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    I also find dating very complicated
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    For those of us who love the game, it may help for you to specify a few things you didn't like.  Then we can determine if those are things that go away with more plays (e.g. you needed to look up a lot of things in the rules) or not (e.g. you absolutely cannot stand the chaos bag).
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    ricedwlit got a reaction from awp832 in The Witching Hour can be Unbeatable? (SPOILERS)   
    No error on your part, instead the error is on FFG's part.
    It was discussed in this thread in this forum and a question was sent in that Matt answered (see this post).   For those too lazy to click through, the key part of the answer is:
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    ricedwlit got a reaction from phillos in The Witching Hour can be Unbeatable? (SPOILERS)   
    No error on your part, instead the error is on FFG's part.
    It was discussed in this thread in this forum and a question was sent in that Matt answered (see this post).   For those too lazy to click through, the key part of the answer is:
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    No error on your part, instead the error is on FFG's part.
    It was discussed in this thread in this forum and a question was sent in that Matt answered (see this post).   For those too lazy to click through, the key part of the answer is:
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    ricedwlit got a reaction from Carthoris in Moonlight Ritual and oddly traited player cards   
    I noticed that as well.  Either they planned to do something and it was dropped or there will be something in Return to TFA ...
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    ricedwlit reacted to lmartin91 in New Maps - with Mansions of Madness Tiles   
    I've been designing these for my tts mod. Supplying here if any are interested in printing also.
    Will post more as I make them.
    The Last King
    The Unspeakable Oath
    Echoes of the Past
    The Gathering
    Midnight Masks
    The Circle Undone
    Miskatonic Museum
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    Supplies are associated with an investigator, so if that investigator doesn't continue for whatever reason (insane, killed, just didn't want to play with) the supplies are lost. 
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    For now it is flavour.  For those running through the campaign the first time it also serves as a red herring.
    Also, it may serve a purpose in Return to the Dunwich Legacy.
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    ricedwlit reacted to mwmcintyre in The Circle Undone first scenario has a problem(Spoilers)   
    Actually you could still get only 5 per investigator that way, so doesn't solve the problem(there are four 1-clue Witch-Haunted Woods locations) although it makes it even more unlikely to pop up.

    But I did just receive an official answer from Matt:

    Thanks for bringing this problem to my attention! We've heard a few reports of this, so the team has been discussing how best to handle this issue. For now, I believe the best way to handle this is to revise the setup so that the players put a total of 5 Witch-Haunted Woods locations into play during setup, instead of 4 (as evenly as possible in front of the investigators, with any excess in front of the lead investigator). This should ensure that there are always at least 6 clues per investigator among just the Witch-Haunted Woods locations, regardless of what other locations emerge later in the scenario.
    In a future FAQ we will either issue an errata to make this change permanent, or issue another errata which should solve the issue, but for now players should play with this change in place. If the change is made permanent I will make sure that the PDF of the Campaign Guide on our website is revised to reflect the change.
    I offer my sincerest apologies for this problem. I hope you are enjoying The Circle Undone regardless!
    Matthew Newman
    Senior Card Game Developer
    Fantasy Flight Games mnewman@fantasyflightgames.com
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    ricedwlit reacted to Assussanni in The Circle Undone first scenario has a problem(Spoilers)   
    I can only assume that this was caused by a change late in development, otherwise simple addition rather than playtesting is all that's really needed to catch this mistake. While it is a very basic error, I'm sure that no one will be more disappointed than Matt himself. Considering that (a) all the deluxe credits so far list Matthew Newman as the sole designer and developer and (b) I've just played Black Stars Rise for the first time (wow, what a creative scenario) I'm currently willing to forgive quite a lot!
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    ricedwlit got a reaction from Jobu in Question on Supplies and The Forgotten Age   
    Supplies are associated with an investigator, so if that investigator doesn't continue for whatever reason (insane, killed, just didn't want to play with) the supplies are lost. 
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    ricedwlit got a reaction from Duciris in How many spells can be used in a turn?   
    I think this is posted to the wrong forum.  The 3rd edition game does not have Professor Harvey  Walters as a character (at present - if it does well with expansions I'm sure they will add him).
    Here is the link to the forum for the 2nd edition of the game: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/forum/15-arkham-horror-second-edition/
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    ricedwlit got a reaction from Duciris in Unofficial cancellation false alarm   
    I too find this hard to believe.  I hold to another point of view: the books sold much better than expected.  Perhaps to the point where they hadn't lined up future product offerings.  As such, they are waiting to re-offer the older items until such time as they can also bring out new content.  Something along the lines of "We've lined up some new content but it will take some time, in the meantime we've reprinted the older stuff".
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    ricedwlit got a reaction from Goshiu in Unofficial cancellation false alarm   
    FFG has had problems before with the Upcoming page not being correct for items.  In this case, perhaps Huntress was updated to on the boat when it should have stayed at awaiting reprint.
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    ricedwlit got a reaction from Carthoris in Unofficial cancellation false alarm   
    I too find this hard to believe.  I hold to another point of view: the books sold much better than expected.  Perhaps to the point where they hadn't lined up future product offerings.  As such, they are waiting to re-offer the older items until such time as they can also bring out new content.  Something along the lines of "We've lined up some new content but it will take some time, in the meantime we've reprinted the older stuff".
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    ricedwlit got a reaction from Goshiu in Unofficial cancellation false alarm   
    I too find this hard to believe.  I hold to another point of view: the books sold much better than expected.  Perhaps to the point where they hadn't lined up future product offerings.  As such, they are waiting to re-offer the older items until such time as they can also bring out new content.  Something along the lines of "We've lined up some new content but it will take some time, in the meantime we've reprinted the older stuff".
