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  1. Thanks a lot! I'm so happy with the response. I regret not having entered anything about terrain and skirmish cards, though… maybe I'll edit that in.
  2. This is insane. I just woke up to the fact that FFG mentioned my review of Battles of Westeros on their Facebook page! I published the review a couple of days ago on Board Game Geek, and it was really a labor of love that started small and then just snowballed into something bigger. I'd be super happy if more fans wanted to check it out. Once again, big thanks to FFG for making my day! Thanks also to all of the BGG goers who thumbed my review and tipped me GeekGold. I'm so proud and happy for the positive response. My review is available here: Battles of Westeros: An Immensely Deep Strategy Experience [board Game Geek] Let me know what you think!
  3. Hi all, I have a question on ship transports and one on the Westeros Phase: 1) Does using ship transport count toward your army supply limit? Example: My position on the Supply Track states my maximum army size is 3. Can I March with my 3-sized army using my ship transports, or would that be breaking the Supply limit, as a 3-sized army + 1 ship = 4? 2) In the Westeros phase, do you reveal the details of all three cards to all players, then adjust Wildling track, then resolve the Westeros cards? I think it seems a bit weird that players would know exactly what will happen on the three cards before resolving the first. I guess maybe you're supposed to be able to plan your use of power tokens when bidding, based on what will happen on later cards (more bidding/Wildling attack)? How do you play the Westeros cards in your group, and exactly how do you think they are meant to be played based on what the rules say? Thanks!
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