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  1. I should have been more clear. What I meant to say is that once you have control of a CP area you IMMEDIATELY increase you point total. Vice versa if you lose control of the area you IMMEDIATELY lose the points. Make sense?
  2. I am not sure if I like this game or not. But I don't think I have played it enough that I can form a solid opinion on it or not. I do know that I have never won a game of it yet which might be coloring my opinion a tad. One thing I do know is that I don’t like how the point scoring works. With the command points accruing throughout the game. I much prefer the way points are awarded in Twilight Imperium – based on objectives. With that in mind I propose the following variant: Whichever player reaches 15 conquest points first wins the game. Receive conquest points equal to the number of Conquest Point Territories that your faction controls. You retain these points only as long as you control these areas. If you lose control of the area you lose the points. If you build a base on the territory you double the conquest value of the territory. If, at any time, you achieve your special victory condition you receive 4 Conquest points. Once received, these points may never be lost. You may only qualify for your special victory objective once per game. You receive conquest points for completing the following objectives. Each may be only qualified for once per game. This round I eliminated a faction from the game – 4 conquest points. This round I destroyed another faction’s only remaining base – 2 conquest points. I control the most areas on the board – minimum 7 – 2 Conquest Points I control more areas containing minerals and/or gas than any other player on the board. - 2 Conquest points. I have 3 bases on the board – 2 Conquest Points I now spend 10 Gas – 2 Conquest Points I now spend 10 Minerals – 2 Conquest Points I control every area in at least 2 different planets – 3 Conquest Points These are just off of the top of my head. To take the variant further one could make many more objectives and randomize them taking it even further in the direction of TI3. Feedback is welcome.
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  4. This is going to be a dumb question but bear with me: When all the heroes are in town and it is the Overlords turn - he gains threat and draws cards as usual but is he allowed to spawn monsters anywhere and move them around as he likes (within their movement rates anyway) ?
  5. I'm not so much worried about content - just a fast and easy way to generate that content
  6. Beren_Erchamion said: Oh, and Mike_Evans who you guys seem to hate has been able to add to his as well.... What is that supposed to mean exactly? I may not agree with everything Mike says but I've hardly interacted with him enough to have him on an hate list.
  7. I guess it's more just wishful thinking on my part - I think that it would certainly be awesome to be able to produce new components for TI3, in a fast, easy manner and in such a way that they were indiscernable from the actual components. A pipe dream i know but I'll keep searching for the grail I guess.
  8. So I just bought Descent: Journey in the Dark and while I was digging around looking at the various house rules and variants that people have come up with I came across a link for the Unofficial Descent Card Editor - which basically allows anyone to make their own variant cards to add to their game in an easy to use format. My question is why I have never come across such a thing for Twilight Imperium. With all of the talented people on these boards and over at the wiki and all of the wicked variants that people have come up with for this awesome game I can`t believe that something like this hasn`t been created already. Of course it might have been and I just haven`t seen come across it yet. If it has - someone please point me in the right direction - if it hasn`t someone please do this - I would take up the cause myself if I had the technical know how. Anyway - here is a link to the Descent one if anyone is interested...just some food for thought. http://descent-jitd.wikispaces.com/Descent+Tools Edit: Spelling
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