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    ricedwlit got a reaction from Freeman in Unofficial cancellation false alarm   
    I too find this hard to believe.  I hold to another point of view: the books sold much better than expected.  Perhaps to the point where they hadn't lined up future product offerings.  As such, they are waiting to re-offer the older items until such time as they can also bring out new content.  Something along the lines of "We've lined up some new content but it will take some time, in the meantime we've reprinted the older stuff".
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    ricedwlit got a reaction from Soakman in Unofficial cancellation false alarm   
    I too find this hard to believe.  I hold to another point of view: the books sold much better than expected.  Perhaps to the point where they hadn't lined up future product offerings.  As such, they are waiting to re-offer the older items until such time as they can also bring out new content.  Something along the lines of "We've lined up some new content but it will take some time, in the meantime we've reprinted the older stuff".
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    ricedwlit reacted to Soakman in 4th Cycle - The Circle Undone   
    This Carolyn looks sooooo much better than 'Replacement' Carolyn. Thank you Matt and playtesters! ❤️
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    As the upcoming The Circle Undone campaign will start with the Hermetic Order of the Silver Twilight, I thought Arkham Horror players might be interested to know the background of the Order and its different incarnations - there may be any number of references to the Order in the Circle Undone, and it will be interesting to see where this incarnation of the Order lands in terms of being villainous or heroic. This post will include comprehensive spoilers for the classic Call of Cthulhu RPG campaign Shadows of Yog Sothoth and minor spoilers for Masks of Nyarlathotep, both by Chaosium, as well as potentially spoiler-y information about the defunct Call of Cthulhu Card Game, Arkham Horror 1st and 2nd edition, and Eldritch Horror; while the Silver Twilight also appears in the Sanctum of Twilight expansion to Mansions of Madness and potentially Arkham Horror 3e, I haven't played those yet so I cannot speak to the content of those incarnations. My hope is that this gives you some interesting background to the upcoming story, and that it might help inspire further speculation about what plots, cards and foes we'll see in the campaign. A lot of this post is written from memory with reference to some of the old materials I have, so I'd be happy for any corrections or additions.
    First Appearance - Villainous super-cult
    The Hermetic Order of the Silver Twilight (HOST) goes back to the early days of Cthulhu Mythos tabletop gaming. The Call of Cthulhu RPG, which is responsible to a large extent for much of the significance of the Cthulhu Mythos in modern pop culture, was released in 1981. The initial scenarios in the core book were very "generic" horror, such as going to a spooky haunted house. However, in 1982, the first campaign for Call of Cthulhu was published, called Shadows of Yog Sothoth. Shadows of Yog Sothoth hasn't really stood the test of time - it consists of a number of rather incongruous scenarios that are meant to lead into one another, some of which are explicitly designed to just kill player characters, and it's very disjointed with a lack of focus or coherency. However, it laid the foundation for all the Cthulhu Mythos campaigns to follow - taking horror out of the haunted house or creepy cave and making it about global conspiracies and globe-trotting battles against impending disaster.
    The HOST is the central antagonistic organisation in the campaign. Initially, the Order seems to be a fraternal organisation in Boston with occult trappings, like a more hardcore version of the Freemasons and with a name evoking the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn - it's wealthy, has political connections, and while it has some weird rituals it seems to be mainly there to enable well-to-do people to make connections and provide a societal and political network for its members. Under the surface, however, the Hermetic Order is a front for an ancient organisation of Mythos sorcerers called the Lords of the Silver Twilight. Favoured members get inducted at late-night ceremonies into ever more occult ranks that give them Cthulhu Mythos knowledge, including oaths to swear allegiance to the Outer Gods, requirements to learn Mythos magic and exposure to mind-blasting horrors. The Lodge hall is an opulent town house with plush eating facilities and reception areas, as well as a bar (the Order's money and connections mean it is essentially unaffected by prohibition), and occult but apparently benign ritual facilities and library on the second floor. However, it includes secret areas such as a third floor with evil ritual altars, a library of horrible tomes and cursed artwork that produces horror in onlookers, and a basement leading to a cave network with another occult library (including the Necronomicon), statues of Cthulhu, various clues for players, pits and cells for human captives (like people who asked too many questions) and monstrous beings, and bottles filled with the "essential saltes" needed for Resurrection (as detailed in the Lovecraft story The Case of Charles Dexter Ward) that can be used to resurrect people - or carefully created monsters known as Custodes who act as servants and defenders. The organisation is led by John Scott, a centuries-old resurrectee, and Carl Stanford, an ageless sorcerer and the true mastermind behind the Lodge.
    The players are expected to find out the secret of the organisation and work to expose its crimes and see it dissolved, but that doesn't end its schemes. They set up a second organisation called Look to the Future, invoking Nyarlathotep (who appears with the pseudonym Lostalus Black) and sending people through to the future (like the '70s to '90s). They sell inconsequential future gimmicks like ball-point pens and non-stick pans, but keep for themselves far more powerful future technology like a computer and assault rifles. This organisation is also led by Carl Stanford and his subordinate Bryan Slim, uses a captive Shoggoth for power generation, and has cultures of a supernatural and utterly deadly disease called the Black Fever.
    After messing up these two organisations, the players end up investigating Silver Twilight offshoots throughout the world - the Silver Twilight is trying to get parts of a relic they can use to raise R'lyeh from the sea and free Cthulhu, meaning that their true end-goal is to destroy the world, so the players are competing with them and hunting down other cults to stop this goal. This takes the players to Scotland, where they encounter a coven of witches and, incongruously, serpent people and a chthonian; the Mojave desert, where they investigate a ruined film set and encounter beings known as Spectral Hunters called forth by a mad Native American shamans and a member of the Silver Twilight a century ago; rural Maine, where the Silver Twilight tries to assassinate the player characters with the assistance of a Mi-Go; Easter Island, where the players encounter the Deep Ones and a Dimensional Shambler; and finally R'lyeh itself, where the players battle the Silver Twilight and Carl Stanford directly, and may face Cthulhu himself (as well as a fire vampire).
