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  1. FragMaster said:

    Trump said:

    You KNOW there'll be people who are upset that the two games aren't compatible and they wouldn't even think they were if there wasn't a Battlelore logo on BoW.  Also, this has rubbed most of the existing BL owners the wrong way and if a BL expansion doesn't show up fast to turn the tide there may be an irreparable loss of goodwill.


    Yes. Exactly that. There are those people that ALWAYS get disappointed from anything but in this case there are lots of people {me included} that just couldn't "get" why the hell is BattleLore written on this game's box.

    It did rub me the wrong way and it did caused frustration even anger. BL is my favorite game and I hate to see it raped that way. I'm waiting for a good fat BattleLore expansion announcement fast because there will be indeed an irreparable loss of goodwill on my part. Until then I'm left with a feeling of betrayal.

    I don't even know if there is anyone from FFG still reading what we write in the BL forums. Or maybe they have all moved down to talk with the new kid on the block, Battles of Westeros. sad.gif

    Very very disappointed indeed.....

    MAN, this captures my feelings exactly! It just seems that FFG is trying to pull a bait and switch on the BattleLore crowd. I've loved BattleLore since the initial release (and the OTHER Commands and Colors games as well) and I could have easily been convinced to buy Westeros on the strength of the words "a BattleLore game". THEN I read the info. on the website and found that it's NOT.

    The whole thing leaves me scratching my head. I'm watching for more from FFG and, more importantly, from one of my favorite game designers, Richard Borg himself...

  2. HOW is this game connected to BattleLore in ANY way other than having "a BattleLore Game" printed on the box? True, it has dice, cards, and minis. Does that make it a BattleLore game? If so, I guess my little Toyota Echo is actually a Lamborghini. At least, I'm going to start CALLING it that! They both have tires, a motor, and a horn.

    Does anyone understand how FFG is getting away with this? I can see WHY they'd do it. I just fail to see the connection between the two.

  3.  Thanks for all the input, everyone! My friend picked up his copy of RW yesterday, so I'm sure it'll see some table time at our game club SOON! Looking forward to taking it for a spin and HOPING a game doesn't drag on toward that dreaded six hour mark... gui%C3%B1o.gif 

  4.  THAT'S for sure! I certainly am intrigued with the game! I think my best strategy is to hang back app. 6 months and see what (if any) "fixes" are up for the game. Could be as simple as errata or as "complex" as an expansion to "fix" the base game (my understanding is that the expansion "fixes" TI:3 to some extent). 

    In the meantime, I can read lots of reviews and maybe have a chance to kick the tires myself with someone else's copy before taking the plunge myself...  lengua.gif

  5.  Thanks for the input! The boredom in TI:3 is basically in the downtime. To be fair, the games I've played have all involved at least one AP player, who must analyze everything TO DEATH before deciding what to do. This, of course, adds to the already long downtime. Our sessions have gone 5 -6 hours each time (either three or four sessions, I believe) and we've never actually finished a game. Maybe I just need closure...  gui%C3%B1o.gif  Almost forgot...the games I've played were base game only, no expansion.

    I guess I enjoy a bit more combat in my games than our TI:3 sessions have tended to involve. The political end of things does tend to head toward boredom for me.

    Thanks again for the comments so far!

  6. Hi, All! I am REALLY on the fence re. pre-ordering Runewars and am looking for someone to push me one way or the other!  :)  I'm reading posts that compare the game to TI:3. I have NOT had ANY good experiences with that game and find it quite long and tedious. Any insight here? Am I getting into the same thing with Runewars?

    I don't really ming LONG games, but boredom is right out!!! THANKS!

  7. Hi, All! Ran loads of 1st and 2nd ed. WFRP over the years. It's been a favorite for a long time, with only Call of Cthulhu beating it out for my #1 favorite RPG!

    Initially, my response to the new v. 3 was...meh. Looked like an upgraded Descent or somesuch. I've looked at the combat examples and the video intro and now I'm...intrigued. 

    Here's my question...scenarios. I generally don't take the time to design my own and usually depend on published stuff. What's the outlook for published scenarios for v.3? In addition, what's the likelihood of being able to convert older adventures to the new format? On the surface, it seems like that would be tons of work, if not downright "un-doable".

    Any thoughts? Thanks!

  8. I have the original version and I JUST picked up the new one from FFG! The old one just suffered from one problem, one typical of several GW games from that period. You spent a LOT of time referencing the rulebook re. special cards and what they did! Looks like the new card layouts in the FFG release will take care of this. It's a cool little game. Give it a shot!

  9. Hi, All! I'm teaching Runebound 2nd Ed. at out game club tomorrow. I have NOT used the Doom Track or Travel Hazard variants in the past. First question...do YOU use them and, of so, do you recommend them? Second question...should I plan to use either or both of them tomorrow?

    My concern is what these variants do to game length. Time will be a bit limited tomorrow so, if these variants make the game LONGER, I would not want to try them tomorrow!

    Your thoughts would be appreciated. THANKS!

  10. We played a 5 player game last Sunday with the Dungeon. Four of us actually went IN and NONE of us tried going all the way through!!! We found the "regular" monsters in the dungeon to be tough enough, let alone the guy at the end with 12/12!!!!!!!!!  sorpresa.gif  Holy Crap! Seems a tad overpowered to me, especially since you have to beat him by a good margin to get teleported to a decent spot. We'll definitely have future tries at the dungeon, but our first go-round was intimidating...

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