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  1. Interesting, I haven't thought about it like that, but I see your point. I mean, you could still break up to two ices on the same subsystem and use enact command maneuver to do something on the subsystem itself afterwards before you get thrown out by ice reactivating. In any case, now I think it doesn't reactivate automatically but rather states that it can't be reactivated by sysops in that time-frame, because otherwise sysops activate program maneuver would be too strong. I.e. runner breaks the ice, uses one advantage to keep it deactivated one round longer, sysops just spends one maneuver and reactivates it throwing runner out of the subsystem without any cost almost.
  2. Personal stories look just like those one in the Arkham Horror, it was fine addition there in my opinion, and it looks like it could shake some things up here also. I think EH is little tighter to say it like that, where you don't have much time to wander around like you did with AH, so it may lead to more failed stories or maybe more "selfish" plays, I guess it depends on the group. In any case we will see... That said, I'm really excited for campaign play, it could be huge and it could change the game a lot. Other than that they didn't go much into details, so I'll wait to see what we can expect. It could be last expansion...
  3. Hey guys, I'm part of "plus dva na rol" group. We recently managed to score -22 in a game against Rise of the Elder Things. Just wanted to clarify that it wasn't a typo or something similar. We started with "The Coming Storm" prelude. It opened one more gate on Tokyo and caused a surge there, but we got a lot from it. I played as Rex and started with +2 on influence with 1 focus and 1 clue. Marie got 1 focus and 1 clue plus Astral Travel which was really great for her along with her Voice of Ra. Hank started with Bless (because of an asset service) with +1 on strength. I've killed all of the monsters on Tokyo with some service which inflicts 4 damage on each monster on a space and everything went smoothly from there. We got Wind Walker as a bonus rumor which was quickly dispatched by Hank with Carabine rifle and bless. Same goes for Rhan-Tegoth. Marie got that tome which grants you spells on rest if you pass lore, she quickly acquired large amounts of it because of her ability to perform same action twice. Everything went from good to great when I as Rex fetched Mi-Go Braincase, ally that gives sanity and clue on monster kill, plus that artifact weapon that gives additional clue from defeating the monster and Marie got Healing Ward, Witch Doctor (which we easily passed to Rex) and Gate Box. We even had some harder mythos cards, but most of the time they haven't caused us any trouble. Had one that discards half of the items, one for half of the spells which inflicts sanity damage equal to the number of remaining spells (Marie had to take 4 sanity dmg but prevented it with Instill Bravery spell with 3+ successes) and one that impaired highest skill 3 times. Mysteries were really easy since most of the times we just spent clues from them and with all those items we just got them back quickly. Few rounds before the end we already had all clues from the pool with us and Hank even had that card that can prevent any clue or spell discards, so we just hoarded all clues on him whenever we could. Soon after Marie got Asenath Waite (she nets you 1 spell and prevents one gate with monster from spawning for 2 spells), and we knew we are in for the almost perfect game. We retreated doom as much as we could through tasks/services/expeditions and closed up all remaining gates and killed all monsters on the board. We had everything in our arsenal, from shotgun to plethora of spells on Marie with all clue generating items, Witch Doctor on Rex which had all improvements on +2 and all kind of combat equipment on Hank. Ended the game with no gates, no monsters, 15 doom, with 22 clues and 1 curse.
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