    Carl Stanford is the main antagonist in this campaign, as he leads the Silver Twilight from Boston to R'lyeh and masterminds the plot that the players are trying to foil. The campaign itself features a completely scattershot grab-bag of mythos beasties - the HOST worships the Outer Gods, works with Nyarlathotep, communes with all kinds of Mythos beings, tries to summon Cthulhu, and yet the campaign is called Shadows of Yog Sothoth. In that sense, it doesn't really lend itself well to speculation about what gods or monsters we'll be facing in The Circle Undone (as it could be anything), which is why I've concentrated on the Lodge stuff at the start, as that is more heavily referenced in subsequent FFG games and seems the most relevant to the initial reveals about the story.
    Second Appearance - Namechecked in MoN
    Another seminal work in the history of Call of Cthulhu gaming is the mega-campaign Masks of Nyarlathotep, first released in `1984 and frequently updated and added to since then (a new version has recently been released but I haven't got a copy myself yet, so I'd be happy to hear if it's been updated further). In many ways this builds upon the ideas first created in Shadows of Yog Sothoth, but it's by far the superior work. While it is also a globetrotting mystery that sees players attempting to foil a global conspiracy of immense power, it's a much more focused story, concentrating on various followers of Nyarlathotep, and for the most part the various machinations and monsters that the players encounter make a lot more sense and feel a lot more coherent (as opposed to Shadows of Yog Sothoth that often felt like they'd just thrown a dart at the monster section of the rulebook to determine what the players would come up against). It takes players from New York to London, Egypt, Kenya, Shanghai and Australia, and has been directly referenced in later FFG works (most notably the unfairly maligned final expansion to Eldritch Horror, also called Masks of Nyarlathotep, which was a direct collaboration between FFG and Chaosium). I live in hope that we'll see a proper Masks mega-campaign for the Arkham LCG, but it's tangentially relevant to the Circle Undone, as the HOST appears here too. In one part of the story, Carl Stanford of Silver Twilight infamy turns up; he doesn't have a strong connection to the story, as it's more like he's just having a working holiday at the HQ of a cult that you are investigating, but it goes to establish that the Silver Twilight is active throughout the world - and gives me an excuse to mention Masks of Nyarlathotep in this post. The campaign isn't perfect (though it may have been fixed in the most recent edition) - notably, the Australia chapter (which was added later) is extremely weak. However, it has had a huge influence on all Cthulhu Mythos gaming and we see its influence even in the Arkham Horror LCG, albeit very slightly so far.
    FFG's first steps - the Arkham Horror Board Game
    Back in 1987, the first edition of the Arkham Horror Board Game was released. I haven't played it, but from what I gather it was very dissimilar to the Arkham Files universe that we know today, with roll-to-move similar to Cluedo and a rather rudimentary-looking board. However, it does include the Silver Twilight Lodge as a location, where gates might spawn. I unfortunately don't have enough information to say much more than that about it, but this game was the first incarnation of what would become the Arkham Horror files and it already namechecks the Silver Twilight - which will be a continuing feature as we fast forward a couple of decades...
    FFG starts its Cthulhu obsession
    In 2004, Chaosium licensed FFG to produce the Call of Cthulhu Collectible Card Game. Unlike our beloved Arkham Horror LCG, it was a competitive game - players had decks with characters, support cards and events and attempted to win stories – this approach means that a group of Miskatonic Students could win over a horde of Mythos monsters by finishing their investigation before they all went mad or died, and notably, except for a handful of milling strategies and unusual alternative win conditions, the game was not a direct conflict where players attempted to defeat each other like in Magic: the Gathering or the previous Chaosium lovecraftian card game Mythos, but instead was a competition over, essentially, victory points. In this incarnation of the card game, it was a CCG and not an LCG - outside of starter decks, players acquired cards randomly via booster packs. The Silver Twilight appeared here as well on a number of cards such as Lord of the Silver Twilight or Silver Twilight Turncoat, continuing the theme of a villainous cultist organisation, as did our friend Carl Stanford. They were aligned with the Cthulhu faction (and not the Yog Sothoth faction). There's not really much to say about this, either - they had cultisty powers and were in league with Cthulhu. What is interesting is that this game had a much more pulpy theme than the RPG (not that the Call of Cthulhu RPG isn't pulpy), with organised criminals hiring sorcerers and sending hit squads after deep ones, an agency of investigators shotgun-blasting monsters in the streets, and gods and nightmares striding the earth, opposed by humans. We'll revisit the Call of Cthulhu Card Game and expand upon this pulpy theme when it makes the jump to the LCG format below...
    Arkham Horror goes mainstream
    In 2005, the second edition of Arkham Horror was launched. It's fair to say that this was one of the cornerstones of FFG's rapid rise to dominance in the board gaming world, and it was the first of the Arkham Files series. I doubt I have to explain the mechanics or nature of the game much as most people will have some familiarity with it, but it's very interesting as it's the point where the Silver Twilight becomes a different organisation. The Silver Twilight Lodge is a location in the game, with a double purpose. Players can have encounters there where they rub shoulders with Lodge members, eavesdrop on secret conversations or steal useful items, or they can be offered membership - which allows access to Inner Sanctum encounters instead. These encounters see players enjoying support from influential fellow members or arcane resources - but also sees them take part in powerful rituals and hunts that directly help combat the destructive forces out to destroy Arkham, by closing gates and destroying enemies.
    The Silver Twilight still does horrible things - monsters roam their halls, and you can be beaten or worse if you show disloyalty. It's implied that the Silver Twilight might bear responsibility for the events in Arkham – Diana Stanley, the Redeemed Cultist certainly seems to think so, and she has secretly turned her back on the Order to oppose it, believing it to be evil. But in this incarnation it is no longer an unambiguous force for evil, but instead morally ambiguous, corrupt and yet helping to save Arkham. It's led by Carl Stanford - who is definitely a nasty person, subjecting you to terrible beatings or horrifying experiences to test your suitability or punish you for failing to pay your fees, but is also willing to help you out with material resources and information.
