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  1. Ferau


    ROLE: GM (I'm willing to play, too, but I can definitely start a group) LOOKING FOR: Group, Players TYPE OF GAME: Face to Face SESSION SPECIFICS: None specified REGION: Portland OR, Inner - Preferably at Guardian Games SESSION TIME AND TIMEZONE: After 5PM Monday, Wednesday, Thursday or Saturday early Afternoon PST GAME STYLE: Any GAME SPECIFICS: Deathwatch COMMENTS: Sorry, for the double post, but I couldn't find the edit function.
  2. Ferau


    ROLE: Player, GM LOOKING FOR: GM, Group, Players TYPE OF GAME: Face to Face SESSION SPECIFICS: None specified REGION: Portland OR, Inner SESSION TIME AND TIMEZONE: After 5PM Monday, Wednesday, Thursday or Saturday early Afternoon PST GAME STYLE: Any GAME SPECIFICS: Deathwatch COMMENTS: I'm an experienced player in the WH40K Rp setting, I had an ongoing Deathwatch game a few years ago and I'd like to get back into it.
  3. While he definitely takes liberties with the setting, Abnett (and maybe Sandy Mitchell) is the only Black Library author who has even come close to making it feel lived in. His characters, while maybe not the most original, are interesting and instantly relatable. His approach to technology and eveyday life in the Imperium makes it seem more believable. Before Abnett the constant hyperbolic nonsense of this setting was an indecipherable braindead mess.
  4. It's a long, complicated story but I think the best character death I've had so far is in Dark Heresy, though I've seen some great ones in Deathwatch as well. Our newly minted Inquisitor killed himself when he realized that he'd been lured into a Tzeenchian plot to fight his old master. They were unwitting champions of a chaos power and if one of them died by the other's hand, the daemon would be released. The only way he could be sure to rob the daemon of victory was killing himself. Or at least that was his ultimate conclusion. No pun intended. It was heartbreaking to see the realization dawn on my player's face, but he never hesitated. He was a true servant of the God-emperor.
  5. A list of deaths and extremely painful Fate Point Burns: * Blood Angels Librarian dies holding off a Necron Lord as the rest of the Kill-Team redeploys from a tomb that is about to explode. Kill-Team burned Fate Points because they didn't get the idea fast enough. * During the same mission, our Blood Angels Tech Marine loses an eye and burns a Fate Point to a Gauss Blaster. * Imperial Fist Librarian dies after getting a dose of Dark Eldar Vitae Rebellion to the face from an Archon. * Blood Angels Tech Marine loses his other eye and burns another Fate Point to a Slaugth Intendent wielding a Necrotic Lance. * Ultramarines Tac Marine, already very hurt, cripples a Necron Lord. Necron Lord locks down his armor using a Night Rod a moment before teleport extraction (due to another detonating alien base - I promise not all of my ideas involve last minute withdrawals from alien installations.) Aforementioned one-eyed Blood Angel, as he teleports away, fires at the Night Rod and destroys it. The resulting explosion kills the Ultramarine Tac Marine and his lifeless body teleports away. None of these deaths are cheap. In every case, my players see them coming and meet them head on, like an Astartes should. Death in a game is important. Your players need to feel that their actions have consequences.
  6. Agreed. It's very cool and welcome. I just wish I could get it to work in my PDF reader. The sidebars are illegible on both my laptop and my iPhone, yet for some reason i can read it on my work computer.
  7. JuankiMan said: Very true, but I just find it a lot harder to make a Dark Eldar "fit". Kroot are easy, as long as you disregard their distasteful eating habits they're loyal, pragmatic and completely unbiased, so they're perfect mercenaries. Orks are volatile, but at least they tend to be simple and unsubtle so at least you know where they're coming from and will remain loyal as long as you perform regular shows of force. But the Dark Eldar has personal habits more distasteful than the Kroot's, is almost as volatile than the Ork and is assured to be inherently disloyal. And worst of all, unlike the former, the Dark Eldar plots. Kroot are spiny cannibalistic bird-people. I hardly think their habits are more acceptable than a Kabalite's penchant for cruelty. Similarly Orks are violent green monstrosities that tend to procreate when they bleed. I know MY Rogue Trader wouldn't appreciate a bunch of snotlings running around his ship, just because his exotic mercenary bled on the deck plates. DE are at least relatably humanoid. JuankiMan said: The rules for mutiny say otherwise Well then, it looks as though your concerns are addressed. The RT had better make sure that he keeps an eye on his Xenos crew-member and makes sure that his presence isn't disruptive enough to seriously damage ship-board operations. It's also likely that any DE or pretty-much any Xeno PC is going to keep to themselves as much as possible, either because of his disdain for filthy mon-keigh or for his own safety. JuankiMan said: Like you pointed out yourself, Dark Eldar are cunning and patient, so it will obviously not try to backstab him when he is in a position of strength surrounded by subordinates. He'll wait until he's weak, vulnerable and/or distracted. Perhaps when the rivals the Xenos sold him to are storming his house. As the saying goes "Fear the wrath of a patient man". The game play that would lead a DE character to that sort of action would be compelling storytelling, if you ask me, and has the potential to encourage inspired roleplaying from a mature player. JuankiMan said: N0-1_H3r3 said: And if you don't want them in your game, don't allow them. Just because you're not sold on the idea doesn't mean that others won't jump at the opportunity. That's beyond the point. I see no reason why such a thing should prevent debate on the matter. But the thing is I'm personally amazed that so much effort is dedicated to what I initially believed to be a niche class. I specially find it odd that playable Dark Eldar appeared before regular Eldar, which carry their own amounts of baggage but at least understand the benefits of mutual cooperation. DISCLAIMER: This is not Eldar fanboyism. Personally I despise the Eldar as a race, but I still find the whole matter odd regardless. It's not beyond the point, it's exactly the point of ANY of these books. And No-1 isn't trying to stifle the discussion, he's just drawing attention to the ultimate freedom that we all have as gamers. The playability of the DE is likely more related to the subject of the Adventure than anything else. Coupled with the fact that their new codex was released recently, this decision was easy for them. I don't doubt that there is an active campaign at FFG to get playable Craftworld Eldar into the game, maybe they're being saved for their own game, who knows? Full Disclosure: I AM a Dark Eldar fan-boy. Edit: Sorry for the screwy quotations.
  8. Funny you should mention the connection between the two, did you notice that the artwork here is more or less recycled from the sketches of the Slaugth Infiltrator from MitM?
  9. I snagged a copy from Guardian Games in PDX the week it came out. They're generally pretty good about getting FFG books on time.
  10. I don't think I'd ever allow someone who'd waste game time like that even look at the Dark Eldar rules, let alone play one. Then again, I'm pretty careful about who I allow around my table.
  11. I kind of miss the Hail of Splinters weapon quality from PtU:Shades of Twilight. All of the splinter weapons in that adventure had Tearing when fired full auto. Then again, those weapons weren't Toxic.
  12. Ah well. I guess I can use the Mandrakes from BC and give them some talents from this book. BTW, are Mandrakes still cannibalistic warp-ninjas in the new codex? I've only seen the new models, I have no idea what their new rules are.
  13. So, back on topic, ARE there NPC Mandrakes and Haemonculi in the book? I'm specifically looking for Mandrakes.
  14. It's been said before. FFG never marketed this book as a DE sourcebook. They said it was an adventure book, featuring the Dark Eldar, with rules for making a Kabalite Warrior. That's it. Full Stop. No-1 already said that he wrote more than could fit in the sourcebook part. It was an adventure book. They cut the non-adventure stuff for the sake of The Adventure. What's the problem here?
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