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  1. Two I would put higher on your list actually, lower is better so lower I guess. Daryll Simmons, the Photographer Leo Anderson, the Expedition Leader Both largely for their special abilities.
  2. We find the "personal challenge" cards a bit perplexing for the Rookie Cop, Tommy Muldoon. These are new cards that arrived with the Innsmouth Expansion set. In order to attain his personal challenge, Tommy has to be devoured before doom token #6 is placed. If he loses his challenge -- e.g., is still above the ground at this point -- he loses one maximum sanity. Since he starts with 6, this just means he is now maxed at 5. In other words, the reward is awful, and the punishment is just a wrist tap, If Tommy succeeds (gets devoured), he is gone, of course ------- the investigator the player next takes will have a bonus of 5 additional clue tokens added to his starting items list. We find this rather perplexing from a viewpoint of game strategy, since this "succeed" card seems more negative than his "fail" card. Most of us would probably prefer to fail this one. Second question: Suppose the player who has Tommy Muldoon decided to "succeed" in his challenge -- e.g., get himself devoured. Unlikely, but -- what the heck. What are some good ways to get yourself devoured? One possibility ----------> One of the new monsters that came with Innsmouth Expansion states, "you are devoured if you fail your horror check." I suppose a person could deliberately move their focus slider to minimize their will, and refuse to use any bonus card to enhance the will check. Thus they could pretty much succeed in getting themselves devoured. Does anyone else find it rather weird how the game designers set this up for Tommy Muldoon -- or is it just me?
  3. We encountered the Werewolf last evening. I found myself in the same street location with wolfie -- hoping to pass through toward somewhere else-- and figured I would just have to fight the big guy. However wolfie is an evaside monster, and I failed my evade check. As I understand it, I cannot then fight the Werewolf. Since an evade of a monster in most instances in the game means the player can move on to complete his movement points, I did exactly that, ending my movement several squares away from the Werewolf. I find this a bit confusing, since the Werewolf would have been a tough adversary, given the weapons and items I had at that time. It almost appears that failing your evade check and moving on is to the player's advantage. Doesn't this "escape hatch" situation make the monster less scary, and not more scary? Maybe we are doing something wrong, I don't know.
  4. I love it! We just use a small brown-paper bag. The bag works well for shaking things up well before making a draw.
  5. Let's leave aside the toughness or danger of monsters, and just look at the names. What monster or GOO name is coolest? Shakespeare said in Hamlet, "the names the thing/ With which to prick the conscience of the king." ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My playing partner and I discussed this today. My personal choice for coolest name was "God of the Bloody Tongue." My playing partner's coolest name was "The Bloated Woman." Any other nominees?
  6. I may be repeating something said in this very long thread, but we played against the Dhole this afternoon. Dhole Description: Physical Resistance Magical Resistance Toughness: 3 blood drops Nightmarish 1 and Overwhelming 1 Horror: -1, loss 4 Combat: -3, loss 4 I am not sure if the Dhole was part of the original AH set, or came in with one of the early expansions. Nonetheless, this is a very bad baddie. I wound up with a net of 5 dice on my combat roll, needing to get three hits. Amazingly, I got 4 hits. This was dumb luck. Don't want to fight this guy any more than usual. And we encountered Lloygor with "Weapons Immunity." Bad, but I believe a toughness of just 2 blood drops.
  7. Thanks for this great discussion. Let me remind everyone that there are several speed enhancers we mentioned the motorcycle and map of arkham, but don't forget Ruby of Rlyeh. That adds two movement points. I have not gone through the skill deck, but I would not be surprised if there's a skill out there that enhances movement, since there's a skill to enhance almost every other quality of the investigator. I am not going to disagree with the fellow who indicated there's no movement phase, so there can be no movement, etc. However, there has to be an upkeep phase, right? Otherwise, weapons that are exhausted cannot be refreshed. Items mentioned above such as the motorcycle are refreshed during the upkeep phase. So if they undergo upkeep and refreshment, it is illogical that they can be used by the player? Otherwise, why exhaust and refresh them? Who is the FFG moderator at the present time? I used to be Kevin at one point. Perhaps Kevin could wade in on this one. Let me tell you folks, Ghatanothoa is very tough and very difficult to take out especially in a two-player game. With too many additional restrictions placed on the players, he would be almost impossible for two investigators to take out. Perhaps those currently using items that add movement points example, motorcycle should house-rule this to their advantage. Reminds me of a witty comment one forum member made about the extreme difficulty of a few of the new Innsmouth GOO's he said, "they might as well be Azothoth." I liked that. For newbies who don't know Azathoth, there really is no final combat if Azathoth awakens the Earth is destroyed and the game ends, with players all losing. Taking some of these Innsmouth GOO's and going for an extreme harsh interpretation of every rule, they are going to be Azathoth equivalents. Question: For a monster like Ghatanothoa, would the likelihood of defeating him increase with more investigators in the game?