    The first Cthulhu LCG
    In 2008, FFG switched the Call of Cthulhu CCG over to its LCG model and restarted it from scratch. The mechanics were essentially the same but it used the LCG format we know and love, retaining the seven factions of Yog Sothoth (purple, powerful spells, arcane power, combos, Yithians, milling enemies), Cthulhu (green, strong combat, horror, Deep Ones, enemy card destruction), Hastur (yellow, control, effect cancellation, horror and insanity, artists and lunatics), Shub Niggurath (red, lots of monsters, resource ramp, resurrecting characters, Dark Young and Mi-Go), the Agency (blue. detectives, powerful fighters, enemy card destruction, church and priests, government and police), the Miskatonic University (brown, students and professors, quick investigation, disposable characters, card draw) and the Syndicate (black, criminals, decent combat ability, control and card neutralisation, high skill), which could be freely mixed and matched to create decks like scientists supporting police investigations, researchers driven mad by hastur, criminals allied with deep ones and so on.
    Initially, it continued the previous approach of the Silver Twilight as a villainous force, with the cards Lord of the Silver Twilight, Silver Twilight Temptress and Carl Stanford (Deathless Fanatic). This changed with a deluxe expansion called, appropriately enough, The Order of the Silver Twilight, which added a new human faction, coloured silver, concentrating on control, powerful arcane rituals, combos and making progress at any cost with lots of effects that sacrificed characters, lots of effects that triggered when you sacrifice characters and lots of disposable characters to sacrifice. This incarnation of the Silver Twilight was the most ambiguous so far. Its effects meant that it synergised well with Yog Sothoth (a lodge corrupted to its core), Miskatonic (rich patrons supporting research) and the Syndicate (political corruption and organised crime). The Silver Twilight Lodge was the focus of a new cycle immediately after the deluxe, with a story concentrating on a young dilettante going to a Lodge party and ending up in way, way over her head (I can't find the story online and my original packs are somewhere in an old house; if anyone happens to have the story I'd love to revisit it).
    As the fourth human faction they were not aligned directly to the Mythos, and they had a Senator and a government metaphysicist (who are namechecked in the Circle Undone announcement article), the local mayor, warrior and sorcerers, police connections, an elite inner circle of the enlightened and were apparently masterminded by one Clifton Rosenberg. Later cycles broadened the scope of the game to the whole world, and the Silver Twilight had characters and cards from Egypt to China, Mesoamerica to Antarctica, Greece to the South Pacific - confirming that, as in the RPG, the Silver Twilight was a global network with the Hermetic Order in New England as merely one aspect. However, they still had their secret underground prison and their army of resurrected guard-enforcers from Shadows of Yog Sothoth and still featured Carl Stanford - with his new subtitle of Sinister, not necessarily evil – fully underlining their thoroughly morally ambiguous nature. To me, this is the most interesting variation of the Silver Twilight, where it isn't clear whether they're a benevolent, powerful organisation, or a group seizing power in the chaos of mythos disasters, or a group ultimately responsible for them whether through recklessness or intent; how long have they been behind the scenes, pulling the strings, and is their assistance worth the risk - or can you afford to ignore it? Look for more characters from the Call of Cthulhu LCG in this coming campaign...
    Going global with Eldritch Horror
    Eldritch Horror, first released in 2013, is an evolution of the ideas behind the Arkham Horror board game, retaining the D6 dice pool system, the same characters, the idea of gates spawning at locations and so on, but streamlining it with a greater emphasis both on story and on mechanical balance. The scope is broadened from everything happening in Arkham and surroundings (Arkham being like Cardiff in Torchwood, or Sunnydale in Buffy...) to the whole world, with investigators battling global conspiracies and having to combat plots specific to the mythos disaster taking place rather than playing whack-a-mole with gates all game. I'm a big fan, in case it isn't clear. The moral ambiguity of the Arkham Horror board game is back, too. A great many effects see the players enjoying boons from or making shady deals with the Silver Twilight, meaning that generally they are on the side of humanity - they can retreat doom to keep the Ancient One from awakening, empower you directly, or provide you with all kinds of useful resources. However, when Yog Sothoth threatens the world, Carl Stanford might lead the Lodge to temptation and even join with the mythos.
    Outside of a few Yog Sothoth encounters, the Lodge is consistently helpful, and though the flavour text often implies that they are dubious and arcane, you don't even have to make eldritch pacts or pay dues to enjoy their assistance. The impression is that they have influence all over the world, are aware of the doom awaiting the world and your efforts to resist it, and are working behind the scenes to help. Most of the time.
    The Arkham Horror LCG
    Our own game has already seen the influence of the Silver Twilight in the core set, in the form of the Silver Twilight Acolyte. This enemy is a weakness with the Cultist, Silver Twilight and Humanoid traits, and he causes a small amount of physical damage - but has the punishing effect of adding doom directly to the agenda when he attacks. At first glance this seems unambiguously evil, but on second glance it's a bit more nuanced than that. The flavour text indicates that the Acolyte is hunting you down because you learned - or stole - terrible secrets regarding the Silver Twilight, and the organisation needs to silence you. This could mean that you know they intend to destroy the world, but could also mean that you saw them sacrificing someone in a ritual (hardly a good-guy thing to do, but when we as investigators can sacrifice our allies or even stab our fellow investigators to fulfil the terms of eldritch blood pacts, being too judgemental might be hypocritical). You might even simply know relatively mundane secrets - like political corruption.
