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  1. #1.) When it is time for a group of minions to attack, do they just do one super roll (because their group skill is enhanced) or do you make separate rolls for each person in the group of minions? #.2) and this might seem weird to ask: any easy way to keep track of stun & regular damage with minions? (there was a disagreement between the players on whether to kill or stun people, but combat started before they came to a consensus, so some where shooting to kill and some shooting to stun). Thanks in advance!
  2. Or you can print out a blank character sheet and have the players fill in the changes as they go (and eventually just transfer all the stuff to that blank sheet).
  3. That does make sense. And the chart in the rules booklet does say that the baster is out for the rest of the conflict. Thanks for that.
  4. Oh, and I am not making fun of WFRP 3rd edition, but recently our group thought about playing that. On Friday tho, everyone of us kept knocking stuff off the table or dropping dice, pens spilling stuff, etc. (and we where sober too). My wife said out load that maybe we should not play 3rd edition (since it uses all those pieces and stuff)….
  5. Thanks! I saw one the design on a 40k JPEG and our GM's wife said we have to have these shirts for game night. In fact, Dark Heresy is the longest running game we currently play in our group's schedule.
  6. We had custome T-shirts made for our gaming group (mine is army green, but I'm not in the pic). I'm sure Games Workshop will send us a "Cease and desist" letter, but they can kiss the butts of our bolter pistols! ;-)
  7. My party split after getting the ship part. One wanted to go straight to the docking bay and the other wanted to go to the comand center. So… the ones that went to the docking bay went by the mines… that had slaves beeing beaten by gamorian guards. The wookie did not like that, so that kept them busy as the other half of the party had to unlock the docking clamps at the comand center. I had to run two or three rounds, then do a cut scene to the other group for the same amount of time.
  8. for the sake of having more, I hope you are right. But at the same time, I hope they release that Beta adventure for free :-)
  9. Lazenca said: I assume that all the different systems (Edge of the Empire, Age of Rebellion and Force and Destiny) will be able to work with one another. Kind of like the Warhammer 40k systems (Dark Heresy, Only War, Deathwatch, Rogue Trader, etc). But has anyone heard definitively if that's a proper assumption? As a side note, I've been playing role playing games for decades; and this game is such a breath of fresh air! Great originality! I know it is a bit late to wish this, but I wish Dark Heresy & Rogue Trader had this system!
  10. john_nld said: Now that the hardcover is going to be available late in Q2 I think for the beginner game an extra pre written adventure should come out. What do you guys think. As for being new as a GM and tend o be a bit lazy this one would help me a lot. Although I am working up a story thanks to all the people responding to the post on how to proceed on making an adventure with the beginner book. A pre written story always needs to be played out and I guess the Hutts will be on the tails of our band of scruffy looking nerfherders. I would like to see the adventure that was in the Beta book. I wonder if that would be a download sometime.
  11. mouthymerc said: With a majority of weqpons only a despair can be used to have it run out of ammo. You then need to have an extra ammo to use a maneuver to reload it. Weapons like the heavy blaster pistols can also run out of ammo if you spend threats (3 I think) so they have more potential to run out of ammo. I believe the taking out for the reast of the encounter is only if you have no more ammo. I think the extra ammo is the exception for that. So, Heavy Blaster Pistol runs out of power with 3 Threats? I like that! Thanks!
  12. Cool! Then we did it right.. and thank the Emeror for that because that POS traitor alcolyte would have cooked my goose if I was not able to dodge! Thanks!
  13. Well, that would be a manuever on both of their parts. But the thing I am confused about is that there are three sources in the book that kind of conflict with each other (mostly that chart on 16 and the ammo comment on page 30). • There is the main Threat & Despair chart that claims you can take out that weapon for the rest of the encounter (which countradicts what the note on Ammo says on page 30). • Then there is the note about ammo in the equipment section that says a despair just simply means you are out of energy and need to slap in a new cell (by spending a manuever). It says you do that for all blasters. • Then there is the heavy blaster note claiming that it uses more power and to refer to that chart on page 16 (the chart that claims with a despair symbol, you can take out the weapon for the rest of the encounter, which makes sense for a weapon claiming to use up more power).
  14. Hello, There is seems to be a conflict in the rulebook about what happens when you role a despair symbol during combat while firing blasters. Pg. 16, table 2-2 says: "The character's rageweapon immediately runs out of ammunition and may not be used for the remainder of the encounter." Pg. 30, in the side bar "Ammo," it says: "…a weapon may still 'run out' of ammo when a Despair smbol is rolled during combat." it goes on to say "… and the character needs to perform a maneuver to slap a new energy cell into the weapon before it can be fired again." Pg. 31, under "Heavy Blaster Pistol" it says: "Their only drawback is that they carry less shots than either, a trade-of for the increased power. Game Masters can spend one Despair to have a heavy blaster pistol run out of ammo (see Table 2-2: spending Threat and Despair in Combat on page 16)" So, I am a bit confused. Should I assume that rolling a despare on every blaster except for the Heavy Blaster Pistol" means that ammo has run out (and a maneuver is needed to realoade), but for a "Heavy Blaster Pistol," the weapon can not be fired for the rest of the encounter?
  15. Can you dodge some psychic powers like fire bolt (175) or if the psycker makes their rolls they hit regardless?
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