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  1. Thanks a bunch this will help me out a lot since I'm the kind of gamer that is used to a creature compendium so I am unfamilliar with creature creation
  2. Does anyone have any creature creations? I made a few and I'm curious to see if anyone else attempted it and/or made sense of the templates
  3. Yeah Nephilim are supposed to be rare and I normally play with 4-6 people in an RPG so if you want a Nephilim in the party to mix things up but the party members fight over it then you can decide randomly by using the following tables I made up based on percent dice: 4 Players: 5 players: 6 players: 0-25% = 1st player 0-20% = 1st 0-16% = 1st 26-50% = 2nd player 21-40% = 2nd 17-33% = 2nd 51-75% = 3rd player 41-60% = 3rd 34-50% = 3rd 76-99% = 4th player 61-80% = 4th 51-67% = 4th 81-99% = 5th 68-83% = 5th 84-99% = 6th The six players category is a little tricky but I balanced it as best as I could
  4. They have Anima avatars now all you need to do is go to edit my profile and click on the change avatar at the bottom of the page then go to the Anima section and there they all are that's how I have my current avatar ^^
  5. The book is 320 pages of packed information its hard taking it all in. After I read it through I missed half the information I needed so I had to reread it twice just to get the basics....
  6. From what I understand of the expansion the creatures are ice based therefore, logically they can only survive in the new dungeons so maybe that's why they can't be used in the older dungeons just an estimated guess on my part hope it helps
  7. Shakkar said: If lieutenant and heroes meet each other at the map, they can battle each other. On which map do we fight? If the lieutenant attacks, I assume we draw a green encounter map and we use the lieutenant and his minions as attackers? Ambush yes/no? But how does it work if the heroes attack? ...and does this battle count as normal action in this week, or can the heroes enter the dungeon afterwards? Go shopping? The heroes can choose to battle the lieutenant or not and yes it does take the standard week action the map is chosen by drawing one of the green encounter cards, the lieutenant follows the same starting position rules as any other monster and the same applies to its minions if any. The lieutenant never gets to ambush the heroes because it's the heroes choice to fight them or not and even if the overlord sends the lieutenant to fight the party there is still no ambush. This setup is used when the party attacks or the lieutenant attacks. Does this help? I'm quoting it straight from the rulebook not word for word but you get the idea.
  8. 1.) Ogres - the look on the players face as they fell a master ogre just to see it come back is priceless 2.) Dragons - the classic scaly beasty baddy; I love using them but I wish their were more scenarios where the dragon actually had lightning breath I hardly ever get to use that template 3.) Bane Spiders - I use the master spiders with the normal ones with devastating effects: my party always dreads it when I use them because they normally get webbed and poisoned so much they just run away when they die and respawn It doesn't matter which expansions I use these three will never change except for maybe a chaos beast instead of the dragon I like their malleability
  9. Before the character creation contest was decided there was a format for the character that you created and a few people in my Descent group are complaining that they can't create their own characters and unfortunately I forgot to get the information for the character creation so does anyone know how to get that format back or does anyone have it?
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