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  1. Hi, Last week for the first time I try the old version of Games Of Thrones with two expansions and I was amazed!! Many things to think and to do… Fantastic!! Character, adding order, special order… and many others… My simple questions is: For Games Of Thrones second edition there will be big expansions?? Thanks
  2. HI, last question for THE week When finish the first part of the adventure, the Overlord in the second part can use the remains card, but can he take new card ? At start can he have old card plus new card, or only use remains card?? thank you
  3. Hi Descent's players. I'm a new Overlord and I have a question for this hero. The Leoric's ability is: Each monster within 3 spaces of you receives -1 on all attack rolls (to a minimum of 1). …For All Attack rolls versus Leoric, or in general versus all heroes? If a monster attack other heroes, receive -1 in attack rolls? Thank you
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