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  1. Question 1 Actually i asked two questions is it true that the rpg division is shutting down? answer ”RPG is not shutting down. We will have more information about that in the future. question 2 Will the L5R rpg continue? Answer RPGs will continue. We will have a announcement soonish.
  2. Talked about it on ffg live my screenshots are to big to post. Bottom line up from RPG’s will continue there will be a announcement about the rumors soon.
  3. Not going under. Neal is retiring and has chosen to close the store.
  4. Im not sure thats right tho. Yes battle meditation allows you to hand a order to another unit. However the command cards also tell you what units can be effected. For immplacable specificly says vader. Now unless you have another vader somehere on the table then there is no other vader unit on the table hence only he could recieve that order. Thats how I interpret order cards as working and battle meditation just allows you to break the rules for range it doesnt allow you to give a order to someone that a order card could not effect. ill have to see a FAQ on this one.
  5. Plus having named heroes at every battle really breaks the immersion of the game. Its different in Armada there are only so many fleet admirals just like in real life. However ground commanders are a dime a dozen. Luke and Han cant be all over the galexy.
  6. Generic overall leaders. Would be great to have a stormtrooper captain lead your forces. Or a Rebel LT or even your own jedi. Something you can buy and paint with its own upgrade bar and points cost. I dont want luke or vader or general veers etc.... all the time.
  7. In imperial assault they already have imperial officers. I would assume they would be ported over to Legion as a generic commander. Just makes since.
  8. Im hoping that we will see some generic commanders like a rebel or stormtrooper captain. It would be a shame to always have to have a named character leading your force. Any thoughts?
  9. Hey we play in murfressburo my friend and I. We play at grand adventures on most tuesdays and thursdays.
  10. Your supposed to be ignoring the pegs. They dont exist for gameplay purposes. When we play we consider the trays basicly locked up peg to peg when we squarre up because the rules say the pegs are ignore for moving and such. SO even when you square up you should in my opinon consider the pegs non exsistant and assume you are flush.
  11. Hey folks here are my forces assembled and ready for paint. Played my first game yesterday was great fun. Ill keep posting pics of my painting progress as I go. Looking forward to sharing this project with you.
  12. Dont forget using a navigate token counts as using the command. I love engine techs bank a token on the first turn then concentrate fire and use my token to engine tech out of the way. Real nasty.
  13. Hate to say this buddy but at YT 1300 does not have 2 quad laser cannons or missles only the falcon does. A "stock YT 1300 only has one single turrets heavy laser. The falcon was heavily modified.
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