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  1. Good idea. For simplicity.... lets just say max Psi-rating of highest Psi-rating, plus 1 Psi-rating per character in the choir ( including the Psyker. ) This makes it less important for high level Psykers, but makes it very very nice for lower level... which is what Psyker Battle Squads are anyway. Now, the math. I re-read my post and it looks long, so I'm going to simplify it. WP: Median Willpower, plus WP bonus of all members with a higher Willpower. Psi-rating: Lowest Psi-rating, plus one for every member. Powers: One member can activate the Choir per round, with every other member using a Reaction to assist. For every member who does not, or cannot, lower the Psi-rating by their Psi-rating, and the Willpower by their Willpower Bonus. This counts as using a power for the Choir, and the one who uses it, but only as a reaction for all other members ( who can use one less dice in their Power Pool until their next turn. ) I added that last part, too, because Psykers are already very powerful. Having a choir of 1,3,3,3 would be an awesome force, and that helps to balance it a little bit.
  2. Agreed, its quoted ( even in the book, I think ) that it is "No longer the age of man, the animal, but dawning the age of man, the psyker" or something like it. The Imperium is due for a major evolutionary shift. Some of the planets have it, such as ratlings and ogryns, but others have perfectly natural genetic mutations which give them wings, or psychic powers. Decide for yourself if they were lucky enough that a Radical inquisitor came up and said it was okay, and they could live on, or maybe even if their parents managed to keep them well hidden, or cleverly disguised the wings behind the numerous implants of a techpriest, where normal people might not even question it. No corruption points though. IMHO
  3. I would be against making another trait for Unnatural Willpower For the Sake of Powers, because while it does tie things up it is a bit too specific. Even how fast you move is more wide-range than how many tricks you have up your sleeve. I am up for the character having to point out which powers they get from their Unnatural Willpower, because they almost count as sorcery. Maybe the DM would make them add +25% to their Psychic Phenomenon tests with these powers, or increase the range for Psychic Phenomenon to 7, or 8, in addition to 9. Depending on the details of the power, of course.
  4. I was reading that as the maximum was +60/-60 in total per action summed, but that no specific modifier could be more than +30/-30. So, say, being in the dark is a -30 to use BS, and using a rifle one handed is -20. On this moment you happen to be drunk, really drunk, so another -20. Since you've been taking the time to aim your gun while talking to the ruffian beside you you get a +30, though! For a total of -40. If you hadn't aimed it would be -60, though.
  5. The system I've been going for is like as stated above, but I've been using an additional -10 ( hand, or mechadendrite, face in a light helmet or standing still ) or -20 ( finger, cigar, ear, face with a heavy helmet or movement ) depending, with a -30 ( second knuckle on the left hand ) for the really hard stuff. That way it never gets to the full -60 maximum penalty, but its still a hefty fine for a character who hasn't been prepping the shot.
  6. I'm just here to agree with the three reaction rules, for balance and cool factor, as well as it seems to read those ways. It doesn't hurt to bump the thread for some people who might need it, either.
  7. Thanks for the help! It took me a bit, but I found the other thread. I found it easier using the word "Choir" than "Psychic choir" because of all the other use of the word psychic, and I posted my own mechanic for it in the House Rules section so we'll see how it goes. Much obliged everyone! Now we just gotta work on how Nascent Psykers work with them...
