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  1. Tu peux trouver pas mal de choses sur ce site : http://blacksheeparchives.net/ You can get many stuffs on this website : http://blacksheeparchives.net/
  2. I guess no box to roll dice is planned ? (I mean a box like the one we can find with Risk Epxress) if not, it's a pity because ths was one of the interest for the game and with a theme like this one (Feudal Japan) it could have been a good opportuniy to create a really nice box.
  3. Isn't it a Feudal Japan version of Risk Express ?
  4. ??! said: Although Miah is of course right concerning question 2, I'd like to add the following point: If your last character is activated, searches a crate and finds one or more Command points, you can just replace the crate token on its circle and don't actually take (and waste) the CP. Just search the crate again during the next turn (or whenever you like) to collect the CP. If your character is still alive !
  5. Hello, I've just bought "The Lies of Solace " + "Dance of the Damned" and was wondering how to get the promo cards because I'm in France. I don't know how to pay for the shipping and handling. Is there a way to ask for the card online with a proof of purchase and Paypal for example ? Thanks !
  6. I agree, this is not the spirit but sometimes, especially with games of this kind with infiltration for example, it could be "justified", you see what I mean. And nothing in the rules prooves that you can't stay still. In fact I think this is because I used to play a lot with the 1st version of the french rules which did not include the Overwatch. I will have to change my mind I guess ;-)
  7. I am sorry but I think the activation is not something you MUST do. If you read the rules you have quoted, the terms used are MAY and CAN, not MUST.
  8. I guess the designers from FFG found the direct attack too powerful ?
  9. Here are the french clarifications of the 1st rules: "Attaque directe: Zor'ka frappe une case adjacente vide située sur son Pathfinding. Elle ne désigne pas de cible et l'attaque se propage à l'ensemble du Pathfinding. Si Zor'ka n'a pas de case adjacente libre mais qu'un Voïvode lui est adjacent et sur le même Pathfinding, elle peut frapper sur le Voïvode. Le résultat est le même. Attaque indirecte: (par relais) Zor'ka a également la possibilité d'envoyer une décharge en passant par un Voïvode où qu'il se trouve sur la carte. Pour cela Zor'ka n'a pas besoin de frapper le sol, il lui suffit de désigner le Voïvode qui servira de relais. Dans ce cas la décharge se fera uniquement sur les cases adjacentes au Voïvode désigné et les figurines touchées ne subissent pas le malus de Physique. Cette attaque constitue la Phase d'Action de Zor'ka, et non du Voïvode. Il est donc tout à fait possible de choisir comme relais un Voïvode qui a déjà été joué ce Tour-ci." The indirect attack via a Voïvod seems to be the same as v2 of the rules : the attack reaches all adjacent circles around it The direct attack was IMO better and more simple: Zor'ka hits the ground on an empty adjacent circle, no need to have a target. The attack spreads on all the circles of the same Path, hitting foes and allies. I found it more logical and coherent with the character.
  10. I have never played with the revised rules and that's why I remember that in the first French edition of the rules, Zor'ka had this possibility. So now, with the actual rules, she must come to a circle adjacent to a target in order to attack ? This is very restrictive…
  11. Zor'ka can also attack an empty circle adjacent to her, enemy within or not, just to "trigger" the effect of the Magnifier on 3 circles around here and hit multiple targets with only one attack for example, is that right ?
  12. Sure ! In fact I was just wondering when I was reading the rules
  13. Hi ! I have another question about smoke grenade effects: if a player whithin smoke has a penalty of 2 dice, does it mean that if he doesn't have any weapon or token giving him more dice, he can't attack at all, even an adjacent square, assuming a "No weapon" attack is 2 dice pool ? Thanks !
  14. You can also order the whole collection from stores in France, for example Philibert, Ludibay or Ludikbazar (I guess they ship to UK)
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