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  1. NICE!!! Can't wait to get my mitts on THIS one!!!
  2. As I normally do (!), I totally agree with ColtsFan! Why in the WORLD would FFG acquire the rights to a game and then sit back and watch it die? That makes no sense for a business, and FFG IS a business!!! I ALSO agree with those looking for SOME sort of NEWS!!! It would be nice to hear SOMETHING. Heroes would be super-sweet, of course. Someone mentioned hoping that FFG would release different armies (undead, for one) as I THOUGHT DOW was going to do. Here's hoping that this all takes place and we don't go the crappy paper map route again... SO...FFG...any news?!? Anyone? Bueller?
  3. Seems to me that some folks need to RELAX!!! The game JUST came out and the first expansion was released at the same time! Try putting yourselves in the shoes of folks who have been without an expansion or any HOPE of one for a LONG time for a favorite game (BATTLELORE!). Believe me, Talisman fans have NOTHING to compain about...
  4. WOW!!! THIS is what I've been looking for!!! Thanks for pointing it out! MUCH appreciated!
  5. Hi, All! Without going into detail, I am parting with my Descent collection. That includes the original game,WoD, AoD, and RtL. I'll be taking these to my area FLGS to part with them for store credit. Is there ANY way to tell what pieces go with which set? I have most of the counters and all of the cards figured out and just printed some pics from BGG of the hero figs from each set. What about the actual tiles? Any suggestions as to how to determine which of these came with each set? I don't want to shortchange that future owners!!! Help will be much appreciated! THANKS!
  6. Hi, All! This caused some confusion in our first revised 4th ed. game today. Monk's card reads "Your inner belief allows you to add your Craft value to your Strength during battle". Monk starts the game with a Craft of 3. This IS his "Craft value", right? A "battle" is defined as an enounter involving STRENGTH, right? SO his ability would affect STRENGTH combats, in which he would receive a +3 for the entire game (other Craft increases and bonuses would not count), yes?!? I felt badly for the fellow who was playing the Monk in our game as he just wasn't able to grasp this. THAT'S assuming that I'm RIGHT here!!!!!!!!! Or do I have it goofed up myself?!? Thanks for your help!
  7. I totally agree that six is TOO many for Runebound! Way too much downtime for my tastes, among other problems you mention. In my experience with the game so far, I enjoyed two players the most! I wouldn't give up on the idea of three or even four, but I'd cap it there. I think 4 is about the limit of the "sweet spot" for this game.
  8. yosemite


    There's a thread here on the Runebound FFG forum called "Update for 2nd Edition?" that may prove helpful. The topic has also been well-covered over on BGG. Here's a link to get you started... http://www.boardgamegeek.com/thread/296460 If you browse the various forums and threads over there, you'll find others addressing the topic. Have fun!
  9. yosemite

    The Reaper

    SO the Merchant is the one MIA from my set. THANKS!!!
  10. yosemite

    The Reaper

    Can anyone tell me who the 4 new characters ARE in the Reaper? I GOT mine today, but I received TWO Knight character cards! I also have the Sage, the Dark Cultist and, of course, the Grim Reaper. Who am I missing? I DID contact Customer Service via e-mail a few minutes ago and, based on past history, I KNOW things will be made right! Just wondering who this other person is that I have a plastic figure for...
  11. I played my buddy's copy of First Ed. once and was sort of underwhelmed. After reading so many positives about 2nd Ed., I picked it up and, for whatever reason(s), I found it to be a fun experience! (As I recall, we had 5 players in that first game. Too many for Runebound, in my opinion.) All those shiny new expansions only work with 2nd Ed. Another stinker for 1st Ed. owners. I would say that 2nd Ed. IS worth the investment. The on-line retailers average app. $35 for 2nd Ed., so that's not unreasonable. You might even be able to find one for less on eBay... Have fun!
  12. Talisman has the POTENTIAL to drag on awhile as folks resist heading into the Middle Region and further. Players often want to become uber-powerful before making that move. I think the Reaper expansion might help move things along a bit in this regard! Personally, I'm more a fan Talisman than Runebound, but I like them both and there's PLENTY of room for both to co-exist. Other than both being "fantasy boardgames", they don't have a ton of things in common. I look forward to playing lots of BOTH in the future! So many Runebound expansions owned, but so few played so far...
  13. Does anyone have ANY idea as to why FFG is making us jump through hoops for TWO CARDS?!? As someone noted above, they WERE just a part of the game at one time! I filled out the required form and dropped it off at my GREAT FLGS over the weekend. Eric (manager) and I had a good laugh at the form, which only asks for STORE information. How would ANYONE know I had filled it out?!? There's no space for my name!!!!!!!! HIS distributor told him the offer had expired. I e-mailed the FFG link to Eric that stated that it had been extended a week. I'm not allowed to drive at the moment for medical reasons and my FLGS is app. 25 minutes away, so I couldn't get it there sooner...someone had to drive me. My personal driving issue aside, does it seem to anyone ELSE that this is all just a bit much for two cards? Anyone have an idea as to the WHY behind all this?!?
  14. I'm just springing for the whole new game + the Reaper. I really dislike the idea of having to consult a piece of paper as opposed to just looking at the board. The Upgrade Pack is a good idea. I'm just too much of a fussbudget about the game to enjoy that "fix" to the BL version. I heard from my FLGS today and both Talisman AND the Reaper are waiting for me! SWEEEEEEEEEEET!!!
  15. Well, I FELT like we cheated!!! But I can't find anywhere in the rules or FAQ's that shows exactly where we went wrong. Not ALL card effects are investigator-only. So is there a ruling somewhere on this?
  16. yosemite

