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  1. I'd say 44/46. JFK was only 43. Considering you can't even be elected president until you are 35, he was pretty young for the role.
  2. Gotta say, Meanie's take that "X-Wing put all its eggs in a tournament basket that collapsed once the pandemic hit and there was no momentum keeping sales going to other, more casual beer-and-pretzel home audiences" is much more likely than SOTL's "Asmodee is self-sabotaging their own sales to encourage sales of another game they own that shares an IP but plays completely different, requires a hobbyist/modeling desire, a higher monetary buy-in resulting in a net negative of potential customers."
  3. Rights to do a Terrinoth tabletop wargame could easily be separated from other Terrinoth games.
  4. I consider it to be the opposite. As a industry leader Asmodee must pay attention to what is happening over the last year to the games industry and adapt to it. COVID-19 isn't going away yet, even if they do start releasing a vaccine at the end of December, things aren't going to be back to "normal" for probably another 12 months* and more than likely a few years before people start relaxing and getting back into old habits. They can't just write off two years of bottomed out sales and continue on as if everything is normal. Literally, they can't; Asmodee is owned by an equity firm, and they aren't going to allow that. Action has to be taken to get returns on the investment. The first two passes at solo play rules was reassuring that they were adapting to the situation on the ground and trying to keep the game relevant, but I don't think the change is enough. People are staying within their bubbles, and solo/coop is where things are going to be for awhile. Had they launched a full fledged solo/cooperative campaign system like HotAC, that could have kept interest in the games and plastic crack they were slinging, but they didn't really make much strides there. Releasing things to shake up a Organized Play tournament meta that no one is really playing doesn't pay the bills, keep the lights on, or make the investors happy. Personal opinion and anecdote wise, I do agree with your assessment that games that rely more on the modeling side of the hobby are also better positioned to do well over the last year. From my personal experience, my gaming has shifted away from anything competitive and towards a lot of painting and crafting for the hobby, and most game time is spent in solo/coop games that are model agnostic allowing me to spend my hobby time finally getting around to painting up things such as my traditionally competitive WarmaHordes models and use them in a solo/coop setting, like Rangers of Shadowdeep or Brutality. * I also live in Southwest Washington, which is anti-vaxx country, so even with the vaccine coming out soon, **** isn't going back to normal for awhile around here. My family has immunity disorders so they (wife and some kids) are already in the high risk category, and I know people aren't going to do what they should do. I already have 0 plan to re-engage with my local gaming community for at least another year and I'll take another assessment around this time next year.
  5. X-Wing isn't even in the Top 5 of sales, anymore, let alone a contender. If someone doesn't change it/refine it, its going to die. Being "once a contender" looks nice on a resume, but doesn't reflect your current performance. Besides, even the FFG crew didn't consider it done, as every points refinement and FAQ/Errata was changes on the formula to try to improve upon it.
  6. Smaller donations to the Trump battle chest are going straight to his debt, the RNC, and his cronies. The larger amounts that have to be used in the legal battles are going to ... wait for it ... his legal team headed by Rudy Giuliani who is billing $10,000 per day. So, going straight to his cronies. Its just one last fleece of his supporters, also costing the taxpayers, before he becomes irrelevant. The Republican party doesn't brook losers, he'll lose relevance once he's out of the office and McConnell doesn't need him to sign off on anything anymore.
  7. Its second hand information, but someone over at BBG posted their interaction with FFG customer service where the response, dated after the announcement of Descent: Legends, is that the plan is that all Descent: Journeys 2nd Ed. expansions are going to be reprinted
  8. here ya go Edit for those that haven't seen this: Timestamp about the FFG split is right around 11 minutes in. Prior to that, he discusses the state of the board game industry, so worthwhile watching up to that point.
  9. Splitting FFG into two companies (board and card games / miniature games) was already discussed earlier this year with the interview with Asmodee USA's head when he was discussing the planned reduction in game lines in response to the state of the board games industry. Runewars MG was already cancelled at that point, leaving only those SW mini games to left to move. He also announced that SW:IA was a great seller year over year and they had plans to continue reprints, so I would expect it to come back into the fold with the other Descent-likes in the board game category since it was not announced to be moving. This is not a sky is falling moment, this was planned out over a year ago.
  10. This is not a shock. It was already announced by Asmodee earlier this year that they were going to break FFG into two parts: a company for the miniature games (see subject) and another company for board and card games. This is more of an "about time" than a "holy crap" moment Was it Q1 this year? I remember that interview with Asmodee USA's head that he spoke about this upcoming move.
  11. It took me forever to make the jump from 1st to 2nd edition. Basically, I had to get older, gain kids, lose friends, and reach that point of adulthood where I am no longer capable of playing 4hr boardgames with/against other like minded, competitive adults and play some 2hr coop games alongside my 10 and 13 year old. Sure, I miss those old days, and the 1st Ed Road to Legend campaigns running for months, but I just don't have time for that, anymore. 2nd Ed. Road to Legends is a different experience, but still a fun and worthy experience. Legends also really is a different game than Journeys 2nd Ed., and that's not a bad thing. As you say, its a different audience, although there is some crossover in the venn diagram.
