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  1. Yeah...i played KOW with Lanni. The original idea was a few locations and gold producing characters with lots of cheapies and events. Then i changed the idea and it never really found its footing. Never drink two chocolate stouts and revamp your deck the night before. Rings was the ultimate host and gentleman. Pyke needs an errata as it ruined our meta. aloha, binder
  2. Okay...rules clarification. If i have a better record than Myers in the joust can we make him play Greyjoy or Martell in the multi? aloha, binder
  3. i'm in. Are we only playing Saturday? i hate to get dolled up if i don't need to. aloha, binder
  4. i will talk to Myers. i would love to make it. aloha, binder
  5. Some good words on all sides. i hope to see names and faces that are still familiar and that will become familiar. [cue cheesy Oscar moment music now] i loved meeting the people that went with the names at GenCon and i miss that fact that i cannot relate as much as before. i also miss my prepubescent singing voice but that is not coming back either. i mainly just want a meta again. Playing with Myers is like putting tape on your cat's paws...fun for a while but it wears as fast as his mom. i want the game to be good. i want AGOT to survive. i want a strong community. i want to turn the corner and find a positive and welcoming community. i want...i want...i want. i mainly just want a coherent and transparent direction to the game that attracts new players and excites the LCG community. This is the best game with the best community. Play and do your best to make it so. aloha, binder
  6. i am still giving the evolution of the LCG game time. The PDX meta is at two...and always trying to expand. We cannot play league because a league of two is a really lame circle jerk (am i the jerk or the circle?). We have pretty much stopped playing since GenCon because of the lack of variety and the predictability of our builds. Myers loves Stark Kill and i just love to build decks that will piss him off, even if i lose. i would love diversity and something that does not corner Greyjoy into using overcosted warships. i would love to play Lanni without knowing i have to use the kneel mechanic just to round out a viable 60 card deck. The only time Myers and i have played since GenCon i literally had to throw in 5 or 6 unexciting and overcosted cards into both my Lanni and Targ builds just to reach 60. i could do without the ITE block, although there are some cards i like and did not get to explore enough. The loss of 5KE, however, kicked me square in the nuts. i would much rather have a chapter pack with only one copy of each card. If i want more of them i will buy more chapter packs = more $ for FFG = greater variety and diversity for the game = happier players = a very upset wife and children in my home because i am weeing in glee while i play again. Someone throw this old dog a bone before i have to go rolling home. aloha, binder
  7. Do you think/know if we will see them at the big tournaments? aloha, binder
  8. i know that i have not been checking/updating myself with the AGOT pages of late, but even when i do glance around i only see a few of the old familiar names. Are that many people dropping or are they just not posting? i feel like a puppy dog who has been kicked. aloha, binder
  9. i echo the sentiments. With the switch in the format and the loss of 2 of the 4 Portland, OR players it is down to Myers and i. We are used to one another's style (even when we are trying to be tricky) and new blood/experiences would be great. i would love to keep the community going in any way possible. aloha, binder
  10. i know that in PDX we are down to an unenthusiastic 2. We have only played once since GenCon and even that was somewhat neutered...ha, we are dogs. aloha, greybinder
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