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  1. It looks like an almost exact duplicate of the map background from the app version of the game.
  2. The monster token indicates that a monster comes in to play when doom is placed on that token.
  3. Here's a guess at my win rates on the app: Yig: 99.9%. I find it's almost impossible to lose against him if you avoid killing the cultists with glyphs, and I've played him hundreds of times as filler, when I want a quick game. Wish they'd up his difficulty just a little. Tsathoggua: 75%. I've had some of my worst losses, score-wise, against him. There are some devastating combinations of midnight effects on adventures that can come up that are unique to him- I think I had one time where 6 doom were added at once. Nevertheless, I win most of the time. Hastur: 75%. I will often lose 1 of my 4 investigators against him due to the sanity loss that can occur at midnight, but I usually beat him. Azathoth: 65% Those 3-dooms at midnight are usually my undoing when I lose, but it's rare to get more than two in a single game. Cthulhu: 60%. I've played him often enough that I usually can judge the best time to go to R'lyeh. Factoring in my early losses here- I win fairly consistently now. I like this challenge the best of all of them. Pharaoh: 30%. I had more luck against him when he first came out, but I think they upped the difficulty with one of the updates along the way. It's been a while since I've won against him, although I usually make it to the 2nd final battle. Ithaqua: 15%. They're not kidding when they classify his difficulty as 'insane'. My 'perfect' win rate (beating all 3 final battles without failing once) is probably 5%. Grueling.
  4. I am a huge fan of all the other 'Arkham files' games, but had held off getting MoM because I only ever play with one other person and I didn't think either of us would enjoy the puzzle elements of the game (my opponent would have been terrible at them by himself). 2nd edition looks much more appealing with the app running the show and hiding things from you (and especially the ability to play solo), but, like ringskipper, I find the $100 price tag a bit daunting (no way I'm getting this as a birthday/ Christmas present). Definitely on my watch list, though.
  5. I've never had a problem focusing, either. I use iOS devices.
  6. The app is definitely harder than the 'base' box (which is notoriously easy), primarily due to the midnight mythos effects. You won't find any 'add 3 doom' mythos effects in the base boardgame like you do against Azathoth in the app, or even the 'add 2 doom' that usually comes up at least once a game against every other Ancient One in the app. The base game mythos cards just didn't add doom very consistently, and there were too many adventures that gave you elder signs, comparatively speaking. The 'Gates of Arkham' box expansion goes a long way to correcting this problem (although it means completely removing the base museum adventure and mythos decks). The 'Omens of Ice' box expansion, which is based off of the Ithaqua expansion for the app (which can be infuriatingly difficult), also presents a better challenge, and is more balanced than the app version.
  7. I've played Hastur many times and I don't think I've ever seen a mythos effect where you lose stamina playing him. I suspect what got you was a midnight effect from an adventure, which is different. Mary won't help you with midnight effects from monsters or adventures- she specifically counters mythos effects that affect investigators at midnight, not midnight effects themselves. Prioritize getting rid of those midnight effect adventures and monsters!
  8. Yeah, it isn't obvious at the start, but Mary's ability prevents mythos effects where you lose stamina/sanity or items. Essentially, it only triggers if the mythos effect affects an individual investigator somehow. It does not prevent the addition of doom tokens, monsters appearing, that sort of thing. That particular characteristic isn't always useful, since some AO's (like Yig, Azathoth, and Tsathoggua) pretty much only add doom and monsters. It will trigger occasionally against Hastur (who eats at your sanity a lot) and the harder AO's from the expansions. However, the use of locked dice can come in very handy, especially when there are a lot of them and the rest of your investigators are crippled. Tsathoggua has a unique monster that locks green dice, Hastur locks yellows a lot (which can trigger extra doom), and all the AO's make at least some use of green/yellow/red-locking adventures (and, to a lesser extent, monsters).
  9. No, you should be limited to a single item purchase or healing element per turn. If you have lots of trophies you wouldn't be able to spend them at once, on multiple items and healing at the same time. The boardgame (other than the store in the Unseen Forces expansion, where you can purchase mulitiple items at once) works much the same way.
  10. Glad to see Omens in the 'shipping now' category. This means I should have it in time for my birthday on the 19th. Can't wait to play!
  11. What ever happened with the updated FAQ? Although the site says it was updated last in 2014, the doc itself appears to have last been updated in 2012 - might even be the first version? Maybe that's a sign that the rule book for Gates was well written (and I'd agree with that), but I think we could still use official clarification with some stuff from UF (edge cases like order of events with activated terror effects combined with a terror result on the curse die, etc.)
  12. Looks like they varied it up from the app, too, which is always welcome. Can't wait!
  13. I don't want to bash the game, either, as I absolutely love it otherwise. I play all the other AOs regularly, and I have a very good win rate with all of them except the Pharaoh (it seemed when they first put that one out it was easier- I won it my third time trying, but I haven't won in quite a few recent attempts), but he still seems more balanced and fair than Ithy. I have to be in the mood for punishment to play Ithaqua.
  14. Yes, Dave, I have noticed this pattern, too. Whenever I get to the 3rd 'story' element towards the end with a good number of supplies I get that damned 'your horses fell off a cliff taking all your supplies' bit, and an almost guaranteed loss, no matter how well I was doing before. Really hate that one, as it feels cheap. If I have, maybe, 5 or fewer supplies, I don't think it comes up. I have also gone into the final battle with the gangster guy and several clues/extra dice and not rolled a single terror or peril.
  15. The boardgame is very different in a lot of ways. Until the most recent expansion (Gates of Arkham), there was nothing outside the museum. The base game and first expansion have a (justified) reputation for being very easy, primarily because of the wimpy mythos deck- no '3 doom at midnight' mythos events here. I think it's still fun, but nowhere near as challenging as the app. Allies are present, but also play differently. More 'gods' to choose from, each with their own special abilities, and you get to battle them if the doom track fills up by rolling a unique task repeatedly. I would recommend starting with the base game and the Gates of Arkham expansion. Unlike the app and base game, with GoA the adventures are hidden to start with, they take you outside the museum to Arkham locations, and all those adventures are currently new and not available as an app. There are no ocean/desert/arctic adventures in the board version at all. You'll have the option of playing with the base version in the museum if you want, too (most all those adventures will be familiar from the app). You may want to look at the Elder Sign boardgame forums for more details. Personally, I hope they have plans to turn Gates into an app version, too. Would probably need to be a completely new game, rather than an expansion, but who knows....