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  1. ...And having five players is much better.
  2. I don't know about other people, but there is a really high level of attrition from viewing something online to saving it to my computer, to printing it out, to actually playing it. If I were to guess some numbers, it'd put the odds of me continuing to the next part of each stage to be very roughly about 1:3. So, I'll estimate that I'll view roughly 250 items for every one that I actually use. Player aids are the most likely to make it through this process. New Heralds and other expansions like that are probably the least likely. This isn't because they aren't interesting or well designed. It's because the because I play AH only a few times a year. Hopefully I'll check a chance to try Tibs' custom investigators this year. I printed them out last year...
  3. a.) As long as there is a 1-distance jump card played, you can reveal that personal goal. It doesn't have to be played immediately after the jump is resolved. b.) The person goal loyalty card isn't discarded; it is just revealed. As a result, it cannot be shuffled into the deck or redrawn.
  4. Sounds neat and I'd be interested if I was attending, but unfortunately I am not. For the Cylon minor loss, would having two difference resources at 1 count?
  5. The crisis card is a typo. Check page 4 of the FAQ. It should read "must" instead of "may". http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/ffg_content/Battlestar_Galactica/bsg_FAQ_1-1-3-new.pdf
  6. Nevermind. I guess I've been playing it wrong. That seems like a silly rule.
  7. I disagree. If the basestar is damaged and can't launch raiders or shoot when its activated, nothing happens on the main game board so the cylon pursuit track should be advanced. Page 12: However, when the rules indicate that “nothing happens,” resolve the activation according to the following rules…
  8. TECNAUTA said: Only when these characters are themselves physically drawing the card as the active player! That´s the way I, and my group, play… That's how I play as well. I like Roslin's draw two, pick one. It greatly increases your chances of getting jump prep or avoiding a nasty cylon activation.
  9. Find two more people. The game is so much better with 5 players.
  10. wgerrard said: There looks to be an overlay about the size of Colonial 1 that is an explosion… Are you talking about the Demetrius?
  11. So you should apologize for your vague wording and re-write it. Because it seems that two people online, and the person who drew the card all interpreted it as you had written instead of how you had intended.
  12. Garoth said: Anacreon said: New Baltar is hard to judge without knowing what the new Miracle tokens are about, but he definitely gets a nice makeover here and, as before, gets to play a potentially awesome and novel role in the game. If I got it right the Miracle Tokens are basicly "once per game" ability tokens, used as markers if you have used your OPG-ability or not. And there would be new game effects for losing your token without using your OPG-ability, or regaining your token after you used your OPG-ablity. That makes the new Baltar very interesting character, as he give back and take away those Miracle Tokens. I interpreted the miracle tokens the same way. Baltar's ability seems kind of lame. It seems like he's be better off comboing with Cain. Have someone scount the destination deck. Then have her use her overpowered Blind Jump. Give her a miracle token and repeat.
  13. Highest is a soft and vague word. It doesn't have a very precise definition and isn't used in mathematics so we can't rely on a mathematical definition of it. If you want to go by common useage of the word, there is a list of the highest mountains: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_highest_mountains So, in common English usage we see that there can be multiple highest. Now whether or not you want to get up on the article 'the', 'the' doesn't imply singularity. e.g. "I'm going to bring the board games." What about the fact that resource is singular? Maybe that implies that there can only be one highest. Well, I'd say that's only singular because it's matching the "Morale" resource which is singular. I stated that 8 would be the highest because of the reasons I stated in my previous post. If they wanted it to be exclusive, they could have added that one word. If the FAQ states that it has to be exclusive, then the card wasn't clear and now we know what it actually means. As far as your claim that someone might respond "There is no highest," I'll simply point out that person might just be wrong. When posed if your question, I imagine that if I respond that they're all the highest each time. Asked the question and provided that there is no highest, then I'd probably answer, "kinda" or not put too much effort in correcting you because in a vacuum of context, you wouldn't be that wrong and I deal with too many people who are wrong about too many things to stop and correct every single one of them. However, I truly believe that they're all the highest and the reason I'll give is that if I were to do something code up like max([8,8,8,8]), it would return an 8, not a [ ], or NaN. That's a reflection of my education, experience, and bias. If you want to argue for the sake of arguing, you could say that if morale was at 8 and fuel was at 7, then fuel is the highest because it's at 87.5% of its starting value of 8 and morale is at 70% of its starting value of 10. The only true way to compare them would be in terms of percentage of starting value because you can't compare units of fuel to units of morale. What if they're on the metric system and I use imperial units. As long as you and your fellow gamers are enjoying yourselves, I'm not going to stop you.
  14. I would consider both cases sucessful. The agenda could have said "higher than all other resources" or "exclusively the highest resource". In your 8/8/8/8 example, I'd consider morale to be both the highest and lowest resource, but since they don't mentioned anything about lowest that doesn't matter.
