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  1. Does anyone know the creator of the vassal mods for Eldritch Horror? The final three expansions are missing and I was just wondering if there were plans to add them, or for someone to take over and finish them off. Edit: if anyone has already created vassal mods for the last three expansions I would love to grab copies of them.
  2. I'll wait until I see a proper gameplay video before making a final decision, but so far if this is what's replacing Eldritch Horror I think I'm going to stick with Eldritch Horror.
  3. When you play a game of Eldritch Horror, do you put together everything from every expansion (spells, assets, encounters, etc), or do you only include the cards from the expansions you're using in that particular game? Does it keeps things more thematic if you only use the cards from the expansions you're playing with, or is theme not really a thing in Eldritch Horror?
  4. Does anyone have the collected fluff from the two leagues for arkham horror, like the Calvin chapters, or maybe links to where I can find it all on this site?
  5. I wish I could get everything, but that would be something like $700, which is a little out of my price range unless I can find some VERY good discounts.
  6. I have tons of cards from the Game of Thrones CCG, Chaotic, Hecatomb, Lord of the Rings CCG, Vampire: The Eternal Struggle, Warlord, and Guardians games. I'm interested in selling these cards, or trading them for Game of Thrones LCG cards (I only have the core set, so I'm interested in getting any and all of the expansions). Most of my card lists can be found here: http://www.tradecardsonline.com/user/shadowdragon however my list of Guardians cards can be found here: http://trade.mahasamatman.com/Guardians/list_show.pl?user=edwardsm If you are interested in making me an offer please send an email to me at: mtbedwards(at)rogers.com
  7. I got the Game of Thrones core set for christmas and now I'm wondering what I should be getting next. Therte are so many sets and it's all worth so much money it's all very overwhelming. So, what sets should I absolutely get, which sets should I avoid getting, which sets are obsolete because all the cards have been reprinted in newer sets? Should I avoid the 40-card packs and just go for the 60-card packs? Are the deluxe expansions still worth getting? Any help I can get on where I should go next with this game would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Is there a site or something that lists all the cards available in the expansion packs and shows how many of each card is in each pack?
  9. Ah ok, in that case I'll see what's available locally, or maybe wait for the new printing. Do cards usually change between printings, or will it all be the same?
  10. I loved VTES, but got out of it around Camarilla Edition. I've been looking to get back into it, starting from around 3rd edition onwards, but have decided against it. Now, if there was an LCG version of VTES I would jump on it in a heartbeat. It would have to be a complete reboot however, with new rules and everything.
  11. I really like the look of the Game of Thrones and Cthulhu LCGs and would really like to get into playing these games, but I see that they've been going for a few years now and am a bit confused as to where to start. I notice that the core sets for both these games are out of stock. Are they not being made any more? Have they been replaced or are there new core sets coming out soon? Are these games actually out of print now, or are new sets still being made?
  12. If a next act card is drawn as the first mythos card of the game is it discarded like rumour cards? Or does the game start with no gates in play?
  13. dkw said: If you are unable to Evade or defeat the Monster in 1 single roll, and either don't have or don't wish to use any items, special abilities, clues, or whatever to roll more dice, then you have to suffer the effects of losing the round of combat. Most often you will suffer Stamina Loss, or suffer the ill effects of the Monster's Combat Special Ability, per round that you can't win. The fight will keep going, round by round, until you end up with 0 Stamina, or the Monster's Special Ability results in the end of the Combat. Just remember that there are 2 types of Combat Bonuses, Magical and Physical, as there is also Magical and Physical Resistance/Immunity. What happens if you can't evade, can't get any combat dice, but use something like Flesh Ward to ignore all damage the monster does. Will this result in an infinite loop or is there a way out of this?
  14. When an Arkham encounter says that a gate and a monster appear does that add a token to the Doom Track? Does the investigator fight/evade the monster before getting pulled into the gate? Do the monsters stay on the board after the encounter is resolved? Does an investigator have an Other Worlds encounter on the same turn he/she is pulled through a gate in the Arkham encounter phase? Is an investigator delayed when pulled through a gate that opens during the Arkham encounter phase?
  15. An encounter for Bishop's Brook Bridge says ", move to any location or street area in Arkham." Can you move to a location or street area on the Dunwich board? The ruels say to treat Dunwich as if it were Arkham, but this encounter seems pretty specific. If it meant ANY location or street area wouldn't it have said ", may move to any location or street area."?
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