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  1. Slev said: Compairing minis costs between these suppliers though pre-supposes several items which are not necessaraly true. As an example, GW's figures are highly detailed and at around 28mm scale, Reaper are the same size but not as detailed, although they are still very nice. Further, it depends on the production conditions, bundled services, etc, etc, as to what the overall product is. Classing each item as just the figure is something of a fallicy. Regardless, the Decent Lieutenant figures are very nice, but something of a rip-off. I mean, £12 for Eliza Farrow! It's absurd. They are better detailed than the normal Descent figures, but GW prove this can be done with styrene plastics too. As far as pre-painted goes, I have to re-undercoat and re-paint the figure, which the pre-painting makes more difficult, especially as vinyl is awful to work (in this case strio0 in the first place. As a result, this would detract from, rather than enhance, the price. The price point is higher because of the quantity expected to sell, I'm sure. If they had the hobbyist base of Warhammer, they would assuredly use plastics, but as it stands, the cost to produce plastics is much higher initially than metal. The plastics are really expensive to cast and get the molds up and running properly, but then cheaper when enough sales are made eventually. Metals are much less risky on the business side of things. But yes, in general, you pay for quality. The Lt figures are of higher quality than the plastics descent minis, some of us appreciate that and are willing to pay the premium. But you have to remember they are a business, so profits first.
  2. The metal Lt minis are great. Much better detail than plastics allow. But of course, non-hobbyists probably don't care about the detail level since they don't paint them, so I see that as a valid argument too.
  3. You guys are missing the fact that the average mini price is around $8.00 for a single mini. Granted, these are exceptional minis, and pre-painted isn't a selling point for hobbyists, but 6.50 a mini is cheap.
  4. jwdenzel said: Can somebody post a scan of what this looks like? No need for a full map or page, just a portion so we get the idea. Thanks That seems like a lot of work, so try this: open up any of the map books you have and imagine that everything is the same, except the map, in it's entirety, is rotated about 1-2% clockwise. Not incredibly off, but just enough to notice. Then, the title of each quest is also tilted, but not with any kind of conformity between the two tilts. It's completely artistic, and not really anything to get up-in-arms about. Just a slightly skewed map and quest title. Other than that the entire book follows the standard quest layout format, for the most part.
  5. Big Remy said: KevinW said: I'll have a look this week and see if I can address at least some of the questions. Thank you sir. It does mean a lot to the players to see the designers take an active hand in resolving issues when they arise. Ditto. That's the only realistic thing we can ask for.
  6. Antistone said: pinkymadigan said: Amazing that they bothered to answer this and yet we can't get rules answers on the multiple mistakes and mixed up/left out/misplaced passages/rules in the book. I've had my questions in since the day after Gen Con. Not that amazing. They had a bunch of guest writers for this book, right? Which means if there's a mistake with the quest rules, they need to track down the guest author and figure out how it's supposed to work, which may involve a back-and-forth discussion clarifying any misconceptions the guest writer may have had about the game or the components, and making new decisions based on the new information (which then ought to be playtested before they're released, though there's no guarantee that would happen). And that's assuming that the guest writers are willing to spend more time talking and answering questions without demanding more money, and that FFG is willing to admit to them that their editing process up to this point has been totally inadequate. Checking whether the images were slanted intentionally is probably much simpler and less embarassing, especially since the answer is "yes." Ha, all too true. I guess I wasn't really amazed so much as annoyed.
  7. I considered that after two weeks and reposted my questions to general customer service, which has responded very quickly to me before, asking them to forward the questions to the appropriate parties. No answer.
  8. mordak5 said: Not sure how you are getting 8 attacks to be honest, I assume you are Hero with 7 fatigue as standard, cos you used 6 to rapid fire 3 times then 1 to drink a potion (which regains 3) then spent another 6 to get rapid fire another 3 times (+ 2 standard battle attacks I assume). Thats a lot of fatigue 13 by my count? and you started with the 7 you spent + 3 from potions = 10? So I assume it must be a Hero where you've bought extra fatigue. That would be accurate if fatigue potions were health potions, but they are not. Fatigue potions restore a full compliment of fatigue. EDIT: ninja'd -Sam has it right.