  15. Wolfgar said: The longest part in my limited experience is basically just player dither. You might go with a small hourglass to keep things quick. I agree with this completely. Have people think about their turns while the player before them goes. By the time it gets to my movement phase, I shouldn't be thinking about where I want to go. I should telling my group where I'm going. In my experience encounter phases don't take as long because there are fewer choices to be made, but you could pass out the encoutner card for a location to the next player while the previous player is reading his card. You could let the next player start his encounter if the current player has to choose which item he's buying or which ally he's gaining, etc. I wouldn't play with each player taking their complete turn. It changes the balance of the game too much, and even if each round is completed slightly faster, each player is idle for significantly longer before their next interaction which makes for, in my opnion, a more boring/tedious experience.
  16. Shub-Niggurath said: Been using these for years - highly recommended. (I did get the green & bone FFG ones too, but much prefer using the Chessex ones) Interesting to know. Initially I wanted to get the Chessex ones, then with the recent price increase the FFG ones seemed to become cost competitive. I'm still on the fence.
  17. I agree with your points, but disagree with your math. I could be wrong but I believe given 5 players, no executions, no Baltar, etc., there are 12 loyalty cards (2*5 players + 1 Boomer + 1 extra). Boomer has 1 cylon card, so there are 11 cards remaining. The odds of a cylon card getting left behind go up from 9.1% (1/11) to 18.2% (2/11). At the start of the game, the odds of Boomer getting a cylon card is 16.7% (2/12). Combine this with the odds of a cylon card getting left behind and we get 3.03%, or 3 times in 100 games. Note: With your 1.5%, I believe you meant 3 times in 200 games, not 2 times in 300 games.
  18. It would be interesting to have a Pandemic style seeding of the attack cards, then do one or two riffle shuffles to increase the randomness back up a bit. In addition, I think 33 should be seeded near the top of the deck, and if it isn't removed from play, it should get reseeded near the top.
  19. dakuth said: TANGENT: I have been on the losing end of those majority-rules votes it is starting to really frustrate me. The example that has come up two games in a row, is a token that was inadvertedly revealed (Trama, and Civilian Ship.) It seems quite obvious to me we should shuffle the revealed token back into the pile, and replace it with a new "unknown" (correcting the mistake as best as possible), but majority-ruled put the token back. For the second game I snapped and overruled on the basis of "it's my game" - which I have never, ever done before - but in truth it was on the basis of "you're all idiots." It depends on the token. For civilian ships, I can't find a compelling reason to leave it. It really should be replaced. For a trauma token, it depends. If it was one set by a player, then it should stay. If it was put there randomly during setup, then it should be replaced at random. I don't think I've ever had these types of issues with my gaming groups. Usually we can form a consensus pretty easily.
  20. Following the logic of the player mentioned in the OP's post, it would be sensible to make "mistakes" in their favor and see what slips by. "Oh sorry, I didn't notice, but you should have said something then. Now it's too late." Personally, that's beyond silly. This might be a little off-topic but my personal view is that all possible allowances should be made to let people correct errors in any board game provided that their correction wasn't dependent upon new information. This helps turns proceed in a timely manner. If I ran into a group of board gamers who wouldn't let me correct these such things, then I would (never play with them again and) take at least double the amount of time each turn double checking absolutely everything. When playing a game like Agricola, if someone were to say to place their worker and take wood and tell the next player it's their turn to only then realize they needed to take food to say, "sorry, I made a mistake, I need to put the wood back and take food instead" as long as it's before the next player does anything which is relevant towards the error-making player's choice. If the next player decided to take food, or take animals which means that it'll be harder for someone else to feed their family so that 3rd person will likely take the food, then it's too late. So, if you want to be a hard ass, I'll bring checksheets and flow charts and make sure that every rule is followed and step taken. If you want to have a good time, I'll be flexible and forgiving, and we'll play much more quickly.
  21. I like the CFB. It makes for much better pacing as mentioned because the Cylon Attack cards can occur so randomly. I don't see how having even a single basestar on the board isn't a big deal. Having it shoot at us, launch raiders, or launch heavy raiders is a concern. I think I've observed a lower win-rate with Exodus than without, but I haven't crunched the numbers to verify. I also like the nerfed Cain idea of not being able to scout for Blind Jump.
  22. I still don't fully agree, but I accept it as consensus of the community and will play that way from now on. It (someone using Engine Room) almost came up this weekend in the second to last turn of the game, but the Starbuck decided to stay in space. Humans barely won with a lucky crisis card which gave them +1 jump prep for passing, which made up for the lack of jump prep on Starbuck's turn.
  23. eiterorm said: Broken link. Here's a working one: Click here for full size. Do the split gates from LatT move on either dimensional symbol?
  24. Have you played with both expansions? They greatly change the pacing of game with regards to space combat. Giving too much synergy to particular player interactions sounds like it would make it difficult for cylons to remain hidden because they'd almost be forced to engage in the highly beneficial activity, otherwise they'd be suspected/brigged.
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