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  1. I might have remembered this wrong, but IIRC, there were talks of a Hybrid/Cadwallon gamebased on the Okko mechanics. Sady I can't say weather those were serious or just a series of "what if" forum posts, but it was an interesting proposal - Okko is a very interesting game.
  2. I think it would have been absolutely AWESOME if FFG used their experience and re-did Cadwallon RPG and even more so Hybrid (with Nemesis). They have the know-how and they have the license. They only need a good translator and they've won.
  3. Would also be interested in PoD Cadwallon material.
  4. beastmanlord said: set in a cyberpunk (mad max?) universe That would be your standard Postapocalypse, actually. But yeah, it would have been interesting to see.
  5. Thank you. Besides - you want to greet players of other major CCGs with open arms, not telling them to go learn a new language. If a game is good (and I have no doubt Invasion is), it speaks for itself (pun intended), even if through overused nomenclature from other games. Let it become known, that same aspects as in other games (deck and card types, strategies, general effects) are way cooler and more fun in WH:I. But again, if the slang develops by itself, I'll be the last to opose it (and I completely understand the excitement and drive for this game to make it big on the field). I just fear an "artificial" attempt might result in something else than what you guys are hoping for.
  6. I just hope they won't introduce new races at expanse of older, seemingly less popular ones. What might seem like a good thing to do (keeping things ballanced by simply putting an old faction on the backburner and filling the now empty "slots" of meta with a new race), can turn out ugly for loyal fans, who would feel their race got left out. I know it's somewhat farfetched without knowing the design policies on this game, but that's something I really wouldn't like to see.
  7. Slang is a bad idea. It makes newcommers feel stupid for stupid reasons - just because someone couldn't write "a really fast rush deck" or a "heavy hitter" instead. Besides, I think it promotes elitism to some extent. And I really can't help but think it at this point it's complicating things more than they should be. Nothing personal guys, but if anything, I prefer my slang to develop naturally, spontaneously.
  8. Well, if we're discussing folks of WH world, you can't go past Estalia, Tilea, the Border Princes, Araby and Kislev! The factions mentioned in first post, however, are the ones most likely to appear, I think. But dogs of war would have been a cool neutral faction (expensive specialists).
  9. Ok old sport, how about you let the whole Guilt thing to some fanatic Empire church and their Flagellants unit (when a unit under your control would be corrupted, you may corrupt the Flagellants instead). As I said; the whole flier idea I had, was so that you get as much people as possible to look into the game online and discuss it with you, hence perhaps getting you at least one more person to buy it "sight uneen" and break down the Core. Then, when you have the cards, you can organise a mini-event at the store, where you demo the game, show the stuff, talk to people. At the same time, try to promote the idea of a league, so when the store owner will order the Core sets, at the same time he can order the league kit and you get the league going. Things can move slow, as long as they move - I dn't expect you'll get a local league of 15 players from the get-go. But if there are even 4 or 5 folks playing, people will stop by and ask what you're doing. If you'll point out the LCG aspect and the GW license, you're granted to generate further interest.
  10. rickert said: Hidatom said: um...why not spend yout own money on a kit, use it and drum up interest...then have the store order one for a league How is a kit going to drum up interest when the store doesn't carry the game? I didn't see anything about the league kit's contents that would be helpful in selling people on the game. Well, it does have a poster and some stuff to give to interested people, which, if I recall, were amongst your ideas of a "support". But if you can't get your FLGS to order a few Core stes (as in two or three), than I fear your primary problem isn't with FFs policies. And maybe a paradigm shift for you there (and with it a whole new look at your issue); where I come from, interested players, not stores, drum up interest for a new game.
  11. rickert said: I'm not sure what you mean by buying a core set and distributing it and it only costing me $10. My bad, the Core set costs roughly 30$. So; 4 people buy a Core set (together) containing 4 decks and distribute the decks amongst themselves. Instead of buying a Core set all by yourself (which you're obviously not inclined to do), you (with a single act) make sure there are 4 other people interested AND get into the game with a minimal investment (about 7 or 8$). Savvy?
