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  1. In some stores in Madrid you can buy it… (I have done it.)
  2. starhawk77 said: I've been messing around with practically this exact list, but with two Mission Briefings instead of the Hit and Run. That´s exactly my deck…xD
  3. I have a doubt about this card, just because of the grammar. Burning Bridges Players cannot trigger abilities on character, location, and attachment cards in play. That "ON" means... - I cannot trigger the ability printed (or gained) on the character, locations or attachments... (I cannot play the Limited Response of the Castellan to kneel a character, because it reads "Limited Response: "You cannot use it this turn") or - I cannot use any trigger ability on any card on characters, locations or attachments ... (I cannot play a Distraction to kneel a character, because it is almost "Inmune to Trigger effects because of Burning Bridges") Thanks!
  4. Fieras said: I as waiting for the "what about iphone" comment. I´m not interested in any "war" involving diferent phones, only in having this AGoT stuff in my telephone...
  5. And can it be done also for iphone? Thanks.
  6. trumpets said: Btw, I'm from Macedonia! Shout out who knows where that is!!! I´ve been in Skopje several times...
  7. Rogue30 said: Masi said: I think the FAQ also says that House Card is not affected by cards unless clarified in the same effect. Which page? Mi mistake. Mixing rules.
  8. Twn2dn said: @Kennon: I think the clarification was added because the agenda says that your house card actually gains the +2 gold, etc. So technically speaking, the agenda gives the house card +2 gold, but then says such bonuses on other cards (including your house card) were void. I don't know anyone who would have interpreted the card that way...even in competitive play, I'm sure any TO would have allowed the +2 gold bonus. ~Like someone else said, maybe this was a Ktom thing. I think the FAQ also says that House Card is not affected by cards unless clarified in the same effect. So the House Card is affected by the +2G part, but not "Other cards you control"... so no errata was needed, IMHO... Anyway, now is easier to understand.
  9. Uncle Joker said: I am quite curious that why you would use Northern Scavengers (TRS) x3. Did it hurt yourself when you were not playing against House Stark or Lannister? Surely Fear of Winter T1, Scavengers, Rule by Decree T2...
  10. Silent_Winter said: Note 4 - perhaps next year won't be any screams about Walder Frey. Instead I leave the idea: what about Robb Stark? Never if a Spanish player is still standing!!
  11. Who is Kraznys mo Naklos?
  12. LaughingTree said: Sorry to be grammar correct but this is pet peeve: Masi said: We play great and we loose. It is lose, not loose. In English, "Perder" is "to lose". Thanks, I can´t remember all the verbs, and I thought that to lose was "lose, lost, loose" Anyway, I can remember Win...xDDDDD Next stop, Germany... (I am really not afraid of Netherland ...)
  13. From outside (Spain) it seems that in US you see Football as a "Girls game" (You even give it another name... ) Spain has one psicological problem in big tournaments when we reach quarterfinals. We play great and we loose. Last Eurochampionship were a step for us, and it was clear for the players they can win anything and anyone. If we can reach semifinals, I think that only Brasil can stop us.
  14. FATMOUSE said: Well, it kind of matters in terms of actual prizes and the actual game itself. For example, the champions in Europe don't get to design any in-game cards, while the "World" champions in America do. In general, I've gathered that FFG gives very little to no support to our European counterparts. I understand that FFG is a small American company, but it would be cool for those on the other side of the Atlantic to receive more official support. I guess one issue for FFG is that (I'm assuming) they have no representatives outside of the United States. This creates several problems; an example being that there would be no official FFG representative (i.e. Nate) at the "World" European Event. I think the best thing to do is have FFG provide more official support for Europe. The problem is, IMHO, that in Europe, (at least in France and Spain) that there´s another company that "manages" the game, (in this countries, Edge Entertaiment), and so it´s needed to have some understanding between them. If it´s difficoult to have one company trying to support a LCG game, trying to have 2, with all the stuff about rights, prizes, and so on, it´s almost impossible. But maybe treat European Campionship as they do American/Worlds would be nice.
  15. Hi! Can you say how many players of each House were in Joust? Thanks.
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