    Either way, the Silver Twilight is certainly reckless in sending an Acolyte after you, as they're preventing you saving Arkham and the world from otherwise certain doom, but the same is true of the misguided Stubborn Detective, who will follow you to Paris, Central America, Carcosa or Beyond Time and Space to get his collar, and the Mob Enforcer, who is truly motivated to get you to pay your gambling debts.
    To summarise and conclude, over its 36 years of existence, the Hermetic Order of the Silver Twilight has been an apocalyptic cult of destruction, a force for good, an ambiguous and influential international conspiracy, and a cabal of sorcerers trying to undo their mistakes. I'm excited to see which version we'll see in the upcoming campaign, but I hope it's ambiguous, entertainingly corrupt and extremely powerful. Specific things I hope we might see include Carl Stanford being his sinister self, political influence and corruption, underground oubliettes and resurrected guardians, all manner of namechecked cards, rituals to save the world no matter the cost, and an organisation tempted by power even if it doesn't want to see the world destroyed. A factional conflict within the organisation between the Mystic order and the Mythos order would be superb. Fingers crossed!
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    ricedwlit got a reaction from agarrett in The Grand Campaign   
    For what it's worth, I don't think you should get points for all three of the back rooms (in particular, no XP for the one leading to the alley) in this case, due to the fact that when you resign the investigator drops their clues on that location, per the rules:
    Rules reference p. 17 for resignation: "When an investigator resigns, the investigator is eliminated by resignation (see “Elimination” on page 10.)" Rules reference p. 10 for elimination: "All clue tokens that player possesses are placed at the location the investigator was at when he or she was eliminated" This is a mistake I made many times until reading a correction on BGG.
    Other than, keep up the reports: I am really enjoying reading them
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    ricedwlit reacted to agarrett in The Grand Campaign   
    The Midnight Masks
    Uncovering the Conspiracy
    There's no rest for the wicked. Can't say I considered myself that bad, but here I am working with a crook and a... Well, I'm not sure what Lita is, except that I doubt she's entirely on the up-and-up. She insists we can't wait, and have to find the cultists behind the ghoul attacks now, before they complete their plan. The smoldering embers of my house cry out for some time to mourn, but doing that might mean someone else mourns their house by morning too.
    With Lita by our side, Skids and I started the search in Riverside. Not really sure what we were looking for, but that dame Lita didn't look like she was willing to wait. Skids is still a crook, but he stuck it out through that whole mess at my house. So I'm willing to trust him a bit as we go our separate ways while the evening fog moves in on the river.
    I go Southside, near Ma's Boarding House, where there's a weird guy in robes chanting in the alley, just out of sight. "That's him," whispers Lita. Like I wouldn't have known otherwise. But with him nicely out of sight, and two of us against one of him, it doesn't take too long before he's singing like a canary.
    Ruth Turner, Nurse Ruth, is a member of the cult.
    She knows me, so Skids heads over there instead. I probably don't want too many details since I'll be back at the bureau soon enough, but Skids gets hold of her files and out without her noticing. Enough to put her away for a long time.
    Lita and I keep searching out the cultists. As long as they have the decency to announce themselves in those robe, I figure it'd be a crime not to take advantage. We meet one at the University, but he proves untalkative. Another up Northside seemed promising, but before he gave it up he raised some tablet, and the writing on it moved, shook my head real bad. At least we ensured he wouldn't do that again.
    Behind the Scenes
    Roland bought out Lita, Skids pulled out a .41. Between the two of them they cleared the two clues on Riverside first turn and Skids was able to move over to the University.
    Roland pulled Obscuring Fog, but getting that on the now-empty Riverside was practically a gift. Skids then got a Locked Door at the University, less good. Roland moved to Southside to kill the starting cultist, and a quick search to empty that area too. That gave us four clues, so Skids turned them in and found Ruth Turner as our cultist. He moved down there, used On The Lam and Unexpected Courage to evade her and add her to the victory display. (It seemed a lot of cards to me, but that Amnesia last game annoyed my wife, so she figured it was better to use the cards while you have them.)
    Roland pulled a False Lead, but they had just used all their clues to find Ruth, so he pulled again and put a Locked Door on St. Mary's. Skids pulled Mysterious Chanting, giving us an acolyte at the University. Roland equipped his .45, but didn't use it when he moved to the University and defeated the acolyte. An Evidence card got another clue without bothering with the Locked Door. Skids, meanwhile, opened the Locked Door at St. Mary's, but only managed a single clue over this turn and the next, with one more still to go.
    On the fourth turn, Roland got Mysterious Chanting, putting another Acolyte in play in Northside, while Skids got Crypt Chill and wound up losing his derringer. Roland fought the acolyte, but pulled a tablet, so lost all his clues. He was then able to kill the acolyte and get one back. Skids tried and failed to get the last clue in St. Mary's.
    Uncovering some more
    The night is not kind to us. It spins us round as every passing stranger gets a cloak of darkness and it is all too easy to follow the innocent instead of the guilty. Too many rumors, of friends and long acquaintances. How well did I really know my neighbors? Not as well as I thought.
    I hear of another robed figure Downtown, near the bank, and Lita and I dash off again, but this one proves a cannier adversary and fades back into the night as we approach, leaving us dancing with the shadows. But just as I think our prey are learning to avoid us, they go and change the rules.
    Something, some horrible shadow, soars down from above. It cast a shadow onto darkness, and it was hot and wet, like a panting animal. It grabbed me, I know it did because I was moving, quickly, a flight through the air. But where it touched me I felt nothing. Nothing at all. The absence of sensation. It doesn't bear thinking of, not for long.
    The cultist I was seeking was long gone as I was back by the river, Lita soon caught up. Skids was shouting from the University, but he was gone by the time we got there. A vicious man in a pig-mask (again, how I hope it's just a mask) was tearing at the dumpsters looking for the vanished crook, but the knife wound in its back spoke to Skids' work. I didn't waste time. A few shots, Lita's help, and the Hunter wound up our prey.
