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  1. My take Melee units cannot attack units that are farther than 1 hex; also you can't combine attacks with melee units.
  2. I am far from an expert at this but: question 1) Can't be 100% sure but I would say no. If the buy back price is 2 silver, you would need 2 silver. No substitutions or Rain checks allowed.... question 2) the silver or gold command token stays with the unit in order for it to remain on guard. So, you have to way the benefit of leaving a unit on guard, but costing you the order. Enjoy
  3. From the rulebook - You can select only one copy of a unique personality for your army, and you may not select unique personalities from different factions. You may select up to 4 copies of a non-unique unit and may select up to 3 copies of any particular command card.
  4. If I was just starting, and for these prices, I would order 2 starters and 1 of everything else. Also, FRP games and Noble Knight have some mutant chronicles stuff left to help fill out capitol. If you want to play Capitol, you need those Rangers.. Good luck, MC is still a very fun game to play. Kirk
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