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  1. kris40k

    How long have you played X-Wing?

    1E Wave VIII, I think? It was right when the JM4K came out and U-Boats started murdering everything. Luckily my local store meta is pretty cool. I think trip u-boats got played a handful of times there, and I saw the Degaroo once or twice then everyone kinda silently Gentleman's Agreement away from them. I was too busy stumbling over my own feet trying to learn the game flying a VT-49 and losing to notice. I still remember when I one my first game three months into playing.
  2. kris40k

    X-Wing on Wide World of Wargaming podcast ....

    So, episode 8... ...do you pay that guy to be that horribly wrong about X-Wing, generics and swarms? Like is it his job to be the contrarian on the show? Especially how he continues to compare things to WH40k (even though X-Wing and 40k are completely different styles of tabletop game with little crossover*), and then states that you can't use Lore as a reason to impact rules or game design, ignoring the fact that Space Marine troops are superior to Imperial Guard troops in almost every way because that's how they are in the lore... *You can compare WH40k and Warmahordes, or Legion, or you can compare X-Wing and Attack Wing, or Wings of War, but those are two completely different categories of games and while a Force Allowance works as a balance tool in WMH or WH40k, it doesn't work the same in X-Wing. And his spiel about Inferno Squad and there being nothing like it? Had you guys seen any of the Republic/CIS spoilers at that point yet and the synergy between the Clone Troopers and Jedi or how the Droid ships feed off each other? Also, "its not winning tournaments, or overpowered but its bad for the game because there is nothing else like it?" WTF?
  3. kris40k

    Happy Friday

    Still only flying Imperial. I think I need to get around to getting the conversion kits before they stop being easily available to find, but I've been very cheap and trying to get by with the minimum spent on the game for the last year. I've also been investing my hobby money in more paints and painting/modeling related tools instead.
  4. kris40k

    Disney Resurrects Lucasfilm Games

    Yeah, if this brings back X-Wing/TIE Fighter, Dark Forces, etc...
  5. kris40k

    Veteran Turret Gunner Cost

    Minister Tua is stapled to RAC, the action efficiency at Initiative ∞ and protection against blocking is too good to pass up unless you are trying something like the Grand Inquisitor, but that's another story/discussion. Never not run Tua. I will give up Fifth Brother if the points are needed elsewhere before giving up Tua. Fifth Brother compliments RAC's pilot ability. You are going to either Reinforcing or Locking/Rotating and using Tua to Reinforce, so your pilot ability and 5th are used to mod your Focus results, and 5th allows you an option to defensively mod certain corner cases that do pop up more often than you would suspect (range 3 or obstructed flankers, for example). Also, there is no such thing as pushing too many crits onto someone, as it really does up his damage potential, or allowing you to reinforce to the side that you are going to take the most damage from, while still being able to modify the attack against someone not in that arc, such as finishing someone off who is running instead of switching targets to an undamaged attacker. He adds options to RAC.
  6. kris40k

    Veteran Turret Gunner Cost

    I don't find the 6 pt VTG as unplayable, but as a Imperial player who flies a lot of RAC, the problem is that I find there is something better. With VTG on a 3-die primary ship like the VT-49, you only really need to get 1 bonus attack off in a game to get value for it. It is not uncommon at all that this opportunity will present itself at least once, if not twice a game. More to the point, just the presence of it on the ship will change how your opponent flies. My reason for not taking it often is that for 3 more points, I can put Fifth Brother on RAC instead and the Force token is a lot more helpful over many rounds. So I got that route, instead. Since you typically don't run more than 1 VT-49 in a list (if you fly one at all) there is not many opportunities to see a VTG on a Deci.
  7. kris40k

    All Hail the Empire of the Mouse!

    Fear of this battle station...
  8. kris40k

    Unpopular Opinion Thread

    I think still it will be good on low Init Os-1 gunboats because you really only run into not-in-range-yet problem on the initial approach, in which right now you can Adv SLAM in to get range 3 during your activation, but then you risk a higher init target diving into your range 1 band and avoiding the torpedoes. With this you just sit back and let them come to you, instead of rushing forward and getting doughnut holed. You also get your choice of target at Initiative ∞ to see who may or may not have dove into range 1 or arc dodged your slow-roll approach. After the initial range dance, you don't really have the problems of getting the lock when turning around with Adv SLAM and Passive Sensors are not as necessary anymore but may come in handy to get defensive Calculates if someone dodged your arc.
  9. kris40k

    Unpopular Opinion Thread

    Yeah, I know that. I am trying to help @Gilarius work through the Passive Sensors question he had.
  10. kris40k

    Unpopular Opinion Thread

    Yes, she does, but only when qualifying conditions are met (damaged, beginning of engagement) as she does not add the action to the action bar. You could use it to get a reinforce on a TIE Reaper, but I haven't seen much use case for that. In any case, ask yourself this: How can Darth Vader with Afterburners (a very typical card combination) perform a Boost action if he does not have the Boost action on his action bar, and this card does not add it to the action bar?
  11. kris40k

    Unpopular Opinion Thread

    Actually, its a [Calculate] or [Lock] action, not Acquire a Lock. Which is important, as stress can prevent it.
  12. kris40k

    Unpopular Opinion Thread

    Nah, SNR doesn't add the actions to the action bar and still allows the ship to perform a BR or Boost action. It even calls out that a ship that doesn't have the action in its bar takes a damage. So, its not required to be on the action bar if an upgrade card states to perform the action, you still can do it. Same with Afterburners and more.
  13. kris40k

    Unpopular Opinion Thread

    @svelok stated it was not faction locked.
  14. kris40k

    Unpopular Opinion Thread

    Blah, need more coffee. I knew that.
  15. kris40k

    Unpopular Opinion Thread

    As someone who likes putting low init TIE/x1's on the table, I just made a bit of a mess. ****, this may be glued to Vader since he can then spend a Force to Barrel Roll at Initiative ∞ and decide to grab a Focus if needed. That's beside the point of bringing low Initiative TIE/sa's, /ca's or Os-1 Gunboats back to the table. Stress will keep it in check some since its a Lock Action and not Acquire a Lock. Right now I typically use Coordinate to get Vader a Lock -> Focus (Force) before executing a t-roll or k-turn. Could still do that on those turns he needs to. That is scary good.