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  1. Hawknight

    Overlord and spending Surges

    I have the same question...i always played them differently...the surges count for threat, always no matter what, AND THEN you can "respend" them for other stuff, but i only have the base and Well of Darkness.
  2. Hawknight

    obstacle and big monster

    Yes, at least that's how we play, and like rubble would effect a 15 foot spider any way...I don't think so.
  3. Hawknight

    Time Length of a Game

    How long does this game last?
  4. Hawknight

    Time Length of a Game

    How does Dracula typical survive?
  5. Hawknight

    Time Length of a Game

    how fast can you finish a game? what makes it take longer?
  6. What is the legnth of a typical game?
  7. Hawknight

    Monsters + Paint = Painted Monsters?

    Earth Wyrm Jim said: There must be someone else here who has pics of their painted characters. I would like to see em. Maybe a tie-dyed dragon. Our u could use attachable props, like a razorwing with an afro. That would be sweeeeeeet! Ohhh, i totally agree. I would like to see a beastman in a 3 peice suit and a briefcase.
  8. Hawknight

    Transformed into a monkey & spawning

    Noodle2977 said: On 'Dodge': although I LOVE this idea I think it would make the card way too powerful. Too powerful, yes, but awesome. This is how we played at the very beginning before we understood all the rules, it was sooo much fun to dodge what the heroes thought was the final attack on the end boss, and then kill one more off just before the end...but alas...no more.
  9. Jools said: sputang said: I would recommend using the spawn counter from RtL, even in vanilla Descent. Believe me, it makes the game go a lot quicker, especially when the OL is getting 4 threat per turn. Monsters take a turn or 2 for the heroes to handle, traps are instant pain. How does the spawn counter work? Also curious, I only have the Base and Well of Darkness
  10. Hawknight

    Heroes VS Overlord

    Foxburr said: So I wonder how it is the heroes ran away to the tune of 23 to zero conquest points. Quest Number 6: Vanilla with the new threat token Overlord cards (but i forgot to "swap out with cards i didn't want) The "Guardian" MISSED EVERY ATTACK but one the whole game...they chose the exact right path to lead straight to the end boss, they out ran my spawns, and the one very excellent spawn i got, missed 3 out of the 4 attacks....they one shotted the boss and finished the whole dungeon in 8 rounds...it was demoralizing
  11. How does this work with being able to play again? there are only 2 players, i guess i havent done that many 2 player only games...
  12. Hawknight

    Time Length of a Game

    How long does a typical game last?
  13. Hawknight

    Time Length of a Game

    How long do you guys usually play in one session? I never trust what the box says....
  14. Anyone heard anything about an expansion being released with the release of the new Starcraft PC game?
  15. Hawknight

    Painted Mini's

    man, i didn't realize the minis looked so good!! We still play the orignal Starcraft in our household, there are about 15 in our circle of friends that all still play too