    Events page?!?

    So there's NOT such a space now, I guess?!?
  17. Hi, All! Have been playing AH for some time now and ran into a quirky situation in today's game. Apologies if this has been addressed before... We had a headline or environment card, an on-going effect that stated that no spells could be cast. One investigator had joined the Silver Twilight Lodge and drew a card, reading the Inner Sanctum section. THAT card said that a Lodge member was casting a spell on him!!! Since no spells could be cast, we decided it didn't happen. Does the on-going effect ONLY affect investigators or did we rule correctly? THANKS!
  18. yosemite

    Events page?!?

    Hi, All! Is there a Forum page (or ANY page) to post announcements re. area gaming events involving FFG titles? We have a newly-formed boardgame group meeting tomorrow for our second meeting and it struck me that, while I've posted the info on BGG, I wondered if FFG had a similar place for such announcements. Arkham Horror was a BIG hit at our first meeting, so that one will be a regular! THANKS!
  19. Hi, All! I'm becoming more than a bit concerned re. my plan to just buy the Upgrade Pack for my BL 4th edition. From what I'm reading, the new FFG board is different + that edition has new, jazzy counters for Life, Craft, etc. (My mistake...when I ordered the Upgrade Pack at my FLGS, I thought those were included!) DO I understand that the mistakes on the BL board have been corrected on the FFG board? Maybe I should pony up the bucks and just buy the new edition?!?!?!?!? Is the Upgrade Pack enough to put me in "compliance" with the Reaper and other new expansions or are those just for the FFG version? Thought I had all this worked out, but now I'm SO confused... I've been a huge fan of the game since 2nd Edition. What to do?!? ANYONE?!? THANKS!
  20. Most of our games have been from 4 to 6 players. We've found we can count on nearly 5 hours including set-up and teardown time. Not a short game by any means, but loads of fun!
  21. When I played 2nd Ed. with my kids years ago, we always picked our characters. Like you, we'd get bored with the same one after a couple of games, so we'd choose a different one that we hadn't played before. But, of course, a few folks wanted to play the same "winner" every time... Recently, I picked up a neat mechanic from another fantasy game from Another Company...!!! Depending on the number of players, we deal a few characters to each players. Let's say each player gets three random characters. You pick ONE you want to keep and pass the other two to the player to your left. Then repeat the process as many times as the number of players you have. You may decide to keep that very first character you chose, or you can pass that one in favor of another one that someone passed to you! We've found this to be a fun compromise between a one-shot random draw (no fun) and simply choosing a character (too much control). You might want to give this method a shot!
  22. Thanks for the link to this! I printed out my form and will e-mail my FLGS in a few minutes. I'm not sure I'll be able to GET there by the 12th (long story), but I'm betting they'll pull some cards for me...! Thanks again!
  23. Chiming in briefly re. the expansions. First off, congrats on picking up a NICE package of B'Lore on eBay! Getting the Hill Giant and EE is a nice bonus! Re. expansions, I agree with Brian's thoughts (as I do most of the time!). Goblin Skirmishers and Dwarven Battalion would be a terrific place to start. Goblin Marauders and Scottish Wars make a great pairing and, finally, the 100 Years War. I've continued to resist the Troll pack due to the price. $18 for a paper map and one plastic troll hardly strikes me as a bargain. I'm hoping it'll hit the 50% off bin before long and I'll grab one then...! Have fun!
  24. You might try increasing the character's starting strength and craft by one or even two points. I've been playing since 2nd edition came out, and the usual problem is that players don't feel confident about heading toward the middle of the board until their stats are sufficiently high. Of course, some folks think those numbers have to be astronomical before venturing in! Try bumping those starting stats a bit and see if that speeds things along a bit. Have fun!
  25. WELL, they're both fantasy-themed boardgames, but they're quite different past that! There's no reason both can't do quite well! I really enjoy them both and look forward to good futures for both titles...
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