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  1. I would also love to see Turbo Laser Turrets/Towers!
  2. I was just wondering if there are plans to "officially" update some monsters and conditions. There are several examples of older monsters who should cause some of the newer conditions. i.e. Burning, anything with fire breath,the Air elementals fire attack, the Lava Beetle's blast attack. Even entering Lava should cause Burning. I'm sure there are other conditions that could be applied to other monsters as well but these are just the most obvious.
  3. Does the Callidus Assassin's ability cascade? In our first game we had her roll a six, followed by "boxcars" each of those splitting off to two dice each and with the various sixes rolled ended up doing nearly 100 point of damage by the time she was done! While cool it DID seem like a bit of overkill. LOL
  4. jim_t_ca


    I can see a Space Marine only expansion, with rules for various chapter characters (i.e. Space Wolf, Blood Angel, etc) or maybe "character" types like Chaplain or Librarians.
  5. This issue came up during my Kessel Run final. My opponents Falcon was close to the edge of the table and executed a sharp turn. While he FINISHED completely on the table the manouver PATH caused part of his base to go over the edge. Since the manouver template didn't cross the edge the organizer ruled he did NOT disengage. I was under the impression that if any part of the base goes off the table the model is considered gone. While I'm fine with his ruling ( I STILL got a sweet Slave I figure ;-) for second place) it would be nice to get an official ruling on this. Does disengagement only happen at the end of the manouver or at any poing during? Thanks
  6. As the OL for my groups (I have THREE campaigns going on at once) I always choose my open groups randomly. This keeps ME on my toes and seems to create a fairer mix of battles. Especially since I can pick up stratagies from playing the same scenarios multiple times. As I've found out a group of 9 Kobolds with 3 master's splitting slow a hero group in a hallway just as much as a 6 space dragon if not ever better. Where as if I need to kill multiple targets, large numbers in a group are MUCH better than one BIG guy. Sometimes I win, MOST times I lose but it is still FUN not knowing ahead of time which monsters I will take for certain scenarios. Just MY two cents worth.
  7. In a two player game group limits limit large monsters to one minion. Are "named" minion monsters like Mauler and Ruin still considered minions for Karnon's Hero ability to instant kill? This ability makes him VERY powerful and makes for a VERY quick intro battle.
  8. Since the "Weapons Mastery" card implies that you can attack using two melee weapons, I need a clarification on how you can do this. Maybe I'm blind but I can't find a reference to it in the rulebook. On page 9 it states under ATTACK that "he may use one of his equipped weapons to attack a space containing a monster." And under "Declare Weapon and Target" it states "The attacking player chooses which of his equipped weapons to use for this attack…" Now I understand the need to choose a primary weapon for the attack but what if anything is the benefit of a second melee weapon? Now on page 12 it reads,"Only abilities on the chosen weapon may be used;" (Understood, but here is where I get a bit confused.) "if equipped with two weapons, abilities on the other weapon are ignored for the attack" Now does that mean only the "abilities" and NOT the dice? i.e. If I use a Steel Broadsword as primary with a Light Hammer secondary do I roll 2 blue,1 red and a yellow die ignoring the hammer's "ability " to boost or stun? I hope I explained my issue well enough.Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  9. Hello. As a new player I thought I would also add a question that came up in a game recently. We were near the end and about to close the last couple of gates. Two gates left to two different "other worlds" I entered the other world one turn and another player entered the same other world the turn after I did in case I failed to make it through. I DID manage to leave and close the gate but that left the other player "trapped" in the other world without a gate to return to Arkham. We assumed that he would be "lost in time and space" but could not find anywhere to say for sure. It's just as possible he would be trapped forever and lost. (Same as devoured) If anyone can clarify this situation any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks.
  10. Ok.I just picked up FOTB and I'm glad I'm not the only one missing #37. And I was ALSO surprised there weren't any generals. Still looking forward to playing this expansion though. :-)
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