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  1. kris40k

    What is hyperspace format?

    This is a lazy, dismissive argument that misses the point/problem that divided play structures can bring. "Casually do what you want anyway, nobody's forcing you to go to tournaments. This way new people can play with their full collections at OP Events while you play with your own limited format at local stores with new players." <-- this is also lazy ****, I remember in 1E when people wanted ban lists, and people were using that same **** argument, "do whatever you want at your own table" to dismiss the idea of FFG limiting cards at official events. It sucked then, it still sucks now. It misses the point that players do not exist in a vacuum and that what FFG does will affect all players that are not home-game-only players. If you are part of you local X-Wing community, going to local game stores, attending events, etc., what FFG OP does will be reflected in the decisions the other players in your area make, and as this is a 2-player game, you need that other player to buy-in to what you want to do. And most everyone is going to point to whatever FFG decides is The Standard as to what to do. If you do not go with this, you will be left out. Or sitting at home playing with yourself Now, limited formats certainly have their place at official tournaments, but not as The Standard, imo. I've said before that Privateer Press does well with their format structures and using a limited format (Champions) for some, but not all, events. FFG should borrow from their experience when trying this new structure. That does mean that they need to focus balance passes on Extended to keep the game healthy, and use Hyperspace to change up the meta for some events to challenge old players to get out of their comfort zone and to allow new players to compete with limited ships at some events.
  2. kris40k

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    Mine blocked it as "gambling", which could be a fair cop; your IT is a bit more brutal about its opinion.
  3. kris40k

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    Could be worse.
  4. kris40k

    What is hyperspace format?

    Truncated for Diversity Title of your sex tape.
  5. kris40k

    Hyperspace Trials

    May 4, 2019 Dice Age Games Vancouver Washington Woot! Dice Age is my hometown FLGS! ...wait a sec, we were pretty crowded with the CAC which was around 30-40 people iirc, and there is going to be a regional size tournament? If you all show up, you better be showered and deodorized, cause we're going to be pretty friendly in there unless they do some expanding between now and May. and yeah, that is odd, considering we are basically just a suburb of Portland that sits across a river. I'm not complaining though, should be good for the store.
  6. kris40k

    It isn’t Guardians of the Republic.

    Oh, this thread ends well...
  7. kris40k

    New Epic Line Star Destroyer Reveal

    There you go @Marinealver
  8. kris40k

    2019 World Championships preview article up

    Quick Build is Best Build
  9. kris40k

    How can you use Lambda's?

    I think one of the ideas of 2E was to reduce the amount of double mods happening, with a few slipping through (like Redline, Scum Han crew). Focus -> TL would be nice on them, but probably antithetical to the design idea.
  10. kris40k

    Bring back Challenge Coins and Plaques

    Oh yeah, I totally agree its not a big issue, at most it would illicit an eye-roll from me if someone did it at my table. I just feel its gauche and douchey, much the lambo and books guy. I do have players at my FLGS that have Regional and System Open loot like templates, dice and such and those are all cool to see because they are meant to be played with at the table by the winners.
  11. kris40k

    Bring back Challenge Coins and Plaques

    Because that is the items intended function of the tokens and dice, and not the intended function of a challenge coin. Using a stack of challenge coins is going out of your way to flex, and it makes for a poor image. The idea of it was taken to its absurd conclusion when some top player took a picture using trophies as tokens.
  12. kris40k

    Bring back Challenge Coins and Plaques

    I don't agree with using coins and such to flex at the table, that is poor sportsmanship in my eyes, but I really want more challenge coins.
  13. kris40k

    Mynock Squadron 152 Feedback

    The SpongeBob Method has replaced the Socratic Method.
  14. kris40k

    If you had to play only one faction, what would it be?

    Ah, your right, my YASB foo failed when I was swapping ships around while looking at the Y-Wing, the dial didn't update.
  15. kris40k

    If you had to play only one faction, what would it be?

    Well, they changed the YT-1300 dials between Rebel, Resistance, and Scum factions, as well as changing the Y-Wing dial between Rebel and Scum. They did leave the TIE/ln the same between Imperial and Rebel, but changed it for the Scum (for reasons). I would lean towards expecting the dials to be different between the Republic and Rebellion, and pleasantly surprised if they actually leave it the same. Would be fine for home/store games, but not for official events, anyhow.