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  1. Go old school, and scrimshaw them from whale bone, and dye them with various inks that you have plundered from other merchant ships. AAARRRRG!!!
  2. Compared to many games yes it is easy to pick up, I suppose the biggest thing for me is. i've played WHFRP so long i can wing it, the rules are in my head, i really dont have to look much up ever, or i can guestimate with great accuracy anyway. So for me the curve is more of giving up the old edition and learning the new one as well as I knew the old one. Is it worth it to me? Can you teach the old dog new tricks? I'm a little on the fence even after running a demo session. I know I love the dice pool and consolidated hit/damage/hurt mechanic... I just wonder if taking the best ideas of the new edition and going back and modding 2ed isnt a better way to go. At the very least it's certainly cheaper to buy the dice than all the other stuff. I have so many 2nd ed books i'll never run out of adventures so really. This game has to hook me, and so far it hasnt but I sorta want to be hooked, but then i dont.... ahahahaha I'm worse than a woman sometimes. No offense to women just pulling an old saying out concerning indecisiveness. I like girls alot
  3. I really like the dice pool. I could care less about the rest, nice but after running a 3ed demo, other than the dice. It didnt make me really want to jump editions. I still found myself needing to track things with paper and pen. As a player the experience looks fun. And as a GM it was fun, hell of a learning curve on the game I must say. I think I just might keep the fancy dice, toss the rest, and mod my 2nd ed books to use dice pools. Opinions?
  4. Yes, while that is true in real life, the mechanical abstractions of a fantasy game are exempt from literal simulation, what is fun and what is not fun/interesting/cool to play is far more important.
  5. While the Insanity Card is exhausted to produce the fortune tokens. It is not in play. Giving you a break from that insanity. Any other insanities of course are in play always. Keep it exhausted as much as possible. For those who enjoy warhammer roleplay over the years, and editions. How unbalanced it was actually created alot of appeal in the game. The way the setting created balance, and roleplaying created balance over "just stats and rules comparisons" If you consider the background and roleplaying, you can "balance" or "unbalance" any career character in the game. Most warhammer players when asked, hate games that focus on mechanical/meta game stuff and balance. which is why they enjoy warhammer in the first place. This new edition does however appear to be the most "balanced" and metagamed version. This has only ruined my appeal for the game actually. Tho there is still alot going for the game in other areas that holds my interest.
  6. The point is..... Why play a zealot without an insanity? The Zealot may exhaust a socketed insanity card to gain fortune dice equal to the rating on the insanity card. When it is exhaused the insanity it is not in effect. This can give you some strategies for gameplay, as well as an automatic roleplay hook. Allowing the purchase of insanities allows you to tailor what kind of crazy you are for roleplaying, and allow you to choose how big a fortune dice bump you are going to get. Perhaps you have one insanity that you always want on, because it can be beneficial to roleplaying or in certain situations. Leave that one unsocketed. Then pick another one with a big rating on it that doesnt cripple your character too much, and use that for your fortune bump. Without the insanities, the zealot is an average to poor fighter compared to the other fighting careers. And boring.
  7. I tend to discourage these things, while possible they are typically just power gaming fetishes. And take away from the game, rather than add it. I'm sure religous wizards are quite common. Don't make the gods angry. But really if you were a wizard odds are you are obsessed with that path, and the same with a priest. They might nod to the other way, but not ever be more than a dabbler. While warhammer has a career system, I think the mechanical aspect doesnt give justice to the concept of what you are talking about. Going from a warrior to a theif not such a big deal, learn some new skills, make some friends.. Magic and miracles... its not like working at taco bell one day, then switching to burger king because mechanically they are the same, just different flavors. Go for it though, when its all said and done, and you play that way, ur either gonna love it or hate it most likely. Same with the other players at the table. Setting purists are gonna be upset. Unless you weave a awsome tale of course to cover up the munchin ism of it. If I did do it, the character would be epic, the character would be as famous as sigmar, or teclis, think about it. And if that character is that special, the other players will feel crappy about it. I just think its a can of worms with little fun except for the guy who gets to play it.
  8. If you include the psychological effect of firearms, they are more effective. The noise and flash would be scary to ppl who don't see their use on a regular basis. Wild animals would be frightened off, possibly even monstrous wild animals. Perhaps the weilder gains Fear 1 in these situations, or most likely use it to enhance an intimidation roll. Given their cost, they also become status symbols. As long as its still a Roleplaying game, things should be examined not just by their stats. I have found warhammer thru the years to be a beautiful game, where all items, things are not created equal, and only shine when roleplayed correctly. And if you think it really sucks add more peirce or don't include soak for certain armor types, i think full plate, chain, and leather could still stop a bullet depending on range, and powder charge. Pistols having a smaller charge would not bypass armor as easy as rifles/blunderbuss. The easiest solution is to put items like this in a roleplaying context and give them qualities that shine.
  9. Dont forget a nice cut out of a effigy made of dung
  10. The guy who said just use GW miniatures, must be very wealthy indeed. If he would like to buy me sets of GW miniatures for christmas to use in my games, instead of infinetly cheaper card cut outs, please go ahead. I think even cheap minis are at least $1 per figure, GW's being $5 per figure and up,,,,, card board cut out, probally a penny, or a dime per at the most.
  11. It would be nice to see NPC's too, like ones that won't get a career card anytime soon or ever. Cook, Barkeep, Helga the serving wench, Nobles, Felix and Gotrek, ladies of the evening, And bunches of snotlings, gobbos, zombies, skeletons etc, to fill out those henchmen rules combats And of course, monsters without a faction, dragon, chimera, jabberwock, chamelioleech
  12. Will there be, packs where if I want to create a campaign in Sylvania, full of Undead stand up cut outs, crypt, cemetary, vampire castle cut outs etc? Like... Von Carstiens Revenge: The GM Toolkit bumper pack TM Vampire Castle locations: Crypt, Library, Throne Room, Cemetary, Torture Chamber, Posh Bedroom 1 Vlad Von Carstien : Looking devilishly handsome Stand up cut outs 1 Isabella Von Carstien: Smoking goth hot 1 Vlad Von Carstien: Really pizzed off fang fury version 10 WIghts 10 Zombies 10 Skeletons 3 Vampire Thralls 10 Sylvanian Peasants with pitchforks and torches 1 Out gunned Priest of Morr Can we expect to see products like this or in a simular VEIN oh, pun intended.
  13. yes, they are at my shop, however the shop I go to is the most complete RPG gaming store i've ever seen. the average price is .80 cents USD per die. A cheaper route is to repaint non engraved dice that you already have. add symbols and clear coat. The additional dice sold by FFG are a pre picked lot, which may or may not be what you need to help your dice pools and your groups dice pools It would be nice if FFG sold them individually online, or sold batches to retailers to sell as singles to customers.
  14. I see another alternative to buying blanks is to paint a printed die, not an engraved one, put decals or hand writing on it, then give it a sealing clear coat.
  15. By the way there are blank dice sold, copy the markings from the set on a printer that can print clear decals, or hand write them, paint the dice. May be cheaper than buying them, unless you dont care about paying $1 per dice, which isn't bad, but looking at the supplemental set for $12.95 you don't get enough dice to make a big pool, (read the set list and you will be surprised that its nothing compared to what you get in the main box) if you bought that set yo would still need to borrow from the GM, i'd imagine you need a couple sets, which will get pricey. With the make your own option you can get the dice you want based on your characters needs.
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