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  1. Yeah, while some people may want to complete their collections, by having someone at Aconyte send over bad copy to Simon and Shuster, they effectively killed FFG's ability to move any old stock, and also stole any thunder they were hoping to create with the announcement on their planned schedule. All that happened outside of FFG's control, and I bet they are pissed about it. I mean, I was just getting more into 2E over the last few months, and have expansions on wishlists, but I'm putting those planned purchases on hold so I can save those funds for 3E.
  2. These seem like promo cards, but I would expect its a draft of a campaign expansion.
  3. It doesn't mean it's not happening; it means someone plugged the leak. In marketing, you want to have big reveals, build suspense, excitement and such, not just let stuff slip out like that out of control and context. Consider this series of events: The line announcing the new edition of the game was included in the product description of the new novel The Shield of Daqan. So, someone, somehow, had it in their head that a new edition of the game was going to be released sometime around the release of the 2nd novel. You don't just pull copy out of thin air. The idea originated somewhere, internally. The Simon and Schuster product description was already edited to change the sub-title of the game from Journeys in the Dark to Legends of the Dark. That means someone was told to go back a day or so later and edit the copy, not because there was not a new edition of the game happening, but because the subtitle of the product was incorrect. Then someone looked at that and said, "yeah, that looks corrected, publish that." Then someone a day later after the official forums, BGG forums, etc. have been chattering about it, edited the line in the product description to just say its based on Descent, which does not mean the game isn't happening (nor confirms it is), but at most that they don't want to announce a new edition of the game that way at this point in time. As well, the company trademarked the Legends of the Dark name. That take time and money to do to file, which isn't done without reason.
  4. It was just leaked that there is a 3rd edition in the works. They edited the product description to remove the line about introducing a new edition of Descent, likely since FFG hasn't announced it officially yet, but we'll likely hear more in the larger announcements, like GenCon. Thread here for context. 2nd edition is likely going to get no further content as that energy and money is going to go into 3rd.
  5. Simon and Schuster book description got updated again, this time removing the line about the new edition of Descent: So, they first say there is a new edition of Descent: Journeys in the Dark, then its a new edition of Descent: Legends of the Dark, now its just based on Descent Gotta love disorganized leaks.
  6. Mansions of Madness does a pretty decent job of investigation/surprises with the app that you can't always get with the open information of a quest book. Edit: The mention of side decks reminds me of how cumbersome 1E did get, and some really good points that were made about the video-board-game Armello, where people are screaming for a physical copy to be made, but the developers, and folks like myself, have realized that there is so much bookkeeping that is done by the game behind the scenes, that trying to implement that in a physical game "without the app" would be incredibly unweildly. The app allows for some really nice gameplay features and it would not be the same without it, no matter how much I would love to have a physical copy on my table.
  7. Oathmark should be cool. I was picking up the Runewars mini's for cheap for playing Frostgrave and Rangers of Shadowdeep, but Oathmark would give you that mass rank and file combat system.
  8. I can agree with @Bucho's comment that the game can get unwieldy for large collections. I started playing a lot of Road to Legends since the 'Rona, and all I have is the 2E Core Box and the Conversion Kit. I had all 1E box expansions for the game, so I have a very large stack of monsters and heroes to pull from and I have only been turning on two of the Monster and Hero Collections at a time. I add a little bit of monster variety, and a few heroes, but mainly I don't want to have to search through the massive collection of figures that I have looking for things in the middle of a game. I can just set aside what was enabled, beforehand. That's not saying that I don't want them to support the 1E and 2E content in 3E; I absolutely do! But, as long as expansions can be enabled and disabled as desired, its good. Also, while it can mess with development time, if they continue to consider possible existing expansions when developing encounter maps to keep the variety happening, that would be cool. You definitely want to make sure the game's content stands on its own, though, so you are not requiring players to track down out-of-print expansions for anything. Also, there is a bit of a developmental Catch-22 there. They have to create enemies for the new edition that fill certain roles because they cannot assume that new players will have access to the old content. Therefore, you end up with multiple monster groups filling a similar role in the game, but with minor differences, such as the Ettin, Ogre, Troll situation.
