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  1. Actually, you do have the option to 'fail by choice'. Click on the banner with the adventure's title at the top after you are actively trying to complete it. This will bring up a screen where, at the bottom, you have the option to fail the adventure, rather than continue rolling. Huge time saver- I use that option all the time. If the adventure automatically failed for you once you don't have enough glyphs, I think many players (especially novices) would find this too jarring, and wouldn't understand why they failed. Better to let the player reason this for themselves.
  2. Yes, you've pretty much described it in a nutshell. The extra character(s) on the adventure (who would have failed it once already to still be there) can be used to lock an extra glyph after failing a roll. Unlike the boardgame version, though, the assisting character will not lose sanity if the adventure is failed again.
  3. xfoley96


    Your investigator stays on a failed adventure. You can opt to move away from it during the movement phase of your next turn (except for a couple expansion adventures where you're forced to stay until you succeed or die, or the AO awakens). I took a look at the rulebook, and I think you're right- this isn't mentioned specifically. However, the implication is there, since the movement phase occurs before you try to resolve an adventure, and the rulebook only tells you to return to the entrance if you succeed.
  4. Can't speak to Android specifically, but I doubt it's different than the iOS app. Pass and play only- no online play. Co-op online games would be difficult to implement online- I imagine a lot of rage if you're matched up with a random player online who isn't as familiar with the game or at your skill level.
  5. I agree with this. Why exploit it to make the game super-easy to win? You don't want the challenge and satisfaction of winning with a full, random team? Only reason I can see to solo is to unlock the mystery investigator. Once I unlocked them, I never played solo again. I've played so many times that inevitably I've won with a 4-player team with every AO. Admittedly, I think I've only beaten Ithaqua 3 or 4 times this way (and I've probably played him 80 or more). Somehow I managed to beat the Pharaoh 4-player the 3rd time I played him. I think FFG updated him to be harder after they released it, as I don't win a lot with him now (maybe once every 8-10 games or so). Whenever I play I do a random team, unless I'm playing several in a row and the randomizer is giving me a character I've already played. Despite the guy who adds +1 to an investigation roll being probably the most hated character, I've had some phenomenal games with him- I think I had him on the team once when I beat Ithy.
  6. It has been updated to 64. Sadly, it seems doubtful that they'll add new content. I really wish they'd do a Gates expansion, and hide the adventures, though I expect that would entail an entirely new app, as opposed to a cheaper expansion.
  7. I would love to be surprised with a new town expansion (like in Arkham Horror- Dunwich, Innsmouth, or Kingsport), but I expect they'll follow the pattern set up by the app, and we'll get the Pharaoh. I'll buy it, regardless. Hopefully, if it is Pharaoh, they'll come up with unique twists- it would be very disappointing if they tried to imitate the ally mechanic from the app.
  8. Yibb always frustrated me as I think he is the only AO where you could end up in a situation where he literally can't devour you. If you're playing with at least 2 characters and they are lucky enough to get the skills that heal another's health and sanity (in other words, one gets the skill that heals sanity of another player, and the other gets the skill that heals health of another player), and they both go into the battle with clues, Yibb can't defeat them, as they'll always heal. Same goes when playing with the doctor and/or psychiatrist from the base game (without the skills). If they had made it so Yibb took 1 sanity and 1 health, then only the extremely rare case of the doc getting the skill that heals sanity and the psych getting the skill that heals health (in the same game) would result in this situation. I think Yibb is supposed to be among the easiest to defeat in battle, but creating a situation where he can't defeat you is an irritating oversight.
  9. xfoley96


    It looks like an almost exact duplicate of the map background from the app version of the game.
  10. The monster token indicates that a monster comes in to play when doom is placed on that token.
  11. Here's a guess at my win rates on the app: Yig: 99.9%. I find it's almost impossible to lose against him if you avoid killing the cultists with glyphs, and I've played him hundreds of times as filler, when I want a quick game. Wish they'd up his difficulty just a little. Tsathoggua: 75%. I've had some of my worst losses, score-wise, against him. There are some devastating combinations of midnight effects on adventures that can come up that are unique to him- I think I had one time where 6 doom were added at once. Nevertheless, I win most of the time. Hastur: 75%. I will often lose 1 of my 4 investigators against him due to the sanity loss that can occur at midnight, but I usually beat him. Azathoth: 65% Those 3-dooms at midnight are usually my undoing when I lose, but it's rare to get more than two in a single game. Cthulhu: 60%. I've played him often enough that I usually can judge the best time to go to R'lyeh. Factoring in my early losses here- I win fairly consistently now. I like this challenge the best of all of them. Pharaoh: 30%. I had more luck against him when he first came out, but I think they upped the difficulty with one of the updates along the way. It's been a while since I've won against him, although I usually make it to the 2nd final battle. Ithaqua: 15%. They're not kidding when they classify his difficulty as 'insane'. My 'perfect' win rate (beating all 3 final battles without failing once) is probably 5%. Grueling.
  12. I am a huge fan of all the other 'Arkham files' games, but had held off getting MoM because I only ever play with one other person and I didn't think either of us would enjoy the puzzle elements of the game (my opponent would have been terrible at them by himself). 2nd edition looks much more appealing with the app running the show and hiding things from you (and especially the ability to play solo), but, like ringskipper, I find the $100 price tag a bit daunting (no way I'm getting this as a birthday/ Christmas present). Definitely on my watch list, though.
  13. I've never had a problem focusing, either. I use iOS devices.
  14. The app is definitely harder than the 'base' box (which is notoriously easy), primarily due to the midnight mythos effects. You won't find any 'add 3 doom' mythos effects in the base boardgame like you do against Azathoth in the app, or even the 'add 2 doom' that usually comes up at least once a game against every other Ancient One in the app. The base game mythos cards just didn't add doom very consistently, and there were too many adventures that gave you elder signs, comparatively speaking. The 'Gates of Arkham' box expansion goes a long way to correcting this problem (although it means completely removing the base museum adventure and mythos decks). The 'Omens of Ice' box expansion, which is based off of the Ithaqua expansion for the app (which can be infuriatingly difficult), also presents a better challenge, and is more balanced than the app version.
  15. I've played Hastur many times and I don't think I've ever seen a mythos effect where you lose stamina playing him. I suspect what got you was a midnight effect from an adventure, which is different. Mary won't help you with midnight effects from monsters or adventures- she specifically counters mythos effects that affect investigators at midnight, not midnight effects themselves. Prioritize getting rid of those midnight effect adventures and monsters!
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