    Now our foes were on the move. Every shadow, and there are so many of them, could conceal one of them. Soon we learned not to look too close. There are worse things than mortal men hiding in the shadows. Lita's firm resolve gave way. Never thought tunnel vision would be a survival skill. Wish my old director at the bureau were here. Yeah, I really hated that guy.
    We catch up with Skids in Northtown and he tells us the dame Victoria Devereux is one of them. He figures we can buy her off by purchasing part of her collection, get her tied up in the sales. I figure there's easier ways, and the night's been too long already. Bullets do the job nicely.
    It seems like ages ago since I thought I was better than Skids just because he's a crook. Not just this afternoon.
    Whatever's got this cult stirred up isn't stopping. We get reports of another robed guy in Easttown, and then that flying -- that thing shows up right in front of us. Tries to grab Skids, but I'm not having it. My .45 is empty, but I've got my old reliable .38 on hand. I don't miss, and the thing vanishes. Really. Just fades out like it wasn't there. Skids heads off to the bank to take care of the robed guy there. Hope he manages it, we're getting way too many of these freaks running around.
    Behind the Scenes
    On turn 5, Roland loses his last clue to a False Lead, while Skids puts an Acolyte in Downtown. Roland moves to Downtown, but fails to land any hits on the Acolyte. Skids brings out First Aid, finishes collecting all the clues in St. Mary's, and moves to the University.
    Next turn flips the agenda, and The Masked Hunter goes after Skids, with his two clues. Roland gets Wings of Horror and is dumped in Rivertown with damage and horror, while Skids sees Obscuring Mist roll into the University, adding to the Locked Door already there. Skids evades the Hunter, uses a Sneak Attack, and moves to Northtown. Roland goes to the University, attacks and kills the Hunter, and then Works a Hunch to clear out all the clues in that area. In drawing cards, Skids pulls out his Hospital Debts again. After seeing that last time, my wife is very mad and resolved not to lose experience again.
    For turn 7, Roland and Skids both pull Hunting Shadows, with Roland putting the damage on Lita. Skids pays the clues to reveal Victoria as a cultist, who he then has to evade. He pays 2 resources to his debts. Roland moves to Northtown, empties his .45 and kills Victoria.
    The next turn sees a Hunting Nightgaunt on Skids, and another Acolyte for Roland, this one in Easttown. Roland pulls his .38 Special and kills the Nightgaunt. Skids goes to Downtown, and with the help of an Overpower kills the acolyte there and pays another 2 resources on his debts.
    Uncovering Yet More
    The night gets colder with each passing hour. It's more than the season, this is a chill that set on the soul. There's no way I could write that in any bureau report, but there's just no other way to describe it. Old friends turn out to be members of a cult, the dead rise, and the chill sinks into your bones. It's the best way I know to explain my carelessness as I start leaving tools behind. I've no idea how or when I lost my magnifying glass, but it's not as needed as my guns, so no tears.
    At least the leader, I hope, of the order makes his appearance. In the Graveyard, of course. Skids makes a run for the one we heard about in Easttown while I head to the cemetery.
    Nothing can ever be that easy, of course. Whatever that thing was that patrols the sky, shooting it doesn't make it stay dead. It returned for round 2. It never touched the ground, always staying overhead and looking for an opening, but hours of practice at the range pay off and I find the openings first. Again there's no corpse, just a flash of red and it disappears. It leaves the path clear to the wizard, who is performing some foul rite over the tombstones, with the words he chants hurting my ears. I don't let that stop me.
    I shoot my last bullet at him, and it doesn't even come close. The wind, the cold, the incessant chanting, I don't know. But he doesn't know everything either. I've been carrying the answer to most problems with me all along. A slim red tube with a short fuse. A big enough explosion solves everything. Sure, it'll hurt, but I can take it. He can't.
    The explosion does its damage. One day I'll need to make a donation to the Church, repair some broken tombstones, but I figure the Lord'll forgive me. It was done in a good cause. Lita, well, I hope she forgives me too, someday. For now, she's out of the fight, and it might take some time in St. Mary's until she's back on her feet. But I got a name. Professor Peter Warren. Miskatonic U.
    Skids goes after him, figures he can trade secrets with the egghead, lead him off track, and wrap him up. I keep hoping there's more to find in the Graveyard, now that too many of the graves are open again. Don't find anything useful though.
    Time passes, and we still haven't found the reason for the order. But we have enough information and not enough time. So we move on.
    Behind the Scenes
    Much closer than I like, we got greedy and almost paid for it. Turn 9 saw a Crypt Chill, and Roland lost his magnifying glass, while Skids brought in the Wizard of the Order in the Graveyard. Skids got money from the bank and paid off his hospital debts, then moved to Easttown and killed the acolyte. Roland pulled out a flashlight and made it to Rivertown.
    Turn 10 saw another Hunting Nightgaunt attack Roland, while Skids took 2 damage from a Hunting Shadow. Roland killed the Nightgaunt and moved to the Graveyard successfully. Skids pulled out Leo de Luca and searched Easttown, gaining a few clues.
    At this point we were determined to get one more cultist, but were running out of time with the wizard accumulating doom. He had to go. Roland attacked and missed, so he used a Dynamite Blast to finish off the wizard, letting Lita take some of the damage but killing her too. They had enough clues now to get the next cultist, Peter Warren. Skids headed that way, picking up a clue along the way to pay him off.
    Turn 12 saw Roland actually beat a Wings of the Night by pulling the Elder Sign, while Skids lost his First Aid to a Crypt Chill. Roland searched the Graveyard, hoping for yet one more victory point (I did say we were getting greedy, right?) Skids moved to the University, paid off Peter, moved back to Northtown and tried to search too, but failed.
    So, turn 13 had to be our last turn. Roland saw a False Lead and lost his only clue while Skids took damage from another Hunting Shadow. There were 2 clues on the Graveyard, so Roland tried to search twice, and succeeded in both, so resigned with that empty. Skids just resigned.