  9. The second Descent novel The Shield of Daqan has had its description released by the publisher, although it has not been announced by Aconyte yet. Sounds like its slated for early 2021. https://www.simonandschuster.com/books/The-Shield-of-Daqan/David-Guymer/Descent-Journeys-in-the-Dark/9781839080296
  10. That actually opens up some new questions. The "Descent: Legends of the Dark" was just updated on the Simon and Schuster site, it previously showed "Journeys in the Dark" and I had previously copy/pasted it here. Google Play still shows the "Descent: Journeys in the Dark" tag: The application was filed on June 12th, which is well after first novel The Doom of Fallowhearth details came out in May with the existing"Journeys in the Dark" branding. So either... it sounds like Descent is being rebranded from "Journeys in the Dark" to "Legends of the Dark" and a 3rd edition is coming out. there is a new Terrinoth IP-based game "Descent: Legends of the Dark" being developed, and for some reason was called a new edition by marketing. I think the strongest thing is Descent is getting rebranded and a newish name and a 3rd edition.
  11. You know, I hadn't looked that closely before at the cover of the 1st Descent novel Aconyte is publishing, but the "Descent: Journeys in the Dark" branding has been redesigned compared to 2E, which would make sense with a new edition and similar to what they did with the switch from 1E. I expect the 2nd novel description getting out this soon was probably a slip up in scheduling as they probably would have been announcing this in that live event happening in a few weeks.
  12. I was looking into Gloomhaven last year, and the reason I didn't jump on it and stuck with Descent was mostly because of the decision to go with cardboard pawns for enemies. I can appreciate that they allow for more monsters at a lower production cost, but there is a part of the hobby of modeling, painting, etc., that I really enjoy. Honestly, though, a large part of that is likely my previous investment in 1E Descent gives me a huge amount of figures to draw from as I started buying into 2E. I know there is a significant portion of the board gaming community that like to reduce variance and card systems allow for some control over that compared to dice rolls. As far as set up and tear down times, I think a lot of that improves as you get experience with any game. You find ways to start boxing things up in ways that allow for quickly placing them for next time.
  13. Well, that would imply the author was lying in his interview? I'm not really feeling that... https://aconytebooks.com/book-announcement/join-us-in-terrinoth-for-epic-adventure-youll-not-soon-forget-introducing-the-doom-of-fallowhearth-by-robbie-macniven/ Occams's Razor, simplest answer, and all that.
  14. Possible they are done with reprints, but I do not think so. Asmodee USA has been tightening their belt on the number of games they are keeping due to oversaturation of the market. At the same time, they have stated that certain games that they are no longer producing new content for are still good sellers, and they will continue to re-print them. Specifically called out was Star Wars: Imperial Assault, which is a similar game to Descent but with an IP that has a larger fan base. Also important to note, Asmodee is publishing new fiction using the heroes from specific content expansions. In the interview with the author, he stated he was given his choice of what characters to use, and he settled on those particular ones from the Labyrinth of Ruin expansion due to the ideas he had around those characters. So a couple important take-aways: Asmodee is spending more money on the Terrinoth IP, specifically with the Descent title and characters He was given his choice, Asmodee did not dictate to him what characters to push. Which means they did not rule out any particular characters/expansions. this is "the first of a rip-roaring new series for the fan-favorite epic fantasy game, Descent" Its hard to imagine that Asmodee would do that if they did not plan on making that content available to sell again, as they would hope the book tie-ins would promote game sales. Now, all of this is moot if they decided to roll out a 3rd Edition, but I think that is a larger leap to conclusion then they just are going to continue to re-print content that has already had development costs paid for.
  15. Like a Pacific Rim style apocalypse? I'm pretty sure that was cancelled by Idris Elba.
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