  12. I seriously hope your health is better than your luck with FLGSs ... regular players not interested in the new product that gets praise everywhere else, unless they get promos and/or demo decks? Store owner who isn't willing to risk some 15$ on the league kit (potentially on the core) and letting you do the drumming at the store? In my case we're still waiting for the core packs, but the owner says he'll get them somewhat cheaper and he's already making plans for breaking a few sets open and selling individual decks within (at prices beating CCG pre-cons) to those interested at this point (and that's before any of us even held a single card in our hands!) ... when we'll discuss the league, I'm sure he'll be interested as well (heck, he ordered the CoC league kit just because we liked the pins and tokens, and the two of us are practically the only people who play. Granted I gave him some small cash for the stuff, but it's called a gaming HOBBY). However, even though the above probably isn't of much help to you, I'd like to make a point; It's obvious FFG isn't going to change their ways much in the forseeable future (and you should have seen the uproar that was white borders on the CoC LCG). Your LGS doesn't seem like it is willing to help you much, but after your anallogy, this isn't suprising; if you're saying "why doesn't FFG take the financial risk with promotional material", than the lazy folks at your LGS can say "why doesn't this guy put his time and money into promotion". I know they're in for a profit, but that's obviously a subjective matter and they don't think they're loosing much. What I DO suggest, is something that would seem somewhat more constructive from my point of view; the time you've spent arguing why FFG is wrong up here would take anyone with zero graphic skills to put together a flyer with some WH-themed pictures and a descriptive text* inviting anyone interested to (and pay attention here) not demoing, but ordering a single core set and distributing it. My finances are severely limited, yet it was your argument that a CCG starter is a price someone is willing to pay in order to try a game ("before knowing how deep they want to go"). If you can't find anyone, or people loose interest after the Core try-out, than it would make little sense for you to inves further, I assume. But if your short-sighted store-owner sees the interest you're generating, I see no reason why he wouldn't wish to stock the product, even just for the loyal few. If that doesn't help, then my advice would be to seriously consider ordering on-line and getting together with other players elsewhere. So to sum it up; to achieve a simmilar effect potential FFGs help would provide, it would take you some half an hour or an hour's work, and about 10$ of investment (if that's to much of a risk capital, than I'm afraid this won't help). Granted it is guerilla, but here is what you should ask yourself; do you want to try at launching the game that obviously has your interest, or is it more about changing FFGs policies to what fits your expectations of a successful business which is AFTER they have resurrected two CCGs as LCGs and are launching a third in a time of global financial f**k-up)? * i.e.: - "Want to spend less on a CCG experience?" - "Want to game in a WH universe, but always end up with your fingers glued and paint all over the place?" - "Want to know what a Living Card Game is?" - "LCG - the CCG of tomorrow!" - "Command the forces of Order and Destruction in a LCG so cool even Karl Franz plays it!" - a series of posters; "A LCG so tactical even Karl Franz/so simple even Orcs/so fast even Elves/so solid even Dwarfs/so cool (bloody?) even Chaos plays it!" P.S.: I my experience fan-made "material" (read: posters) generates quite some interest; instead of thinking "what are they trying to sell me now, with this poster, lost amongst all others", people say "what is this game, that someone thinks so cool he made a flyer for it?"
  13. Darthvegeta800 said: Warlord is the AEG one right? Yeah I read it went LCG (kinda) after a while. Is it still alive actually? Warlord has been bought from AEG and turned into a version of LCG by some fan from Germany. It is healthy and ballanced, if somewhat "guerilla" in it's marketing.
  14. I would love to see a Homeworld miniatures game. With capital motherships and an absolute ton of smaller vessels.
  15. Mistersam; Check out Ganesha Games' Song of Gold and Darkness. I think you might like it, as one reviewer on BBG states; "In terms of feel, SGD feels more like the often revered Warhammer Quest (without the messy record keeping or mucking about with overworld travel) than other skirmish games like (the somewhat videogame-style) Descent, even though the latter is more similar from a technical standpoint."
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