    That left us with 7 experience for the 4 cultists, plus the Graveyard and Miskatonic University.
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    The Gathering
    It was raining somewhere. Had to be. Should have been raining here, a big thunderstorm that makes you fear the world is coming to an end. After all, it is.
    But no, it was a crisp clear day. An early frost had long since burned off, leaves spilled from the trees and blew across streets and lawns carelessly. Look out on the town and it looks normal. Kids throwing a ball for their dog, mothers pushing strollers, a car pulled off to the side while the driver changes a flat. Normal.
    Unless you've seen... things. Then you look closer.
    The kids throw their ball near a dead tree, and the dog won't go near it. He growls at the boy when the young kid tries to pull him closer to the tree. One of the young women pushing her stroller keeps her child bundled tightly, turning away her neighbor when she wants to look under the blanket. The driver puts the flat tire in the back, but first carefully rubs a cloth over it, erasing a mark on the ruined rubber. Everywhere you look, there's something.
    Talk like that too much and you get vacation time. The bureau isn't exactly close minded, so much as that they're very open minded to the things that are in the rule books. So it's back to Arkham for six weeks "rest time," then a re-evaluation before I become Agent Banks again.
    Time's not for the wasting, so they say. Lots of files cross your desk while you're in the bureau, and some of them make for interesting reading. Skids O'Toole's a petty criminal, and his testimony about his cell mate's death is completely unbelievable -- to the rest of the bureau. Best of all, he's close. An invitation with a hint that it's not really a request, and he'll come by. Maybe then we can learn what's really going on.
    Behind The Scenes
    I am playing Roland Banks, with my wife playing Skids O'Toole. We rolled a dice and will be playing Night of the Zealot on hard difficulty. Only cards from the base set are allowed, but we will proxy cards that we both want if we don't have enough of them.
    Never trust a crook. You'll pay every time.
    At least, that's what I thought when I heard the noise downstairs. Someone moving, someone chanting, and the lights died. I saw O'Toole's face, the shock and surprise. Could have been an act, but truth is he's just not that good an actor. Don't think anyone is.
    "Follow me," I bark and pull open the door. And come to a quick halt. The door's there, but it opens to a blank wall.
    Oh, this is not good.
    "Fine." Project confidence, even when you don't have any. "There's got to be a way in and out - we can hear someone moving. Find out how to get to them."
    O'Toole looked surly, like he was going to object, but then he ducked his head and got to it, rifling my father's desk like a pro. A second later, "Look, don't hold it against me or nothing, but I wasn't so sure of you so I brought a friend."
    What? A confession, so soon. I snapped on my flashlight to get a better look. A tall dark man stepped out from the closet. "His name's Leo. DeLuca," Skids said simply. A Louisiana gambler, so they say, well known for always being near criminal activity, yet somehow never quite getting a record.
    Beggars can't be choosers, and he's as stuck as the rest of us, so a nod is all he gets. He's Skids' problem.
    We're not gentle while searching, and I wince at the damage I'll need to fix. Yeah, I take a bit of care taking down granddad's picture, but otherwise I'm nearly as bad as the crooks. Skids yells to wake the dead when he checks the filing cabinet - swears to God there was a decaying head in there, but when I look there's nothing. I've already seen enough to know that doesn't mean it wasn't true.
    In the end, it's the mud that gives it away. The rug's new, and none of us dragged in the mud, so how'd it get on the rug?
    We pull it back, and there's a door in the floor. Open it up, and there's a hole leading down into the hallway. It's out of this trap anyway, so a quick jump and we're down. The door, now overhead, closes on its own, and it's gone. Stupid chanting gets in my head, we've got to get out fast.
    Behind the Scenes
    First turn Roland played a flashlight, and found a clue. Skids drew a resource, played Leo, and also found a clue. For encounter cards, Roland got Dissonant Voices while Skids found Rotting Remains and then drew the tentacle, taking 3 horror.
    The next turn Roland found two more clues, one with the flashlight and one without. That was enough for them to turn over the act and move to the hallway.
    The Barrier
    I'm a lousy housekeeper. My mother would not approve of the state I keep the house in. But it's not this bad. The floors are wood, not dirt. As it is, they're not just covered in dirt, they go all the way down. The way out is through the parlor, but a bright glowing light hovers in front of the door, and I know better than to try going through.
    "Shut it," I snap at O'Toole before he jumps in. "I've got the attic. You. Cellars. Now." I'd be nicer if the bloody voices would just shut it for a few minutes. They do. After I climb the stairs into the stench of rot and see some dead beast swinging from the rafters, hacked so much you can't tell what it once was. God above, I hope it was a beast.
    I hear Skids down below yelling in triumph and terror. He needs to learn to be quiet, but at least this way I know he's still alive. Stupid but alive.
    The carcass falls to the ground with a dull thud. There's a - a sign, a circle carved into the wood where the beast once hung. Something inside it, warping, and then disappearing. It's hard to describe, but it carries away something of me - my choices are narrower than they were.
    I pull out my gun, a good solid .45, and hope it will do me some good, while I comb the attic looking for anything useful. The attic gets hotter as I search and I know, just know, something is watching me. When I realize how much time I'm spending looking over my shoulder I force myself to stop. If something is watching me, well, it's better than something trying to eat me.
    No sooner do I think it than something jumps from the corners to try to eat me. How to describe it? Its breath was the stink of meat left to rot so much that the maggots had given it up. Its dull gray flesh spoke of something two weeks dead, but it had a twisted, sinewy strength about it. I didn't want it to get its hands on me, let alone its teeth, for fear I'd never break away from it.
