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  1. My understanding is that there are issues with Hasboro's distribution rights of Star Wars board games causing issues with Imperial Assault. As well, in the AMA, they did say that Imperial Assault is now a complete game (aka "we're done"), and that there will be no more physical content. He even doubted if there would be more reprints done. That part kinda sucks because I have always been a fan of Descent and similar games, but haven't had the money yet to spend on collecting Imperial Assault.
  2. Yeah, I honestly didn't expect to hear from you, of all people, that Quick Build wasn't part of "the Real Game" considering your historical defense of non tournament play.
  3. No, I haven't taken part in a draft style QB tournament.
  4. Sure, it is. Its a supported format that they are still producing content for with every release. It's not headlining Worlds, but its a part of the X-Wing game. It also boils down the game into a format more reliant on decision making and less on combo-wing. That's not a slam against combo-wing as I enjoy the list-building aspects of the game, and have defended it in the past like the thread about Handbrake Han. But both pre-built and customization of units have their problems. Now, its been awhile since I played 40k, but in ye olden times, there were known issues with certain Characters and Wargear combinations that just broke the game. This is analogous to Handbrake Han, pre-nerf SNR Vader, etc. The cards are ok in isolation, but in the right combination, they become too powerful. WarmaHordes is another wargame similar to 40k, however they do not have Wargear/Upgrade cards that you use to customize characters. There are typically a couple versions of your leaders to choose from, and there may be an officer Unit add-ons you can or cannot decide to get, but overall, you don't customize units or characters that much, or at all. WYSIWYG. This would be similar to a Quick-Build game where you may have 2-3 premade cards of Poe, Vader, Luke, etc. to choose from in addition to all the other ships you build your squad out of. List building decisions are still important, units can have synchronicity with each other, but you have less instances of particular character + upgrade combination running away with the game. Now, that's not to say its perfect. I think the Threat point system doesn't allow for enough granularity of costing, and poorly made Quick Build units can and do exist. But, I still think the local QB tournament I played in over the course of a month was the funnest one I've played in over the course of my years of X-Wing.
  5. They also clarified that ramming has been toned down (thankfully, imo)
  6. Yeah, I can see that or SLAMing removes a ship from the Wing, otherwise you would end up with 5 ships that still get to take actions and attack as normal after the wing leader resolves movement. Unless they all take a disable tokens, similar to stress from red maneuvers? Hmm...
  7. I think if you go into it with the idea that you are not there to win it, but to have a day of X-Wing and have a good time meeting people, you would be fine to go to it. I've met new players at tournaments before, and never had any problem playing with them.
  8. @K-2SO I would work backwards on this. Here is a list of recent and upcoming Hyperspace Trials: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/op/x-wing/hyperspace-trials/ Now, there are some stores listed there in New Jersey, New York, etc., they may or may not be close to you, but they are going to be places that have an established X-Wing player base. People from other stores will go to that location to play at the trials. You should be able to call those stores and talk to the staff there and their locals and get an idea of other stores that may be more closer to your area that have an existing X-Wing player base.
  9. Asmodee buys Adam Poots Games LLC, merges the team with FFG, and they put out a multigenerational cooperative campaign game, Kingdom Death: Terrinoth
  10. That kind of brings up a thought. Did anyone hear on the stream if there is a point limit before you can start using the wing tools? As in, Huge ships can be played in 200 point games now, but are wings usable in 200 point games? Or are wings only usable if you declare it a 200 point Epic game, and not Hyperspace or Extended format? Are there Hyperspace and Extended Epic formats? 🤔
  11. It will always be "a murder of TIEs"
  12. There were several missions that didn't require total destruction of the enemy list to win https://xwing-miniatures.fandom.com/wiki/Category:Missions As well, I think most people just set a time limit to end an epic game and counted points if they were not playing a specific mission.
  13. Yeah, the example given was one of the crits has the Precision effect if you were in the Huge Ship's bullseye, then you may draw a card that kills the bridge crew. Ballsy, but good luck trying that against a Raider-class which gets bonus dice against targets in its bulleye.
  14. No more auto-destroyed on ramming, just some damage. I'm glad to hear that.
  15. Environment cards I was expecting to be chosen by a shuffle and draw, although having the chart helps if you want to proxy the cards. Choosing a side may not work unless you are sharing ships and cards amongst the players. At a store, I would probably opt to put 1 pilot from each of the factions I own and brought that night into card sleeves (since the backs have faction designs), shuffle and have the opponent draw one.
  16. They look cool, and are now an easy way to replace damaged or lost cards. 👍
  17. Not saying I told ya so... ...but I told ya so
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