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  1. Hupp234

    Play Mats

    I like the Wings of War Game Mats, but like others, didn't care for how big the logos were at each end. I used fabric and sharpie marker coloring to camouflage them. Here is how it turned out. It took less than 30 minutes. Bill tinyurl.com/ydo283v
  2. Big is good. Here are some pictures of a 54mm game at the Little Wars convention. 90mm is even bigger.
  3. Foxburr, Thanks. My website or FFG? My apologies about the long link, I need to use tinylinks in the future. Any comments on my website are welcome. It is pretty mechanical application of iphoto and iweb. Rob, Thanks. The figures are a number of different makers, but primarily Italieri and Accurate. I can't claim to have painted more than a couple of them. Most I bought from Chris Parker, who had based and collected them for his own Medieval rules, Day of Battle, and who was trading up from 54mm to the 90mm Schliech prepainted figures. The flags are from the FlagDude. The basing is mostly each figure 1.5 inch by 1.5 inch with 2 man and 1 man stands. Billmen and spearmen where 3 to a stand. The hexes are 4 inch hexes. I'll be adding Scots and Spanish Moslems to model dwarves and goblins in the game historically. On the site you can see other Command and color games including Azanulbizar in 25mm. The games were incredibly close and exciting. The kids had a great time. The English bowmen were generally devastating and the french knights charged around like crazy with plenty of follow on attacks. I've put on Parent-Child games at Little Wars for 8 of the lsat 9 years. Bill
  4. I ran 3 games of BatteLore at the Little Wars Convention outside of Chicago this last weekend using 54mm figures. I used the Epic and Call to Arms expansions to play the Road to Poitiers scenario. French won twice and English once, 9-8,8-9, 8-6. I used the normal battlefield size to make the game play to conclusion in the time available. All the rules worked well and each of the games was exciting right down to the end. The English use of the darken the skies card kept them in all the games. Here is a link to some pictures of the games in progress. http://web.mac.com/whupp/iWeb/Bill%27s%20C%26C%20Games/BattleLore-Little%20Wars.html Regards, Bill
  5. I am in the western suburbs. I am running 3 games of BattleLore using Call to Arms at the Little Wars convention in a couple of weeks at the Lincolnshire Marriot. Come out and play BattleLore in 54 (mm that is.) Here is the description from the PEL. BattleLore in 54. Parent child game. The French were waiting in Nouaille. The Black Prince turned west again, back towards Poiters, trying to stall the French pursuit. This would be Edward's last fight in the series of small deployments agains John II the French King before his great victory at Poiters on the 19th day of September 1356. Use BattleLore rules with Call to Arms deployment system and 54mm HYW armies to fight this late medieval battle. Here is a link to some pictures (not very good ones) of the figures from a game at home: http://web.mac.com/whupp/iWeb/Bill%27s%20Bunker/Crecy.html http://web.mac.com/whupp/iWeb/Bill%27s%20Bunker/Poitiers.html Regards, Bill Hupp
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