  12. I think the Legends launch uses a lot of what they learned from the MoM 2nd Ed release. In fact, I would say its because of the feedback from that game that Legends exists as a separate game from Journeys. Kara Centell-Dunk explicitly spoke to the experience she developed working on one-shot scenarios with MoM 2nd Ed., and wanted to expand on that with a persistent campaign across multiple acts, but also, I think the big push back received from removing the Keeper (aka Overlord) from the game was recognized. They decided to keep Journeys as a competitive experience for those that enjoy that, and develop Legends without tethering it to the other game, or its existing content. The fact that they didn't write off the importance of the 1vM gameplay of Journeys, as they mistakenly did with MoM 2nd Ed., and respected it, leads me to believe that we will see a 3rd Ed of Journeys. Probably after the release of Legends Act 3, as there is a non-zero amount of audience crossover between these games and you don't want to detract from your own games sales.
  13. I agree the price is very steep, its one of my own concerns about it. Other than that, as a fan of Descent: Journeys since 1st Ed. I am super excited about this new game and the (what I see as, you my not) improvements on the formula by going to a fully coop app driven experience. Well, the difference is that Descent: Legends is a completely different game. MoM 2nd Ed. was not. When Descent: Journeys 3rd Ed does come out, if it does not convert any material from the first two editions then that would be a legitimate complaint. I know people say that they "get it" when other say how "this is not Journeys, this is a new game," but then they keep offering complaints that show that they don't really grasp the concept. We didn't complain when Heroes of Terrinoth, or Legends of Dragonholt, or Runewars MG came out and didn't offer a conversion kit for Descent: Journeys material into that game. Because they were new games. This is a new game.
  14. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2020/10/22/descent-legends-of-the-dark/
  15. PS: Second-hand info, but take it for what you will https://www.boardgamegeek.com/thread/2531169/article/36165250#36165250 So... yeah. The existence of a coop Descent: Legends does not preclude a competitive Descent: Journeys from being remade, the existing edition being reprinted if they deem it to be a worthwhile from a sales/business standpoint, or existing copies from being able to be enjoyed by those that own it.
  16. I think history shows that people can work it out... Some of those are in fact, the compatible/same game, but many are not. Descent: Legends and Descent: Journeys are just two game lines in the same universe that have similarities, but are different games with different target audiences. Now, there may be some growing pain here with people upset that they are not getting another Descent: Journeys with this being the first use of the "Descent" name with another game line, but it will work out. I don't think the "Terrinoth" name was getting the kind of traction that they wanted with other game releases, and this move makes sense, especially for another dungeon crawler.
  17. Descent: Journeys 2nd Ed. has been around for the better part of the last decade, while reprints have tapered off. If you are picking this particular moment in time to try to buy in, then yeah, you kinda picked a bad time. As far as their plans for a reprint or new edition, that is something that will need to probably wait to see how things shake out. The fact that they continued to put emphasis that this is not a replacement for Descent: Journeys shows that Journeys is still on their mind. The existence of a coop Descent: Legends does not preclude a competitive Descent: Journeys from being remade, the existing edition being reprinted if they deem it to be a worthwhile from a sales/business standpoint, or existing copies from being able to be enjoyed by those that own it. That they recently made their print on demand card expansions available again recently shows that they have not simply shelved Journeys to be forgotten. This is not a zero sum situation.
  18. Descent: Journeys is the competitive one. Descent: Legends is the cooperative one. The developers hammered that point in during their stream and in the articles posted up so far, Descent: Legends is not the next edition of Descent: Journeys, and that their intention is that Journeys will keep its focus on competitive play. Therefore, Legends does not need an Overlord. If you want to play competitive, you play Journeys, and hopefully if/when a new edition of Journeys does come out, they can strip the coop play out and focus an a more pure competitive ruleset so that hero/class abilities do not have to be balanced against an AI resulting in a better game for both Legends and Journeys. As far as "To make things worse you say you are happy it's puzzle mode only, but you are not buying it? Hm. Reasonable.", he clearly said it was because of the price. I mean, I would love to own a Ferrari, but I'm not going to buy one because of its price. It is in fact reasonable to like something, but not buy it because its cost.
  19. Yeah, I expect the expansion boxes to maybe add one or two tile type (like icey floors in Act 2, corrupted ground in Act 3, whatever...), and a few unique 3d pieces specific to that box's quests (an altar, statue, etc.) and then mostly be monsters, heroes, cards, much like Journeys' expansions. They have already referred to Act 1 as the "core set", I don't think there is any cause to expect the second and third acts to be equivalent in size and price.
  20. Its a bit different style, but I think that particular character still captures the Latari archer motif in dress, fur trim and details on the leather while still adding some individualism expected of a named hero. The style is not my favorite, but I think the artist has captured the look of Terrinoth well with this and the other shown characters as well. I rather like the designs of Syrus and Chance. Lyssa was a half-breed Katjie, and Chance is full-blooded Hyrrinx, but I like the continued use of the extended claw weapon Edit: Syrus's oversized glove seems out of place until you realize that it is a falconer's glove used for a freaking Phoenix. Its actually a really nice touch.
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