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  1. I've got 5 applicants, so I'm going to close recruiting for now. I will reopen if we have some dropouts.
  2. I believe this forum does PMs through the "friend" system, but I've never tried it. Check your account for a friend request. Hopefully it should allow a private message. I'd rather not put my AIM or email in the forum post itself.
  3. Ooops. I knew I'd miss something. Timezone is EST. Ventrilo will be the primary mode of communication. May use MapTool for mapping purposes. That part hasn't been decided yet. I may also open a campaign page on Obsidian Portal as well.
  4. Play Location/Method: Online via Ventrilo Game/System: Dark Heresy / Rogue Trader Player or GM: I'm the GM Time/Frequency: Either Tuesday or Thursday from ~ 7 to 10 pm Genre: 40k Current needs: I'm currently looking for 2-4 more players Short description of the setting/campaign (5 lines or less): The Crusade of Abhorrence has entered its tenth year. The Warmaster has declared victory in the Dubain sub-sector officially establishing the Imperium's foothold in the Hubric Sector. The Warmaster is now turning to Rogue Traders to explore the rest of the sector, and settle the untame void as the Crusade expands. Send me a private message if you are interested.
  5. Valid concerns, but given the exotic nature of the technology involved and its vague definition... I don't really care for the purposes of my group's game-verse. Power fields can represent anything from sheets of force, or fields that simply dissolve molecular chains. One can even hypothesize that a best quality powerfield (and its horrendous pricetag) may spontaneously generate toxins in the air as it passes.
  6. Hello, I'm Gerhal. And I'm a gear-junkie. As a player, I often field myself writing requisition sheets for gear I need to acquire for my arbite, or for my comrades. Here are a couple of the items I've generated from the item generation options presented by DH and Inq. The Harkonnen Las-Grenadier Crunch: Good quality lasgun with auxiliary grenade launcher, and red-dot sight. Cost: 3 x 70 + 3 x 250 + 50 = 1010 Extra Credit: The Harkonnen is a lasgun of special quality and manufacture. It comes with a low and high energy setting that allows it to control the amount of current siphoned from laspacks. The high setting deals 1d10+4 and low setting deals 1d10+3 but only consumes half as much ammo. However the Harkonnen is only compatible with overcharged laspacks because ordinary laspacks don't support this kind of variability. The Lawbringer Mk III & Executioner Rounds Crunch: Good quality vanahiem combat shotgun with targeter, and red-dot sight Cost: 3 x 300 + 2250 + 50 = 3200 Extra Credit: "New" ammo type. Solid slug shotgun round with micro-brain and guidance system sacrifices the scatter trait, gains the accurate trait, and replaces the shotgun's penetration value with 3, ala errata manstoppers. Must be utilized with a targeter in single shot mode in order for the accurate trait to be enabled. Executioner Cost: GM discretion - I'd say bolt ammo cost, or perhaps greater ala exotic ammo. The Kovacs Tebbit Knife Crunch: Best quality lathe combat knife with shocking and toxic traits. Cost: 10 x 40 + 2500 + X + Y Extra Credit: The Kovacs Tebbit knife is the weapon of a wealthy assassin. Not only is it a lathe blade equipped with shocking electrodes, it is a bio-weapon. Nestled in a small groove 3 centimeters from the tip is a self-replenishing reservoir of hemorraghic plague. The shocking electrodes as well as the plague injector may be activated or deactivated with a free action. Throw in a wrist mount for easy quick draw access. X and Y are whatever costs you might rank with a shocking or toxic weapon. X ~= 150? Y ~= 1000? The Aegis Tebbit Knife Crunch: Best quality lathe power blade with shocking and toxic traits. Cost: 10 x 1750 + 2500 + X + Y Extra Credit: Pity. Sometimes you get lucky with power weapons when they seal over your freshly cut wounds. But once you've been infected with the hemorraghic plague, that hardly seems to matter... (I've duplicated this post which I also made on DarkReign's forums)
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