  8. Just my two cents I suspect that Arkham Horror can be fun for anyone, but may be more fun for players who are at least somewhat familiar with the stories and novels of H.P. Lovecraft and other writers in his circle. We have spent countless hours playing the base game, and later, the expansions. Both I and my playing partner have read at least some of the stories and novels of the writers who created this imaginary world. Even so, the game is genuinely scarey, and you may enjoy it a great deal. I hope you "give it a whirl."
  9. With all due respect, I disagree with the hair-splitting over use of Flute. Whether "on the board" (whatever that means) or not, they are at a LOCATION. So use it, and kill them off. Problem with the Flute is that you lose three stamina and three sanity to make it work. Some investigators may not have the resources to use it. You will find persons posting on the forum here who are always going to go against the player. "No, you can't use this. No, you can't use that." This is just a study in psychology. The glass is always half empty. Ours is always half full.
  10. My partner and I just completed a game against Ghatanothoa. The final battle is set up that each time you fight Ghatanothoa, you lose one movement point. I had four movement points on my investigator card, but also had the motorcycle. We were unsure of ourselves, so my partner suggested I use the two additional points granted by the motorcycle. That gave me six movement points. Unfortunately, they were not enough. Ghatanothoa cooked both of us, and the monster won. Here is my question. When fighting Ghatanothoa, can we include an additional couple of points from the motorcycle, or -- for example -- one point from the Map of Arkham, when we calculate how many movement points we are starting with? Comment: One element that hurts in this match-up is to always subtract one hit from one's damage to Ghatanothoa. In other words, you get four hits in your roll, but you can credit only three of them. We would have done much better without this limitation. I am sure that if I ever fight Ghatanothoa again, I will try to have a blessing. This may have made a difference in the final battle. Just for the record, Ghatanothoa awakened based on the deep one tokens placed on the Innsmouth board -- which result from gates unable to be opened because they are sealed. So it is nice to know that this feature of the game occasionally has some result. In answering my main question, above, I would be glad to know if anyone is aware of what fictional work Ghatanothoa comes from.
  11. We are totally confused by one monster that came with Innsmouth -- the "Being of Ib." Here's the stats from the monster token-- Text: "Investigators receive -1 penalty to Horror checks. If Bokrug awakens, his Physical Resistance is upgraded to Physical Immunity." Horror check: (dash) Combat check: (dash) Toughness (blank) Sneak (dash) ------------ We are totally lost. How do you kill it? Under what circumstances do "investigators recieve -1 penalty to Horror checks"? Who is Bokrug? Is he one of the new GOO's that came with Innsmouth? We have not had a chance to test them all out yet. ---------------- Here's a challenge question for the sharpies. In the fictional background, who or what was the "Being of Ib?" From which story by which writer did this monster find its origins? This is one of the oddest monsters yet.
  12. Have any of you gone up against "Servitor of the Outer Gods"(SOG)? It came with the Innsmouth expansion. Here are the stats-- Nightmarish 2 Overwhelming 1 Endless "If you fail a combat or evade check against SOG you are devoured." Toughness 3. Horror check is -3 (loss of 4), and Combat -2. Evade is only +0. This bad dude had us pretty laid out, since none of us had the firepower to take him down "for sure." Who wanted to gamble? Failing the tough horror check was guaranteed instant devour. We got by him several times with an evade check. No one wanted to face him on mano a mano. We finally took SOG out with the Greater Banishment (GB) spell. This spell is lore -2 on the check, and sanity loss 2, so it is not something you want to use too freely. The one of us who used GB had the Golden Trumpet, thus lowering the sanity loss by 1. One real plus with Greater Banishment is that you do not have to be in the same square with the SOG to banish it. The dimensional symbol of SOG is a square. I do not think GB works with crescent moons. Are there any other candidates for "toughest monster"? We used to think "God of the Bloody Tongue" (mask) was pretty bad, with a toughness of 4. Let me know what other super-baddies are your particular nemesis.
  13. You are right -- I meant Nightgaunt. I once remembered wrong on another occasion and referred to elusive monsters as "evasive" monsters. I got some kidding on the forum -- members indicating that the monsters were refusing to answer questions in a forthright way.
  14. As for deliberately failing a roll, I believe you can somewhat stack the cards against yourself. For instance, you do not HAVE to use a weapon, and you can shift your focus against fight or lore if you have enough anticipation of the situation arising. We sometimes want to fail a combat check against a Byakhee, since it chucks you through the nearest gate. There may be other situations where it can be a benefit to fail a particular check.
  15. My playing partner and I were a little bewildered by the investigator Yorick, introduced in the Innsmouth Expansion. Yorick has the special ability that he can use monster markers as if they were clue tokens "on a one-to-one basis." Does this mean a monster card is equivalent to a single clue token, regardless of toughness? Or does it mean that monster cards can be used "per toughness," so that -- for example --- a Formless Spawn would be worth three clue tokens? As I am sure you can see, it all relates to the meaning of "on a one-to-one basis." The game designers probably thought they were being crystal clear with this, but they have confused us. I personally suspect that you get one clue token per monster marker, regardless of toughness-- Otherwise, doesn't it almost make the game too easy?
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