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  1. Rapier1

    New Content?

    Timeline? You must be joking. Gaia 2 has come out in Spanish (and I believe French). Hopefully we'll get that sometime in the next year or two.
  2. Rapier1

    The Wastes of Eriador

    Hugely disappointed with the new plastic boxes. Please go back the nice cardboard ones. :/ The actual cycle looks very fun.
  3. Rapier1

    New Faq

    It might feel wrong to you. But it's definitely better for the health of the game to address the cards in the core set, in light of new cards coming out and new designs. It's even worth going back to the core set designs to see which ones ended up being too strong or weak even when not compared to future cards and changing those too. Personally I'd have liked to see the core set re-done at the time that they released the "easy" mode to quests (then we could have got a fancy core update that everyone would want to get with all errata applied). I suspect it doesn't have enough traction to get made though compared to just making more new stuff.
  4. Rapier1

    New Faq

    I'm pleased to see some of the power cards from core being addressed. I hope to see changes to others (discussed ad nauseum by myself elsewhere!). It's nice to see some clarification as well.
  5. Rapier1

    Shall We Turn East or West?

    Side quests might help to make quests more varied on replays, the encounter ones I mean.
  6. Rapier1

    How to cut down length of play?

    I think quest selection is the main issue. I would say that most of my 2 player games are less than 45 minutes.
  7. surely that will be coming to pod?
  8. It's only an art swap though. There are no promo cards that have different rules.
  9. I'm not sure that's even theoretically true. A card that can only be played with a certain hero present allows you to carefully tailor the power of cards. Vilya has a powerful effect but you lose a good hero action for it (Elrond being generally all around good). If you could put it on a Hobbit it would be far more powerful as a card. The only reason for signature cards that I can see is a means of forcing a more powerful hero to have a less good deck. For balance reasons. (It might be neat to have for a single hero, say a Glorfindel style, lower threat than it should have, but the cost is in having a "bad" card forced into your deck. Maybe along the doomed theme).
  10. I don't quite see the point? I mean why do this instead of leaving it optional? I already can build a highly thematic deck if I want - I also have the choice not too. This change would just reduce my deck building choices? In a competitive game I can see it having value to balance out different leaders (and that might be necessary in the 40k licence). In Conquest, they can use it to make better heroes (Say an Ork Warboss) have a worse signature squad (Regular boyz) and so be balanced more against a weaker leader (an Imperial Guard General). I can also see the value of having restricted cards that can only go with certain leaders. But we already have that with cards that target a specific named hero.
  11. Rapier1


    Perfect place for these tokens would be in a core set expansion. Along with some new player cards designed specifically for 3-4 player (although still working in 1 and 2) and the missing core-set cards to get 3 of each.
  12. Yes, the most recent update to the core set presumably (though I haven't seen it) will include the easy mode marking.
  13. Rapier1


    Fancy all this time I thought I'd beaten these quests years ago... but having never applied the errata I haven't until now!
  14. Star Wars and Lord of the Rings may well get this (as those will sell outside of the gamers to regular fans). I suspect Art of Android Netrunner would not sell well enough to justify an art book.
  15. Rapier1

    Merry Christmas all

    Thanks... Sauron... I hope you also have a good Christmas and a time of good cheer. Happy Christmas everyone.