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  1. Gun-owner rights have nothing to do about toy production (this coming from a gun-owner and 2A supporter). How toys are produced has a direct relation to this game where toys are produced to play it. You're way off base here, and by the way, how did "don't use slaves" and "don't abuse child labor" become a "political agenda" to you? Did you actually bother to read the Ethical Toy Program? PS Looks like Hasbro is attempting to phase out plastic packaging by 2020 FFG should follow suit.
  2. I still like Iden Versio with a Proton Torp and Lock action. Little TIE fighter that can take a punch and give one back.
  3. kris40k


    Well, that's cool. Considering the ability to white 1-bank, then red 0-bank (if it has them like the Rebel corvette does), you should be able to maneuver a lot easier on a 3x3 field. As well, if the Raider doesn't have a red 0-bank, you could run Admiral Ozzel who could let you convert a white 1-bank to a white 0-bank for 1 damage. I mean, its still a huge ship, so it will be tricky, but better than 1E.
  4. kris40k


    Looks like you can do a white 1 bank followed by a red 0 bank so, yes, kind of and slowly (over two turns), and it causes stress, which likely will have some negative effect on huge ships seeing how much red is on the dials. This is at least true for the Rebel corvette, I don't think the Raider's dial has been spoiled yet. Ya know, I am surprised that they didn't add him to it. They have Admiral Ozzel and Captain Needa, then two generic commander cards. Could have slipped a First Order commander in there.
  5. Have you tried buying more money?
  6. kris40k


    These are some really good points, and does help the argument of removing a red die from your next attack. Which is really scary, considering with a mag-pulse, you are already removing either a Lock or Focus/Calc, then -1 Attack die, you seriously neuter the opponent's next attack. For a list that rely's on a small number of ships (2-3 ship lists), that could be devastating. As someone who flies a lot of RAC, I'm still trying to wrap my head around how the mag-pulse is going to effectively remove the VT-49 from its limited role in the game already.
  7. kris40k


    I am leaning towards Deplete removing a shield at the end of the turn, or perhaps immediately if there is an active shield token. Deplete basically being a method of shield removal wrapped up in a named mechanic now, much like how Optimized Prototype and Plasma Torpedoes had to have everything written out. It would basically turn the Mag-Pulse into a way of stripping Locks while doing 1crit, 1 shield damage depending on if your opponent is shielded or not, which is much more reasonable than the effect of 1 crit damage + strips Locks + reduce offense by 1. Effectively 2 damage + Jam if shielded, or 1 Crit to Hull + Jam if not.
  8. I haven't played X-Wing since the CAC earlier this year. I just got burned out and have been taking time off, working on my mini-painting backlog on the days I would have normally gone to X-Wing League Night down at the FLGS. Huge Ships and Environments are legit the reasons I am getting interested in X-Wing again. I look forward to going back down and seeing how these freshen up the game. From looking at the environments so far spoiled, it really looks like they are going to bring some interesting situations, and perhaps stop the game from being "solved".
  9. Actually, its the same, because FFG isn't paying for pat-downs and metal detectors at local stores, so with FFG's policy you'll only know when someone pulls their gun, and by then its too **** late; bodies are going to be hitting the ground and now only the malicious guy is armed. If you play in America, you have most likely been playing in the same room with armed citizens most of your entire time playing with the general public and don't realize it because 999/1,000 times its concealed and unless someone catches a glimpse when someone is leaning over a table, you probably never know. It was never an issue before, stop clutching your pearls.
  10. Dee kinda inadvertently threw some shade at the creator of YASB 2.0 when he said he liked the job and attention to detail the creator of YASB 1.0 did better. There has been some friendly ribbing between the two since.
  11. Hardly. Many epic games end up with both sides starting with all their ships crammed into the same 3x3 half of the board and effectively ignoring the other half. With a 200pts list it wouldn't be as crowded.
  12. Speaking of WarmaHordes, they have a good way of settling the debate: Every model has a standard volume it takes up related to the its base size (p.37 of the rules). If there is any disagreement about LOS, you have a standard you can measure to. This does mean that some parts of the model that are visible due to where they are positioned are not actually target-able (like if you stretch out the arms of a model to the sides), but it ends the argument of modeling for advantage. Everyone is a cylinder, period.
  13. I was just thinking that, except RAC. 3 die forward arc and rotate the 3 die bow-tie to the side arcs.
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