  9. Schmiegel said: Which quest numbers are considered flawed? Is there any consensus about house rules or the best way to address them? Thank you. I gave a pretty good detailed account in the first 4 or 5 posts. No general consensus has been reached, though some might seem obvious and your group can probably decide one way or the other on most of them. FFG has so far been completely unresponsive to my requests for rulings on the items detailed.
  10. KAGE13 said: pinkymadigan said: KAGE13 said: ok, now I know its a printing error, becuase all my Titles are crooked. You can tell it's not an error because your borders aren't crooked. Ya but why are my titles crooked? and some are more crooked then others...a few I can barley tell, others are way out of wack. FFG as always were quick to answer. This WAS an artistic choice, and will probably not change with a reprint. I think it was a very bad choice, because it looks like crap, but hats off to them for answering me quickly. I guess we can't always agree 100% of the time with our favorite gaming company. Amazing that they bothered to answer this and yet we can't get rules answers on the multiple mistakes and mixed up/left out/misplaced passages/rules in the book. I've had my questions in since the day after Gen Con.
  11. kalle said: pinkymadigan said: By a Brother Betrayed: Specifically mentions that the two Master Bane Spiders can be replaced if they both are on the board at the same time (despite the fact that there are three master Bane Spiders in the game. However, the quest only contains one master and one regular bane spider. My assumption is the second bane spider is actually a master, but this is definitely pretty sad at this point (the editing). This is very much more an opinion than an actual error in the quest. Having two master Bane spider's on the map could be just as well reported as an error for a game having only one master bane spider figure. Combining the quest text and map leaves really little to be confused about. No, that's not an opinion, it's a fact. The quest says "If both Master Spider depicted on the map appear at the same time..." when the map only contains ONE Master Bane Spider. Not too mention the fact that even if the map contained two Master Bane Spiders, there wouldn't be an issue, as the base set contains THREE Master Bane Spider models, so replacement is not necessary for two. Read and understand the issue I'm talking about fully. The entire block of text either: A: is completely unnecessary. or B: means the intention was to have two Master Bane Spiders on the map, but some editor got confused by this text and changed the map, even though the text was unnecessary to begin with. This thing is really poorly written and edited and it can't be written off as an opinion.
  12. KAGE13 said: ok, now I know its a printing error, becuase all my Titles are crooked. You can tell it's not an error because your borders aren't crooked.
  13. Xandria said: Pinkymadigan, you're playtesting Seaside? Cool! See, Dominion is a game that has seen tons of playtest. Te rules are clear, the cards are clear, the interactions are... clear? At first, I thought it was possible to build an infinity combo, before I read the rule that played action cards get reshuffled only at the end of the turn. So. You might try to convince FFG to playtest more Thumbs up for Seaside! I haven't yet myself, I just joined the club. But yeah, I know that the designer brings it into sessions. I just started playing Dominion myself, but the people at the club talk about the designer and the Seaside non-stop if you even mention Dominion. I don't know how many areas have a group like CABS, but it's pretty much an awesome deal. For $35 I can go to around 40 meetings a year and play new or new to me games (they easily have 1000+ games) and check out games as well for in between sessions. If there are groups like these in anyone else's area I highly recommend them.
  14. avianfoo said: Thundercles said: Dominion rocks, incidentally. +1 Not to stay completely off subject, but the Columbus Area Board Game Society mentioned in the back of the book? Yeah, I'm a part of that. They are playtesting the second expansion for Dominion currently. Don't know if that's supposed to be a secret or not, but I haven't signed anything, so there ya go.
  15. Callistan said: "You may spawn non-Master versions of the placed monster in each of the cubes. There can never be more than three monsters of any specific type, however, and no more than one giant." The first line is a permission, the second line is a limitation, but because the first line is already inherent to the game, it isn't worth mentioning unless it relates to a new rule, which is missing (or the whole thing is written poorly).
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