  8. The way I was going to be doing it was to have the characters who want to join into the psychic choir all spend 100xp for the talent. In the Imperial Guard book it makes the choir seem rather permanent, and not to be taken lightly, so I wouldn't really allow them to just willy-nilly join or escape it. They could do so, but rejoining this or that one would be another 100xp drop. Psychic Choir: The psyker has joined a psychic choir, and has mastered the ability to meld their particular warp signals with that of their fellows. Compose another "character" as Sanctioned Psyker career, but with only one attribute, and no skills. This character serves as the choir. Their Willpower, one of the two stats, equals the median of all the psykers joined with the WP bonus of all those with a WP above this added in. Example: Willpower 30,30,30,35,40,40,45 would mean a Willpower 35 Choir character, with an additional +4+4+4,+12, equalling 47. In a way this discounts low level characters, and they can actually weaken the choir ( which would make sense, to a degree, like having a bad flautist in an orchestra ) but it is a sorta simple system. The Psi-rating is devised as the lowest Psi-rating, plus one for every Psyker in the squad. Psykers with a Psi-rating at least twice that of the "Base Psi-rating" count twice, that way really powerful psykers in weak groups still give a tangible benefit, and this can technically add up to a really powerful effect. I am questioning whether or not to limit this by the highest Psi-rating multiplied by the lowest, or something along that. Lastly, any Psyker in the choir can access the "Choir" character, who has access to all of their powers. However, any time that someone performs a Psychic Power and wants to use the Choir stats -all- of the other members must spend their reaction to, basically, sing along. They can all reflexively feel that one of them wants to do this, and for every one that does not ( or can not ) accompany you subtract their Psi-rating from the Psi-rating of the choir, and their Willpower bonus from the Willpower of the Choir ( They throw the choir out of harmony, and it makes a big effect. I figure this alone should discourage really large battle squads, by the merit. ) This counts as the casting Psyker and the Choir's Psychic Power action for the round, but only as a use of a reaction for the rest of the choir. Its a little munchy, but once you write everything down it should play well in the game. Thoughts?
  9. My players were interested in forming a Psyker Battle Squad with each other, which I was going to house rule together, and I'd be happy to post in my house rules once I get them together. Beyond that, though, would you guys let your players take Psyker talents ( Psyrating, most importantly ) as an Elite Advance? Would a Dark Pact be the only way to get Psychic powers? I was thinking that over-dosing on Spook, longterm exposure to the Warp, Dak Pacts, psychic implants, wearing psychically tuned equipment ( to replicate the power ), daemonic possession, or intense emotional stress could push them on. I don't really want to do the Nascent Psyker advance, though, because it isn't really the Psyker Battle Squad feel I want. Majorly I was thinking that a Psyker Battle Squad would make the most sense ( if you guys know Imperial Guard, that is ) because they aren't inherently powerful Psykers by themselves. Your input would be really nice, but if not I might just make a Psyker Battle Squad campaign after this. Rules I was thinking is that they divide their Minors Powers amongst each of them ( serving as a single Psyker ) and can use their minor powers on their own, so long as they are all there ( -1 to the roll for every character in the choir not there. ) All major Powers require the whole squad, and one person is the caster, with each of them adding +1 to the power roll. It will be a powerful unit, but only one major power per turn, and they need to spend their XP together to increase the Psirating of the squad, not themselves. ( They will never be above Psi-rating 1, individually, basically. )
  10. Thanks for that post! They did mess up the metric, and the intensity costs in the English version though. I was thinking, though, what if you are intangible and can effect energy? That would probably get around that.
  11. I found the Character Sheet very intimidating to new players, so I made a new one. It's not perfect but it organizes it a little differently, giving all the supernaturals their own pages ( Ki, Psychic, and Magic that is ) as well as a modified equipment page. If anyone wants it, or would help tell me what it needs, I'll gladly e-mail it to them.
