which are just more useful or cheaper than their peers.  We've tried to create some options here to shake things up.  To be sure, we don't want things to be overpowered, but the three of us agree that there's an opportunity cost to a card as well as it's points cost and so we've tried to address that dynamic here as well.  In the next day or so, I will be preparing a spreadsheet so that folks can share their opinions on the cards in a standardized way.  In the meantime, you can reply to this topic or start a new one.  Please post any battle reports in that section of the forums.
    I owe folks here the Latari and Uthuk which I should be able to finish in the next couple of weeks now that Gen Con is over and my work travel has a small gap.  Rest assured I will get this done.  In the meantime, there's something new for each faction even if you can only use the Generic cards...
    We know that not every card or idea will survive playtesting, so part of our thought were to get the cards out there and let folks decide.  We are happy to receive any feedback, all we ask is that if you find something we missed, please offer one or two suggestions on how to fix it.
    After we get this out, we will start working on new units using currently available models from other companies.  I already have two such units for the Latari (using the Sylvaneth from Age of Sigmar) and some ideas for the Daqan.  Anyone with suggestions for Waiqar and Uthuk, please share them with us.
    With that, enjoy...  😎
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    kris40k reacted to FatherTurin in Do Snap Shot and Foresight Let Me Check Range Every Time An Enemy Ship Moves?   
    Oh, come on.  You know.  Don’t play that game.
    It’s a gut thing/judgment call by its nature.  Sure, that’s not as satisfying as a bright line rule, but bright line rules tend to get abused more.
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    kris40k got a reaction from Jeff Wilder in Do Snap Shot and Foresight Let Me Check Range Every Time An Enemy Ship Moves?   
    Yeah, X-Wing is moving away from allowing players to game this sort of information gathering; compared to Warmachine which said "F it, pre-measure at any time from now on", X-Wing added in failing declared actions and targeting rocks so that you can't really game taking a Lock or re-position anymore. 
    I would expect a TO to issue a warning to knock it off, and then penalize for repeated abuse of it.
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    kris40k reacted to Jeff Wilder in Do Snap Shot and Foresight Let Me Check Range Every Time An Enemy Ship Moves?   
    Are you advocating measuring for range or bullseye when you know range and bullseye aren't achieved?
    If so, that's abuse of the rules, which is a violation, and don't be surprised if TOs call you on it.  This sort of thing was absurdly prevalent in 1E ... but TOs are waking up to it in 2E.
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    kris40k reacted to MasterShake2 in Nantex: Fun and frustrating.   
    I feel like I'm trying to tell everyone the Soylent Green is people...screw it, taste it for yourself and see, but don't say you weren't warned...
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    kris40k reacted to unfassbarnathan in [Blog] TIES to the Oceanic Team Champs!   
    Here's my (probably way too long) write up from the Oceanic Team Champs!


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    kris40k reacted to kyten44 in Should i come back?   
    Thx. Looks like i have a lot to learn. Might pick up the core set 2.0 on payday.
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    kris40k got a reaction from Force Majeure in Never played a FFG against a human. Will X-Wing be any different?   
    My understanding is that there are issues with Hasboro's distribution rights of Star Wars board games causing issues with Imperial Assault. As well, in the AMA, they did say that Imperial Assault is now a complete game (aka "we're done"), and that there will be no more physical content. He even doubted if there would be more reprints done. That part kinda sucks because I have always been a fan of Descent and similar games, but haven't had the money yet to spend on collecting Imperial Assault.
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    kris40k reacted to Force Majeure in Tens of thousands of dollars lost Wave 5   
    The new one doesn't seem to have any of those odd vanes by the tips of the crescent, but I haven't seen if that's really the case in real life.

    Do you see what I'm talking about? Here's a clearer pic of the art from 1st ed.

    and here's a cute puppy:

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    kris40k got a reaction from direweasel in X-Wing becoming Y-wing ?   
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