    My gun echoed through the attic, my ears would be ringing for days, but the creature finally went down after taking shots to the gut and the head. How it stayed up so long I'll never know. Maybe it was dead already? Maybe I shouldn't think too hard about the dead returning. It does something, as the corpse - if that's the right word for something that might already have been dead - grabbed at my ankle, which seared from the cold. I'd gotten all I could from here, it was time to rejoin the crook downstairs, leaving a barrel on the landing.
    The ice covered stairs proved treacherous and I tumbled down them. Skids didn't take the time to laugh at my misfortune as he shivered almost helplessly in the fog and freezing air. His friend Leo was nearby but in no better shape. They were facing another of the rotting creatures, nowhere near as large as the one in the attic, but with the same stench of too old meat coming from its mouth. I panicked in the face of the knowledge that there was more than one of these.
    Fortunately, this time the crook didn't panic. He pulled his .41, almost a toy, and fired it until the creature stopped moving. With a nod to me, he went back up the stairs to the hallway. After the quickest look around I could spare, I joined him.
    We filled the barrel with ice from the cellar and pushed it through the glowing barrier. With a flash it vanished. The light blinded us for a second, but when it faded, we found there were more of the ghouls. This one was the biggest yet.
    Behind the Scenes
    We decided to separate and try to clear the rooms independently. Roland went to the attic. Skids went to the cellar, used On the Lam as a skill card and found a clue. From there on, he'd prove unable to do much, as he was digging through his deck for First Aid or a Flashlight - neither of which he'd find.
    On turn three we each flipped an Ancient Evils, advancing the agenda and each discarding a card at random. Roland did a good job picking up clues, getting two of them.
    The next turn Roland was Frozen in Fear, but would get rid of it at the end of the turn, while Skids heard the Dissonant Voices. Roland was unable to get any clues that round, while Leo drew cards, resources, and one failed search.
    Turn five had Roland draw the Flesh-Eater, while Skids saw more Rotten Remains, losing two more horror - he took it himself so only has one left, barring what Leo can take. Roland killed the ghoul, using 3 ammo, but getting a clue for his efforts. Skids tried to search, failed, drew some cards and put out pickpocket.
    Turn six saw Roland pulling Grasping Hands and taking a damage, while Skids drew Obscuring Fog, which largely put clearing the cellar out of reach. Roland did clear out all the clues from the attic, and then went down to the cellar to do what he could. Aside from the usual draws, Leo tried searching, got a skull and failed, so spawned in a ghoul minion. He had a Dodge card to avoid any damage.
    Turn seven saw Roland draw Frozen in Fear, which he'd keep at the end of this round, while Skids for a Crypt Chill, and discarded his Pickpocket. Skids attacked the ghoul and killed it with two shots from the .41, then played an Evidence card to get a clue, so we had enough to advance. He moved up to the hallway. Roland played Working a Hunch, because you never know when another clue will come in handy, and also moved to the hallway - frozen in fear so that cost two actions. Skids, unfortunately, drew his Amnesia weakness, so all that drawing cards goes to waste as he discarded everything except Backstab.
    What Have You Done?
    The thing, the monster, the ghoul, was bigger than any that had come before. It towered over us, but it wasn't the sight so much as the smell that nearly drove us to our knees. Nothing, ever, can prepare you for something like that.
    Skids ran for the parlor. Fine, I'll admit it. My opinion of him was wrong. He wasn't running away, he was running towards something. He'd seen a woman over there, and maybe he hoped for help. It worked, too. She came back with him, while his pal Leo bolted out the door. Her name, I'd learn later, was Lita Chantler.
    Whoever she was, she knew what was going on. She joined in the fight, working with me while I shot the creature, taking bits of it off even while the fear gnawed away at me and kept me from being my best. The dead need to stay that way, this was wrong, and I was hideously afraid that there was something behind them, pushing the dead out of the graves they should rest in.
    My weapon empty, I drew a spare and kept firing. It wasn't enough and I was waiting for the final blow, only to see Skids step out from where he was hiding to stab the ghoul from behind. The giant collapsed, but we could all hear more moving around down in the cellar. The front door beckoned and none of us could resist.
    Outside, Lita insisted we burn the house down. The glowing light into the parlor we destroyed was a ward of some sorts, locking the undead in place. My family had lived in this house for three generations, I was raised here. But whatever was rising had tainted that beyond recognition. I would weep for my memories, but it had to go.
    Behind the Scenes
    That went faster. Roland drew Obscuring Mist, which is fine at this point, while Skids drew Grasping Hands, got a bad draw and took 3 damage. Skids moved to the parlor and drew a card, hoping for and getting a lore skill icon. He used that to parlay with Lita, and got a lucky success. He had to replace Leo, but used his own ability to spend two resources for an extra action to move back to the hallway. Roland shot his last bullet, then attacked normally, with both hitting. Due to Frozen in Fear, he only had the two shots. He tested Frozen in Fear, using Guts, and succeeded. Unfortunately, he then drew his weakness, Cover Up. At this point there was no chance of finishing it, so we take the trauma. He did have a Dodge, so didn't take the Ghoul Priest's attack.
    The agenda flipped, and we wound up with the Icy Ghoul in the cellar, but were pretty committed to ending the Priest at this point. After all the work getting rid of Frozen in Fear, Roland drew another one. Skids got Crypt Chill, failed, and lost his derringer. Roland drew another .45 and took the Ghoul Priest's attack. He then attacked it and hit, with a total of 8 damage on the priest. Skids drew cards hoping for agility icons to use his backstab. He got one, then drew Hospital Debts, and again there was no hope of finishing it off. His backstab did go off, killing the priest.
    We chose to burn the house down, so Roland gets to add Lita to his deck, but has two mental trauma (one from the house, one from Cover Up.) Roland has six xp, Skids only four (due to Hospital Debts.)
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    For now it is flavour.  For those running through the campaign the first time it also serves as a red herring.
    Also, it may serve a purpose in Return to the Dunwich Legacy.
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