  12. This isn't official, and it's all for the English book, but I thought it should be addressed. I'm a huge fan of the Ki system, but they aren't entirely clear about a few things. ( Does anyone in France or Spain have the new book for Ki Dominion? Maybe it'll help out... ) Pg. 101 "Double Vital Sacrifice" The MK cost here is +50 ( wow! ) which I thought was a little steep, so I checked that out. Eld, in "Ignis" has +150 to attack (40 MK) and Double Vital ( 50 MK? )at a cost of 60. This obviously doesn't work out. 90 - 10/5 for keeping Feuer Active ( see Pg. 106 ) would make this only cost 20 MK. Five and Two look alike anyway, so I'd understand that mistake. Pg. 102 "Additional Actions" This is a generally less expensive than "Additional Attacks" but as far as I can tell it's generally better. It works out okay to change the costs as such. Limited Attacks :: Additional Actions. Additional Attacks :: Limited Attacks. Additional Actions :: Additional Attacks. Pg. 103 "Long-Distance Attack and Area Attack" Both of these have errors. For Long Distance attack the progression goes "15-30-60-50" and for Area it goes "3-15-30-80-50." It's a flat-out error, and it seems like the best bet is just to replace 50 with 100. Pg. 105 "Mirage" -"These images may perform any action, and even make individual attacks." This just needs to be clarified a bit how to do it. Maybe another Ki "Optional Advantage" lets them do damage? Divide your actions upon them? Maybe a case-by-case thing... Pg. 105 "Damage Resistance" It could be a little clear about the Multiple, you can find it on page 286 though. Medium is 5. Pg. 106 "Special Requirement" The MK benefit for Simple Intensity is higher than that for Major Intensity! Probably just switch them. Also, for anyone who wants to know, maintaining a power as a requirement is 10 or 5 MK. ( Derived from the Ignis techniques. ) I'm not sure how they decided it, but it's something like that. Intangibility is a little bit unclear, too. Reasonably a person couldn't use it to be invincible to all sorts of attacks but still hurt other people, but what if they have "Supernatural" or "Energy" attacks? I haven't found any description of intangibility beyond that.
  13. I picked this game up recently, and I just fell in love with the system. It fits so well with so many things, but even if you don't warp it a little bit their world is very rich ( though, a bit heavy with Christianity. Not that it's a bad thing. ) In order to get my friends into it I've been trying to trim and organize the character sheets a bit ( they're pretty darn intimidating, and not to mention clunky. ) I'll be happy to e-mail what I've got so far, and I'd like any input you guys can give me on that. Also, as opposed to thrusting them into a beautiful new world I was going to be running several one shot sessions with things they're a bit more familiar with, just because it is such a flexible game. I've got a few house rules for the specific scenarios, and I thought you might like the ideas as well. Dragonball- Of course, it's a must. We have a Ki System built in, so how could I avoid it? The only additional thing I would be adding to this is an "Improvised Ki Technique" system. Attack Ability ATK Bonus Primary Secondary MK Maint. Lvl +10 2 4 5 1 +25 3 5 5 2 Simply enough, you don't need to have a Dominion Technique mastered to use it. +40 4 6 10 3 When you try to use it, though, the costs add up ( so it's only good for low level techs.) +50 5 8 15 4 For example, ATK +10 would cost 2, and 1 to maintain. However, Atk + 75 would cost +75 8 11 20 6 a whopping 22 (2+3+4+5+8) , and 16( 1+2+3+4+6 ) to maintain! This also works for +90 12 15 25 8 improving already known techniques. Add whatever you improve it by to the cost. +100 14 18 30 10 I just thought it was appropriate for the Dragonball series, because they all of a sudden +125 18 22 35 12 2 decide to improve or develop new techniques on the fly all the time. +150 22 26 40 14 2 +175 26 32 45 16 3 +200 30 36 50 18 3 Avatar- Another easy transition, mostly because the five elements are easy to work into it. Make "Affinity With One Branch of the Tree" a one dot Advantage where they pick one of the paths, and specify they need to pick Fire, Earth, or the like. Outside of that, let people use Intelligence, Willpower, or Power to use it. Captain Planet- This is Copy Pasta, except they have Artifacts that let them use the elements. Power Puff Girls- It's a little creepy, but it's good for a laugh more than that. Naruto- Once again, the Ki system is brilliant. Maybe give the classes ten to fifteen extra MK per level to diversify it. Final Fantasy- The Invocation system is just great for Final Fantasy summons. The only thing I would need to work on is a Blue Mage class... I'm working on some other bits, just fleshing it out and getting it in the open.
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